Do you cringe every time you see a MacBook Pro and think, “Why can’t I have that sleek and attractive laptop?” The answer is simple: your laptop is old. We get it – those Macs look great, but unfortunately the headphone jack is one of those things we cannot upgrade on our laptops. Fortunately for you, the Internet is filled with wacky engineering tricks that can help with anything from getting a stuck CD out of your car stereo to fixing the broken headphone jack on your laptop. If you own a laptop and are tired of not being able to listen to music without an awkward adapter, this article will come in handy! Read on to find out how you can fix that pesky headphone jack on your laptop today!

Check the Basics First

The first thing you should do when troubleshooting any laptop issue is to check the basics. Make sure that the jack itself is not actually broken. It could simply be a short in the connection, or a broken ground wire inside the jack. It could be something as simple as a disconnected wire inside the jack, or a broken connection inside the jack. It could also be a broken headphone jack on the motherboard itself. If you hear sound from the laptop speakers, but not headphones or vice versa, it is likely that the issue is with the speakers themselves, not the headphone jack. Next, check the volume control on the computer. Make sure that the volume is maxed out, and that the mute button is not pressed.

Use a Shoe Cord

If you’re not really that technically savvy, there are plenty of solutions to the headphone jack problem that don’t require any electrical know-how. One such solution is to use a shoelace cord to plug your headphones into your laptop. For this hack to work, you will need a shoelace cord and a small hole puncher. The hole puncher can be purchased at any Dollar Store, and almost any dollar store will have shoelaces. The shoelace cord is then plugged into the headphone jack, and your headphones are plugged into the other end of the cord. Simple, right?

Buy a New Adapter

If none of the solutions above work, you might want to consider buying a new adapter instead. There are a number of advantages to buying a new adapter. Some advantages include: You might not even have to buy a new adapter at all. You could simply check your local electronics store for adapters designed for your specific laptop model. You could also simply buy a new headphone jack for your laptop. They are available for almost any laptop model, and can be purchased online or offline. You could also check the electrical supply stores in your area. You might find them there for a cheaper price.

Try a DIY Fix

If the above solutions still don’t work, you might want to try a DIY fix. Before you start this, be warned: some of these solutions are pretty complicated and may require advanced skills and tools. Some of the better DIY solutions include: – Replacing the Headphone Jack. This may be the most difficult option on this list, but it might also be the most effective. If the jack itself is broken, you might have to replace it completely. – Rewiring the Headphone Jack. If the jack itself is broken, but you have a soldering iron and skills, you could simply rewire it. – Replacing the Motherboard. This is the most drastic solution, but it could be the most effective if all else fails.


If you find that the headphone jack on your laptop is broken, don’t worry! You can try any of the solutions above to fix it. You can also try a DIY fix, or simply buy a new adapter. Whatever you do, don’t worry about not having a headphone jack any longer. With these solutions, you won’t have to worry about it ever again!


My laptop won’t let me use my headphones; what’s wrong with it?

Make the headphones your main method of listening. You might have tried using headphones, but it doesn’t appear like they are being used as the main source of sound. Right-click the volume/sound icon in the system tray and choose Open Sound Settings to set them as the default.

How much does it typically cost to fix a laptop’s headphone jack?

Yes, generally.

A headphone jack costs about $15, and the cost of labour will vary depending on the repair shop. My hourly cost of $70 is considerably less than the market average of $100.

Can defective earbud jacks be fixed?

A loose headphone jack can be fixed as easily as the headphones themselves, and your smartphone won’t be permanently harmed in the process. If you have to open your gadget, you should only do so after carefully weighing the possible repercussions.

Consider repairing a 3.5 mm jack.

Your headphones aren’t producing the sound you expected to? The 3.5mm audio jack can be repaired if it is damaged.

Why do my headphones not work even when they are plugged in?

The connection between the headphones and the smartphone becomes loose when headphone jacks are covered in dust, filth, or lint. Your headphone jack may get physically obstructed by this debris, making it impossible for the plug to fully insert. To start, you may try wiping the filth off with a cotton swab or a paperclip that has been taped.

Why does my headphones’ jack continually breaking?

Jacks being detached at the port is not unusual. One or more connections on the main circuit board may be damaged, or water may have entered the phone through the headphone port and caused rust and/or corrosion on the connection.

A broken earphone port could exist.

You’ll need a soldering iron and some solder to repair a broken headphone jack. Electrical tape the wires before soldering them to the jack.

It’s possible that the headphone jack is damaged.

Physical forces, such as a strong pull on the cord or dropping the device with the plug still in place, are the main causes of jack issues. This is not the kind of issue that is easily resolved. Simply disconnect the gadget while not in use to prevent this.

What should I do if the 3.5 mm jack on my laptop stops functioning?

Windows Audio Playback Restoration: 9 Techniques

Follow these steps to rapidly fix an unresponsive audio jack:

Your external audio device should be turned on.
Set Your Headphones as the Default Sound Source.

You can experiment with various audio formats, disable audio enhancements, restart the Windows audio services, and more.
Use the Windows built-in repair and diagnostic tools.

When does a laptop’s malfunctioning headphone jack become noticeable?

If the headphones on your laptop aren’t working, try plugging in another set. If it does, the headphones you were previously using are the ones that are broken. Second, if the other pair of headphones don’t work either, it’s not a headphone problem.


When will a damaged headphone jack be noticeable?

You may do this fast and easily by just connecting them to another device. Therefore, a smartphone is not necessary. Any gadget with a 3.5 mm jack, like a laptop or television, will function. If you cannot hear any sound when using your headphones with a different device, you have found the source of the issue.

Can I obtain a replacement jack for the headphones on my laptop?

Therefore, you can change the broken connector on your laptop without taking it into a store.
All that is need is a straightforward, low-cost USB audio adaptor.

Do 3.5 jacks degrade over time?

The most common way to listen to music is with headphones, the majority of which are compatible with a 3.5 mm socket. These headphone connectors, however, prematurely fail due to frequent use and vertical orientation.

Can I restore a broken 3.5 mm jack without soldering it?

Repair of Solder-Free Headphones

  • Cutting the AUX cord is one of the first things to do. Prior to cutting the connection, ensure sure you are at least 7 metres away from the AUX connector.
  • Remove the protective rubber sleeve next.
  • Finally, you will wash the varnish off in Step 3.
  • Cut the cable that connects the headphones as the fourth step.
  • The sixth step should involve twisting the wires.
  • The sixth step is to isolate the wires.
  • My laptop doesn’t detect my headphones when I plug them in.
  • You must manually force a player to display and turn on headphones.
  • You may access the system’s audio settings options by right-clicking the speaker icon in the system tray.
  • Equipment management for audio.
  • View the list of gadgets that are not in use.
  • If your headphones are displayed, pick them by clicking on their name, then choose the Enable option.

Where can I find a fix for my computer not recognising my headphones?

Check sure the headphones are turned on and selected as the default input device to identify the problem’s origin.
By updating, reinstalling, or switching out your drivers, you can adjust your audio output.
Check your Bluetooth connectivity, change the “Default Format” of your headphones, prefer HD Audio over AC97, fix broken wireless headphones, and so on.

How can I clean my earbud jack the best?

The three primary techniques for securely cleaning a headphone or auxiliary connector are using a cotton swab moistened with alcohol, compressed air, or (if you don’t have either) a very small brush.

Is it possible to fix damaged headphones?

Sadly, it is not possible to permanently disable the inner ear. When inner ear hairs are irreparably injured, they cannot be restored. At this time, injured ear canal cells cannot be restored.

Many well-known manufacturers have begun to phase out the 3.5 mm jack; why is this happening?

The removal of the 3.5mm jack will give phone manufacturers more freedom to experiment with the size, shape, and location of the internal components in their products, making it easier for them to design devices that are waterproof, robust, and, when used with the right headphones, have superior audio quality.

I don’t understand why my laptop can’t locate my wired headphones.

It’s typical for Windows 10 laptops to experience difficulties with headphone detection. If your headset is USB-based, possible causes include outdated or damaged drivers, broken USB ports, a problematic connection (for example, using Bluetooth), and faulty headphones.

Why is the left earbud in my ears broken?

There are numerous possible reasons why one earbud can stop working. This includes issues with Bluetooth pairing or a device that has to be reset or cleaned. Other issues like a short circuit, frayed wire, or electronics damaged by water require a more involved treatment.

There is no benefit to wearing headphones if you cannot hear.

They may be worn by individuals in noisy settings or when they merely want some peace and quiet. An enhanced version of these are noise-cancelling headphones, which may attenuate or eliminate low-frequency sounds.

Can you mend the dents on my headphones?

Don’t worry if your headset gets scratched.

It won’t persist forever, and in a few hours, it should disappear on its own. Be patient and avoid wearing headphones continuously until the dent vanishes. If you take a shower or wet your hair, it will go away more quickly.

Do you mean “headphone jack” when you mention “3.5 mm jack”?

For headphones, the industry standard jack size is 3.5 millimetres (mm). The majority of portable audio devices, including laptop computers and MP3 players, adhere to this standard. Larger headphones occasionally use the 6.35 mm connection.

Why does my 3.5 mm jack not work?

It’s possible that the headphone jack on your phone has dirt and debris in it. The jack can be opened by simply blowing into it or by using a can of compressed air. Another option is to use a cotton swab to remove the dirt; simply add a few drops of alcohol to the swab’s tip and scrub the region gently.

Why is only one side of my headphones working, I wonder?

If the sound is coming from only one side of the headphones, be sure the audio source can produce stereo output. A mono device can only output sound to the left speaker, so this needs to be kept in mind. A headphone jack is stereo while an earphone jack is frequently mono.

Do scratches on headphones fade over time?

In most cases, dents in headphones are momentary and dissipate within minutes to hours. Therefore, if they continue for more than a day, there may already be grounds for concern. I’m not sure what this is. It’s better to see a doctor as soon as you suspect you may have a dent in your skull.

Whether or not superglue can fix headphones is the matter at hand.

Baking soda should be sprinkled on top of superglue. It will almost immediately begin to set, after 5 seconds. To strengthen the binding, repeat the procedure a couple more times. Do it all around the damaged area.

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