5 Essential Tools to Set up Chromebook for School: A step-by-step guide

Google has introduced different devices with Chrome OS. The latest Chromebooks released by Google are specifically meant for students and are aptly called Chromebooks for School. This article is about 5 essential tools that you need to set up a Chromebook for school effectively. If you have recently bought one of these devices and want to set it up, or if you work in an institution that provides these devices to their students; this blog post will come in handy. Here, we will be going through the process of setting up a Chromebook for school using helpful tips and tricks along with necessary details such We’ll begin by seeing why schools prefer Chromebook over any other device, followed by a brief introduction to Chromebox and its uses as well as its pros and cons. Then, we’ll explore 5 essential tools that will help you set up your own Chromebook for school

Why do schools prefer Chromebook over any other device?

Students tend to break or lose expensive devices; therefore, schools prefer Chromebook for their students. Other than preventing theft, damage, and loss, Chromebooks are easy to maintain as well. Chromebooks have excellent battery life, so students can stay productive without being tethered to an outlet all day. Students don’t need to install any additional software, and they can access all of their assignments, projects, and research online. Chromebooks offer parental controls, online monitoring, and automatic software updates. In addition, Chromebooks are compatible across all devices, which can be helpful in an institution that uses multiple operating systems. Chromebooks are easy to set up, and they don’t take much time to learn how to use them. Students can start learning as soon as they get their Chromebook.

A brief introduction to Chromebox and its uses

Google recently released another device called Chromebox. This is just like a Chromebook but is used as a desktop computer. It comes with an Intel processor, 8 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage. It is similar to Chromebook in a way that you can use it for both work and personal tasks. However, the processing power in a Chromebox is much better than in a Chromebook. With Google Assistant built-in, you can set reminders, create tasks, and control your home just by talking to your device. You can also use it to make video calls, access work apps, and enjoy music online. Moreover, you can use it to play games, and you can store your files digitally. It is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

Chrome OS settings for school

– User Access: To change the permission settings for a particular user account, go to the user account settings and click ‘manage other users. You can give access privileges, create a guest account, disable some of the Chromebook features like the camera, and more. – Sign out at end of the session: This is a very important feature of Chromebook that you should enable if you are using it for school. Whenever you log off from a device, it clears your account from the system and brings you back to the sign-in page. – Powerwash: You can reset the Chromebook to its original state by using the powerwash feature. This feature is useful in case you want to sell your Chromebook or if you are losing your device for some reason.

Chromebook Lock-screen: A step-by-step guide

Here are some steps that you can follow to change the lock screen on your Chromebook. – Go to settings: Click on the settings icon to open the settings menu. – Click on the Lock screen. – Select the image for your lock screen. – Click on Mood. – Select the music for your lock screen. – Click on Wallpaper. – Click on Choose. – Search for the image that you want to set as your lock screen wallpaper. – Click on the image to set it as your wallpaper. – Click on Save. – Click on Close.

Chromebook Sync: A step-by-step guide

Here are some steps that you can follow to set up sync on your Chromebook. – Open a new tab and type in ‘file browser. – Click on view files. – Click on the file that you want to sync. – Drag the file to the drop-down menu. – Select the folder where you want to save your file. – Click on Select to select more files. – Click on Sync. – Click on Exit to close the file explorer. – Click on Close.


Chromebooks are a great choice for students, and the current devices are even more suitable for school projects. If you are buying a Chromebook for your child, you have to make sure that they have all the necessary apps installed on their device. You can install apps on your Chromebook from the Google Chrome app store. If you are setting up a Chromebook for school, make sure to configure it properly. This will not only help you save time, but it will also let you focus on your work.

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