Best Chromebooks with 8 GB RAM, Chromebook is a great and most suitable choice for students and at the same time for anyone who wants a laptop which is easy to use and is not easy to target by malware as compared to Windows laptops. This best Chromebook serves a topnotch computing experience along with a number of other benefits and long-lasting battery. Chromebook was designed and launched to connect to the internet. Chromebook is basically considered to be affordable and easy to use a laptop. This Chromebook is mainly designed to run the web browser chrome. Chromebook is available with 2 GB, and 4 GB RAM. However, here is the list of 7 best Chromebooks with 8 GB RAM which gives you more accessories.

Things to Consider while buying for best Chromebooks with 8 GB RAM:

The Chromebook is mainly designed for kids, students, and teachers. However, as the usage of this Chromebook is increasing with time and becoming more handy, useful, and effective therefore manufacturers are designing premiums models serving the advanced users as well as small businesses.  This Chromebook is primarily for online use, therefore, their specs are not as much important as compared to windows laptop’s spec, still, you will want to know the storage and power you are getting for your money you are spending. Here is a quick view:


A good RAM serves a smooth work experience and helps to manage heavy software. Chromebook usually come with 2 GB or 4 GB RAM, however, 8 GB RAM Chromebook are rarely available and are more costly than 2 or 4 GB RAM. There are Chromebook with 8 GB RAM which is launched in 2019. If you are searching for a Chromebook then you should consider buying this recently launched 8 GB RAM Chromebook as it offers fast performance.


The processor is considered to be the basic part of any laptop. A processor determines how smoothly your Chromebook is performing especially when there are lots of tabs open and you are playing games or streaming videos. When purchasing a Chromebook you must consider Chromebook processor in order to take advantage of all android apps and Linux apps. If you want a Chromebook only for internet surfing, streaming videos and writing purposes then Intel Celeron Processor is your best choice. Likewise, you can grab a powerful Chromebook at a decent price which comes with Intel Core M3 Processor. Intel i3, i5, and i7 are among the more powerful processor offering a great and speedy performance of your Chromebook.


In a Chromebook, storage is not as important as other specs however it should not be ignored. When it comes to storage mostly users rely on cloud-based services for storage such as google drive, dropbox, and others. You can get a Chromebook with 16 GB and 32 GB of storage as your handset devices. Chromebook with 64 GB and 128 GB of storage is considered to be a safe and sensible option as it will allow you to install more apps in your Chromebook without giving you any storage warnings.


First off, you need to understand and pay full attention to when picking the best Chromebook

CPU: Celeron or Pentium, Intel Core i3, i5 and i7

RAM: 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB


1. HP Chromebook x360

HP Chromebook x360 is a full touchscreen Chromebook with a 14 inch HD full screen with 360° flip and flop design. The sides of this Chromebook are narrow bezels with a good looking IPS display.

When it comes to specs of this Chromebook, HP Chromebook x360 is an 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor with 8 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD.

HP Chromebook x360 is one of the cheapest models that comes with 8 GB RAM. HP Chromebook x360 is an ideal Chromebook to carry and use while traveling.

This Chromebook comes with a storage of 64 GB along with a MicroSD slot through which you can easily upgrade the storage. HP Chromebook x360 gives you a stylish looking backlit keyboard with a USB-B Port and a two latest USB types-C Ports.

  • The fantastic battery life of 12 hours.

  • 14 inch full HD Touchscreen.

  • Powerful CPU processor.

  • MicroSD Slot for Storage.

  • Missing 2K Display.



Acer Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NF is a beautiful machine with a 13.5-inch 2k touchscreen display. This Chromebook also provides 2 in 1 convertible designs.

The spin 13 is an 8th generation Chromebook which comes with an Intel Core i5 processor. The spin 13 is 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD which provide very good storage space in a Chromebook.

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NF is everything you are looking for in a slim aluminum body with a backlit keyboard and a stylish look. Acer Chromebook Spin 13 CP713-1WN-53NF comes with a great battery life of 10 hours in a single charge.

  • Battery life: 10 hours.

  • 5-inch 2K touchscreen display.

  • A good storage space.

  • Expensive.

  • A lot of functions need wifi.


3. Google Pixelbook (i5 Version)

Google Pixelbook (i5 Version) is a trendy stylish Chromebook nowadays. This Chromebook comes with premium features which include a 12.3-inch QHD touchscreen display with a ratio of 3:2 and convertible designs with four different modes.

Google Pixelbook (i5 Version) is a 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor. The Pixelbook is the very first Chromebook to ever include 8 GB of RAM with a storage of 128GB SSD. This Google Pixelbook (i5 Version) is a sleek aluminum body with a glossy white outline.

Also, you can purchase a Pixelbook pen for writing and sketching purposes. Google Pixelbook (i5 Version) is a high-performance Chromebook with a built-in google assistant.

  • High-speed Fast performance.

  • Offline capabilities with android apps.

  • Stylish look with excellent hardware design and display.

  • Thin and light in weight.

  • Only two USB C ports.

  • Poor audio.

  • The stylus is sold separately.


4. Lenovo Yoga C630

Lenovo Yoga C630 is a brand new latest Chromebook featuring a 15.6-inch FHD touchscreen display with a flip flop design. It comes with an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM and a storage of 128 GB SSD.

The outer look of Lenovo Yoga C630 is very decent as it is only 0.7 inches thin with a midnight blue sleek body. It has also featured a MicroSD slot, a backlit keyboard, three USB ports and one of the latest a USB Type-C Port.

If you are planning to replace your oldie 15.6-inch laptop, Lenovo Yoga C630 is a perfect and the cheapest option.

  • Excellent battery life.

  • Sturdy, aluminum chassis.

  • LTE connectivity is available.

  • Windows on ARM are slow.



List of best Chromebooks with 8 GB RAM is incomplete without including ASUS C302CA-DHM3-G. This Chromebook comes with a 12.5-inch FHD touchscreen display with a convertible design and white stylish glossy body.

This Chromebook is lightweight and portable and therefore you can easily carry it. This machine runs 2 Core Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor with 8 GB RAM and a storage of 32 GB SSD. You can easily upgrade the storage as it has MicroSD Slot.

This Chromebook is not the latest one though a very good choice when it comes to selecting an affordable and competitive Chromebook.

  • The beautiful display of 1920×1080.

  • Long battery life.

  • The middle display setting is dark.


6. Asus Chromebook C425 C425TA-DH384

Asus Chromebook C425 C425TA-DH384 has a lot of new features offered at a quite high price. It runs the 8th generation Intel Core m3-8100Y processor with a RAM of 8 GB and Storage of 64 GB eMMC.

It’s a stylish looking Chromebook with a touchscreen display of 14 inches full HD with minimal bezels around the four corners of the screen and this is the reason that this Chromebook looks smaller in size.

Asus Chromebook C425 C425TA-DH384 is easy to carry as it is a very lightweight device. Asus Chromebook C425 C425TA-DH384 comes in a list of “Best Chromebooks under $300”. This Chromebook additionally features a backlit keyboard that offers 1.4mm key travel distance.

  • Reliable performance.

  • Excellent keyboard and touchscreen.

  • Dependable battery life.

  • Solid build quality.

  • Expensive.

  • Overly stiff hinge.


7. Acer Chromebook NX.H1LAA.003

Acer Chromebook NX.H1LAA.003 is one of the affordable options if you don’t want to spend too much on a device. This Chromebook comes with a 14-inch FHD touchscreen display however unlike other models of Chromebook it’s not convertible.

Acer Chromebook NX.H1LAA.003 is a Quad-Core Intel Pentium N4200 processor with an 8 GB of RAM and a 64 GB SSD. With a low budget Acer Chromebook NX.H1LAA.003 comes with a metallic chassis and a fine glass touchpad, which give it a nice finishing look.

It has a typical feature that is a backlit keyboard along with lots of connectivity options such as USB Type-C Ports with good battery life.

  • Not too much pricy.

  • Excellent battery life.

  • Attractive and stylish outlook.

  • Not convertible.


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