Best Desktop Computers for Graphic Design, Graphic design is very important everywhere nowadays. Don’t you think, one day it will become the most important field? Yes, it will be. But one cannot become a good graphic designer unless he or she has the best desktop computer for graphic design. So, it is concluded that the most important requirement for graphic design on the computer. Graphic designers are utilizing computers since the eighties. At that time, computers were newly established.

As you know the graphic design has a huge industry in the world and many activities including corporate identity/branding, advertising, print production, and web design are accomplished due to this industry. Graphic designers create logos, posters, newsletters, and other forms of visual communication. And we all know, these tasks can’t be accomplished on ordinary computers.

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Many people feel difficulty in choosing computers. But don’t worry at all, because all of your confusion will be solved. Because you will come to know about some best desktop computers for graphic design in this article. So, let’s have an eye on them.

Top 6 Best Desktop Computer for Graphic Design in 2022


1. Apple iMac with 4k Display:

This computer is best for graphic design. Apple is the biggest brand in the world. For some graphic designers, there is no other decision with regards to the best brand for a graphic design PC than an Apple.

This computer has a 21.7-inch 4k display. Which is very best for graphic design. Graphic designers gain the most out of 4K screens because of the improved resolution that gives them a superior thought of the work process and the greater screens are undoubtedly simpler to use in designing.

This computer has a Quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i5 processor. This processor is very fast. Therefore, for graphic designing this computer is best because of this processor. The Core i5 processor is very good for graphic designing as it is a quad-core processor which implies it has 4 cores. But it won’t give better results when we will contrast it with core i7. If you can afford the core i7 computer then you will have to buy core i7 computers for best graphic designing.

This computer has 8GB of RAM. You can do graphic design with this RAM. 8GB RAM is not excellent for graphic design work but good. Most of the best computers come with 8GB of RAM for good graphic design work. If you want to do a lot of graphic designing then you may have to increase your RAM to 16GB. 8GB of RAM has too many advantages. You can play games with no lag. 8GB RAM is good for graphic designing and gaming the same number of, if not all, games will run well at this RAM limit.

This computer has very good accessories. It has a mouse and a keyboard. Magic mouse 2 comes with this product and awesome for graphic design. Magic Mouse 2 is totally battery-powered, so you’ll wipe out the utilization of conventional batteries. It’s lighter, has less moving parts on thanks to its inherent battery and persistent base shell, and has an upgraded foot design — all helping Magic Mouse 2 track simpler and move with less resistance over your work area. Magic mouse is one of the best mouse for designers ever made, and its latest model, Magic Mouse 2, has landed directly at the highest point of our best mouse for designers list.

The keyboard of this computer is Magic Keyboard. With this keyboard you can work best on graphic designing. Magic Keyboard gives you the feel of a decent quality mechanical keyboard, giving you appropriate crisp, material feedback on each keystroke by subbing the elastic vaults utilized by cheap models for proper, useful switches.


2. Microsoft Surface Studio

This computer is very very great for graphic design work. You will enjoy using this PC. The presentation is the thing that makes the Surface Studio stand apart from its opposition. With a screen that Microsoft has named PixelSense, it has 4,500×3,000 pixels which can make it an incredible screen to use with large graphic design projects. Bright and intense, it incorporates support for three diverse color profiles.

The screen size of this product is 28 inches. You can easily work on graphic designing and in numerous applications next to each other on the 28-inch corner to corner Full HD screen with lively 1920 x 1080 resolution. This site will give you a great feel while graphic design.

The computer has 2.7 GHz Intel core i7 processor. This processor is very fast and the computer works smoothly with this processor. You can work faster on graphic design with this processor. The Intel Core i7 is a far and away superior processor that is made for high-end clients. If you spend your days in using graphic designing software or editing and figuring spreadsheets, the Core i7 will help you with achieving tasks faster.

The computer has 32GB of RAM. 32GB RAM is overkill for graphic design. Graphic designers work best at this RAM. Every graphic design computer should have at least 8GB of RAM. 16 GB would be preferred if affordable. 32GB of RAM gives you a great feel while working on designing projects. You can complete your work faster than 16GB of RAM.

This product has many accessories. The computer includes Surface Pen, Surface Keyboard, Surface Mouse, and a Zero Gravity Hinge that moves the showcase weightlessly from an upstanding point, down into Studio Mode with one hand. You can design projects easily with these accessories.


3. New Apple iMac (21.5-inch, 8GB RAM, 1TB Storage)

This computer works faster in designing projects. Apple is the No.1 brand in the world. Apple has made an across the board computer that accompanies an eye-getting structure and powerful components which are helpful in graphic design work can help you impress your clients.

This computer has 21. 5-inch 4k display. Which is the biggest screen? You can work on designing projects comfortably. 4k screens have high resolutions. If you need a great computer for graphic designing or other graphically-intensive work, you’ll have to give three cheers for 4K.

The processor of this computer is 3.0 GHz Intel core i5. The computer works smoothly with this processor. It is not excellent but good for graphic design. It won’t give better results when we compare this processor with core i7. But for normal work, it is very fast. For beginners, consider an Intel Core i5 processor at least of the latest generation. For fast rendering, having more cores on a processor helps.

This RAM of this computer is 8GB. You can do the best graphic design with this RAM. 8GB RAM is not excellent for graphic design work but good for graphic design. Computers come with 8GB of RAM for good graphic design work. If you want to do a little bit of graphic designing then you may not have to increase your RAM.

This product has very useful accessories. Such as Magic mouse 2 and Magic Keyboard. These accessories are very helpful in graphic design. You can work comfortably with these accessories. The outside design of the Magic Mouse 2 is nearly equivalent to the Magic Mouse. … Apple has said that the Magic Mouse 2 (alongside the Magic Trackpad 2 and the Magic Keyboard) are quick charging gadgets; the mouse can get nine hours of battery life in around two minutes. Magic Keyboard gives you the feel of a decent quality mechanical keyboard.


4. HP Envy 34” Curved All-in-One

This PC is one of the best PC in graphic design. HP is known for the making of the best computers. This computer is very fast in graphic designing because of its features. HP is no more unusual to make across the board PCs and with the Envy 34, they have made a quality PC for your graphic design needs.

This computer has 34 inches display. This display is very best for graphic design work. This computer is currently the best curved computer for graphic design on the market. It all begins with a 34-inch, 3340 x 1440-goals display, which gives an incredibly vivid review experience, thanks to its high brightness and distinctive colors.

This PC has an 8th generation Core i7 processor. With this processor computer works faster. You can smoothly design projects on this PC. You can buy the computers of this processor for the fastest work in designing projects if your budget permits you. 8th generation Core i7 is better and works faster than the older generations. While for graphic designing GPU is most important than CPU processor.

This computer has 16GB of RAM. It works faster than those PCs which have lower RAM. Graphic design can be easily done with 16GB of RAM. We believe 16GB to be a decent sweet spot for a strong graphic designing. You can perform multiple tasks on the screen at the same time while working on graphic designing just because of 16GB of RAM. You’ll additionally need in any event 16GB if live streaming is a need for you.

This product has awesome accessories. It has a very useful keyboard and a professional mouse. This product has HP premium lifestyle wireless keyboard with larger battery life and optical mouse with a nano-dongle kit. You can do every graphic design project more comfortably with these HP accessories.


5. Acer Aspire AIO Desktop

This computer is great for designing projects. You can do any of the designing projects more easily and faster on this computer. This computer makes graphic design easier just because of its features. The Aspire from Acer comes with a realistic design. Looking for a computer that should be on the monitor is the main point of focus for graphic designers Aspire comes with.

The display size of this computer is 23.8 inches. You will enjoy working on this display. This display is enough for graphic design. The 23.8-inch display would provide you the best graphic designing experience. And this display is fine, 23.8/1080p is undoubtedly a better experience. You can easily perform multiple tasks at the same time with this display while working on designing projects.

The computer has a 7th generation Core i7 processor. The computer works smoothly with this processor. You can work faster on designing projects with this processor. If you spend your days using graphic designing software and figuring spreadsheets, the Core i7 will help you with achieving tasks faster.

This product 16GB DDR 4 RAM. Which is also a very good memory. You can do many different designing projects faster. For a strong graphic designing 16GB is enough. While graphic designing you can also work on different applications at the same time. This is all because of DDR4 the latest generation of Random Access Memory. 16GB of RAM is more than enough to perform graphic design.

The accessories for this computer are also very useful. It has Acer wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo With an Ergonomic Design. In case you need perform graphic designing extremely comfortable consider Acer Wireless Wave Keyboard and Mouse Combo. These products have a long-lasting battery. Its keyboard can be used up to 3 years and its mouse can be worked up to 2 years.


6. Leno Yoga A940

This computer has one of the amazing features of graphic design. It can help you a lot with graphic design work. We all know Lenovo is the latest and one of the best brands. The Yoga A940 makes doing graphic design work or artist work easier  than it would be with its 4K touchscreen which you can change the point of to use as a canvas.

The display size of this product is 27 inches Ultra 4k display. It is very comfortable for graphic design. The 27-inch Ultra HD display is the best display for graphic design work. If you need an awesome computer for graphic designing or other graphical work then you’ll need a 4K display.

This computer has a Core i5 3.30GHZ processor. It works best. We can also compare it with Core i7 because of its high GHz. The Intel Core i5 has four cores running at 3.30 GHz. It includes a 6 MB L3 shared store that is powerfully assigned to every processor center, in light of outstanding tasks at hand. This reduces latency when you are working on designing a project and it also improves performance.

This PC has 32GB of RAM. 32GB of RAM is enough. Graphic designers perform the best tasks at this RAM. Every graphic designing computer should have at least 8GB of RAM. 16GB would be preferred if you can afford it.32GB of RAM functions faster while working on designing projects. You can complete your work faster than 16GB of RAM.

This computer has a lot of accessories. We are discussing some of them. It has a 1MP web camera&mic and a wireless keyboard/mouse. You can design projects more easily and comfortably with these accessories. The 1MP web camera gives you greater resolution and more details of the picture which will helpful for you. The Lenovo wireless Keyboard and mouse are very awesome products. They have long battery life.



All of the above-mentioned desktops are specially developed for graphic designers. As we all know, instant operating is the first and foremost requirement for graphic design. And it is concluded from the RAMs of the above-mentioned desktops that they are designed for graphic designing.

You can choose any one of them. If you will read the above-written article carefully then you will not feel any difficulty in buying the desktop. All the information that is included in this article is genuine and authentic. We hope, our article proves to be helpful for you. Thanks for reading.

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