Best Gaming Laptops under 800 Dollars, The majority of computer users are fond of computer games. Not just fond of computer games but crazy for any of these. That’s why many computer games are very famous all over the world and millions of users played these games on a daily bases either online or offline. I am writing this article to facilitate game lovers to select a laptop that has enough power to run most of the famous computer games in an affordable budget. I introduce you to a list of laptops in which every laptop is a Best Gaming Laptops under 800 Dollars.

Why a laptop is better than a PC for gaming

At the start, it was considered that PCs are most suitable for playing different games but as development is made on laptops, the choice of computer game lovers is eventually changed. Now users prefer laptops than PC’s for playing computer games because there are many reasons behind this like user can move anywhere but remains attached with a laptop and whenever you have some free time while sitting in the office, having a cup of tea or traveling from one place to other, it’s easy and possible for a particular user to keep playing your favorite game.

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Computer games are a big industry nowadays. A variety of new tools are being used in the development of new games. Graphics and color combinations are at its peak in computer games. That’s why powerful hardware is also required to play these games. Powerful hardware means a heavy budget. But in this way, it not remains affordable for every game lover to purchase an expensive laptop to fulfill the desire of gaming.

The requirement of a Best gaming laptop

The following are requirements that must be kept in mind when going to purchase a laptop especially for playing games.

Large Screen: It is the first thing which is more considerable while purchasing a gaming laptop. The large-screen display is considered best but at the same time, it also makes the laptop heavier in weight which than could be difficult to handle while on move. Ideal screen size could between 15 to 17 inches.

Accurate Graphics: Gaming can also be the other name of graphics because the latest graphics technology is used in famous games. So a good quality Graphics card is must be required to have a suitable VRAM to display the graphics with actual acceleration and quality.

High Processing Power: A high end and fast processor is also required in a good gaming laptop. It can be i5 otherwise i7 will be best.

RAM: A suitable RAM is also required to install on your gaming laptop. It can be 8GB but 16GB can be considered as the best option.

Let’s start reviewing the best gaming laptop which is also below 800.

10 Best Gaming Laptops under 800 Dollars in 2020


1. Dell G3 3779 – Fast gaming laptop under $800

It is the best gaming laptop in the budget range of below $800. In this laptop, almost all the requirements are fulfilling which can be required for a good gaming laptop. In this low price, such a laptop can be considered as a blessing nothing else. If I said then it will not be wrong that it is the best laptop for playing games in a very small budget.

When we talked about its hardware specification, we find that it is loaded with a powerful processor which is 8th Generation Intel i5 -8300H. It is a quad-core processor of 2.30 GHz clock speed which can be up to 4.0 GHz. This processor also has 8 MB cache which makes it an ideal choice. This processing power in a low budget is imaginary. When we look at the RAM in this laptop then we find 8 GB DDR4 RAM of 2666MHz which makes an ideal combination with a heavy-duty processor.

This powerful processing machine is equipped with combo storage in which 256 GB SSD Drive is available for speedy loading of programs while 1TB Hard Disk Drive is enough for the local storage of programs and other data. In this way, either you want to play games online or want to get install them on the local hard drive, both are convenient for you.

Now let’s have a look at its display. A big screen of 17.3 inches size is available in this laptop for making your gaming experience simply wonderful. It is a full HD Anti-Glare widescreen LED which also has IPS technology for sharp images and accurate colors. Moreover, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 dedicated graphics card is also available on this laptop for making all motions at the proper speed. This graphics card has 4GB GDDR5 VRAM.

The keyboard of this laptop is amazing and also has backlit which is also a basic requirement for a gaming laptop. Along with all this, Dell G3 laptop also has a full range of port connectivity along with Bluetooth and WiFi.

  • 8MB CPU Cache.

  • Backlit keyboard.

  • Large Screen display.

  • 4 GB GDDR5 VRAM.

  • Heavy in weight.

  • Less Battery life.


2. Lenovo Ideapad L340 – Best Gaming Laptops under 800

This laptop, Ideapad L340, is a full gaming laptop from Lenovo. It can bring your inside gamer out. It has a very attractive look. Its body is very sleek and stylish which has its own attraction. As gaming is all about the right choice same as this laptop is also the right choice for your gaming.

Let’s have a view of its hardware specifications. First of all, we talked about its CPU. No dought it’s amazing. This laptop is equipped with a 9th generation processor which is Intel Core i5 9300H which is the latest processor and also very powerful. System RAM in this laptop is 8GB DDR4. In this way, this laptop is properly designed by keeping the all basic requirements in mind which are most important for gaming.

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It has a 512GB SSD drive which is fast storage nowadays. For a gaming laptop, this type of storage is a blessing for the fast loading of programs.  The display of this laptop is also very attractive. The 15.6-inch screen provides a relatively great display which is a full HD screen and also equipped with IPS display which makes the output sharp and accurate in colors. NVIDIA GeForce 1650 GPU is provided on this laptop from Lenovo. This dedicated graphics card has its own dedicated RAM of 4GB to keep the acceleration of graphics of the game

An extra feature of this laptop is its sound. Sound also has importance in gaming laptops. The audio card of this laptop has advanced technology of Dolby Audio. The keyboard of this laptop is a full-size keyboard and also provides an extra layer of comfort.  As of a perfect gaming laptop, the keyboard of this laptop also has backlit. In this way, it is an ideal gaming laptop at a very amazing price.

  • High Processing Power.

  • Dolby Sound Technology.

  • Keyboard with backlit.

  • Battery life is good.

  • Single Core of CPU.

  • Slow speed WiFi.


3. ASUS Vivo Book S15 – Thin and Light Gaming Laptop

Most laptop users want to get that laptop which is slim and lightweight. Asus Vivobook S15 is one of these. As a gamer, it can be your best choice as it has all the traits of a basic gaming laptop which is slim and lightweight also so that it can carry anywhere with ease.

The processing power of this laptop is also at the top. It has the Intel Core i5 processor of 8th Generation which has 3.9 GHz clock speed and 6M Cache. No dought it is a powerful and high-performance processor for this laptop which is also required for a gaming laptop. System Memory or RAM of this laptop is 8 GB DDR4 which is good enough to back up this fast processor.

Storage in this laptop is a little bit less. It is a 256GB Flash Memory. The screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches which is also Full HD. It is a NanoEdge bezel display which giving 87% screen to body ratio which is also stunning. The dedicated graphics card is also installed on this laptop which is NVIDIA GeForce MX250 having 2GB dedicated VRAM. This all completely fulfills the requirement of a good gaming laptop.

The body of this laptop is made of silver metal which gives an attractive look to this laptop. The keyboard of this laptop is big and very comfortable. It also has backlit and exclusively has Ergolift design for a better experience of typing. Asus Vivo Book S15 has a better battery life as compared to other gaming laptops. The battery life of this laptop is around 8 hours which is considered moderate.

  • Slim and Lightweight.

  • Finger Print Sensor.

  • ErgoLift Design of the keyboard.

  • 87% Screen to Body Ratio.

  • Less storage.


4. Acer Aspire 5 – Gaming Laptop under 800 dollars

Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best gaming laptops. It is a slip and lightweight laptop for a better gaming experience. This laptop comes with a high-end CPU which is Intel Core i7. The generation of this i7 processor is 8th while its clock speed is also very high which is 4.6GHz. RAM in this laptop is big which is 12 GB DDR4. This RAM exactly suits high-end processing.

Storage in this laptop is also fast storage and its capacity is 512 GB. Its display is also very attractive. The screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches and is Full HD. The technology of this screen is LED with backlit and IPS to give sharp edge display and accurate colors. As the basic requirement of a gaming laptop, a dedicated Graphics card is also present in this laptop which is NVIDIA GeForce MX 250 having 2 GB of VRAM.

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Its keyboard is also with backlit as like of all other gaming laptops. The battery life of this machine is absolutely unmatched. The battery life of this laptop is up to 10 hours which is really admirable for a gaming laptop.

  • Faster CPU.

  • More RAM.

  • Powerful Speakers.

  • Extended Battery Life.

  • Less Storage.


5. Asus TUF Gaming Laptop FX505DT

Asus FX505DT is the last best gaming laptop on this list. This laptop is also below 800 price range. Like all other laptops of this list, it is also a great gaming laptop in this price range.

This laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 series processor. It is an R5-3550H processor with a 3.7 GHz clock speed. It is a quad-core CPU for great processing. High-speed 8GB RAM is also installed on this laptop to backup this fast processing. Large storage is also a part of this laptop. Hybrid storage in this machine is consists of 256GB fast speed SSD and a large HDD of 1 TB. You can download the games from the internet and can store them on local storage for playing these games without the internet.

The display of this laptop is also up to the mark. 15.6 inches screen is Full HD and also has IPS technology. Its refresh rate is 120Hz for smooth movement of game and graphics. High-quality NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card is also available in this gaming laptop. This graphics card has 4 GB dedicated VRAM for outclass graphics experience in gaming.

The keyboard of this laptop is unique to others because it has RGB backlit. Antidust and a better cooling system are provided on this laptop which is consists of special fans. In this way, the laptop is remained neat and clean not only outside the body but also inside of the body. The poor part of this laptop is its battery. The battery life of this laptop is not up to the mark as compared to other gaming laptops. It provides a maximum of 4 hours of battery life which is definitely low.

  • RGB keyboard.

  • Faster WiFi.

  • Extended VRAM.

  • Antidust Technology.

  • Battery life is poor.


6. Acer Nitro 5

Nitro 5 is a beautiful, slim, and attractive laptop which is also budget-conscious. It is an affordable gaming laptop. The design of this laptop is sleek and attractive. Its metal lid is high-end and has jewel-tone due to its color scheme.

Acer Nitro 5 is loaded with a higher-end Quad-Core processor which belongs to the 9th generation of Intel CPUs which is Intel Core i5-9300H processor. Moreover, this CPU is belonging to the Intel Core “Coffee Lake” family. It is a fast processor because its internal cache is 8MB which can be considered as higher according to the performance of this CPU. The operating power requirement for this CPU is 45Watts.

Installed RAM in this laptop is 8GB and its type is DDR4. Storage in this machine is combo storage which is consists of a faster SSD and a huge HDD. 128GB SSD is the part of this laptop for the faster execution of the Operating system and other application programs. That’s why all kinds of software can execute on this laptop without any lagging. While for the storage of Data, which may include user state data as well as system state data, a huge 1TB traditional Hard Disk Drive is present which can be sufficient for making a warehouse of user data.

Acer supplied this Nitro 5 laptop with a 15.6-inch display screen which is also Full HD. The maximum screen resolution of this screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The size of this screen is moderate which enables the user to easily carry this laptop. Due to its high-class performance, this display can be used outdoor with comfort. HD display of this laptop is processed by a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 is the installed GPU of this CPU which also has a dedicated VRAM of 4GB and the type of this video RAM is GDDR6. This type of VRAM has the highest bandwidth. Although it is an initial level gaming card installed in a standard gaming laptop it gives outclass performance and provides crispy, bright, clear, and colorful graphics.

USB 2.0, 3.0, and HDMI ports are available on the body of this laptop. While RJ-45 Ethernet is also available for LAN connectivity. For wireless connections, WiFi with 2.5GHz radiofrequency is provided along with Bluetooth.  The full-size keyboard of this laptop is with a Red-colored backlit and also having a numeric pad. The body weight of this machine is 5.5 lbs and its battery gives 7 hours backup time which is more than enough for a gaming laptop.

  • Budget Conscious laptop

  • Run all favorite games easily

  • Display refresh rate 144Hz

  • Plenty of ports available for peripherals

  • Perfect gaming backlit of keyboard

  • No Thunderbolt 3 port

  • No card reader


7. ASUS VivoBook K570ZD

VivoBook K570ZD is a slim ad lightweight high-performance casual gaming laptop by ASUS. The design and look of this laptop is eye-catching with a smart and sophisticated Reaper Black finish accented by attractive lightning Blue colored edges. If you are required to remain on-move most of the day time than VivoBook K570ZD is an ideal choice for you because it is just 0.86 inches thick and its body weight is just 4.2 lbs. These features make it a highly portable machine and are simply great for being mobile.

As far as the performance of this laptop is concerned, it is amazing. The casing of this machine enclosed a powerful AMD R5-2500U. This AMD processor belongs to the Ryzen 5 family and is a Quad-Core CPU. The base clock speed of this processor is 2.0 which can be as higher as 3.6GHz. An internal cache of this CPU is 2MB which is also not less. RAM, which is backing-up this AMD CPU, is 8GB DDR4 which is also the latest and high-speed type of RAM. The speed of this DDR4 RAM is 2400MHz. Storage in this laptop is 256GB M.2 SATA card which is also very fast speed storage.

Graphical display of this casual gaming laptop is pixel-perfect with ASUS Splendid visual optimization technology.  This laptop combines optimized hardware and software to provide bright and clear graphics. The display panel of this machine is Full HD and 15.6 inches in size. The IPS technology is also applied to this display panel for perfect and accurate viewing angels. The maximum screen resolution of this display screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Gaming card is the part of this laptop for graphics processing which is dedicated as GPU.2GB dedicated VRAM is also part of this GPU for flawless graphics processing. Four display modes are available in the display of this machine. The contrast and sharpness of video frames can be increased by 150% in this laptop.

For wireless connectivity, a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi is provided which has 6x greater speed than a traditional WiFi adapter. A complete range of ports is available on this laptop for the connectivity of peripheral devices. For a good typing experience, a full-sized keyboard with a numeric pad is also available. The battery of this laptop gives backup time up to 9 hours which is enough for a whole day working or gaming without any direct power source.

  • Reaper black finish with lightning blue edges

  • Fast processor with 2MB internal cache

  • Latest and dual-band WiFi

  • Having Asus Ture2life video technology

  • Truly immersive sound for gaming

  • Keyboard is cramped


8. MSI GF63 9SC-614

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Gaming is a craze and GF63 of MSI is also a very crazy gaming laptop. It is a thin and powerful gaming laptop with a perfect gaming look.  Chassis of this machine is very compact due to which it is just 0.85 inches thick. The casing of this laptop is built with brush-aluminum which gives it a very attractive color scheme. On the other hand, it is a highly portable gaming laptop due to its slimness and lightweight.

If we call this laptop as a powerhouse of processing than it will not be wrong because the chassis of this machine having a latest and powerful processor. Intel Core i5-9300H processor is the part of this machine that belongs to the 9th Generation of Intel Itanium CPUs. The base clock speed of this processor is 2.4 which can be boosted up to 4.1GHz. If we look inside of this Quad-Core CPU than we find that 8MB L3 cache is part of this CPU to make the processing of this 6-Core processor ultra-fast.

High speed 8GB DDR4 RAM is backing-up this processor for faster execution of programs. The speed of this RAM is 2666MHz. It is dual-channel memory that can have a maximum of 64GB RAM in both slots. Storage of this laptop is also different from traditional SSD storage.  It is new and very fast technology storage which is installed on this laptop. The capacity of this storage is 512GB while the type of this storage is NVMe.

The display of this machine is also a perfect gaming display. The 15.6-inch big screen display is the part of this laptop which is a Full HD screen having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. For the perfect and accurate viewing angels, this screen is also equipped with IPS technology. A refresh rate of this screen is 6Hz while it covers 45 percent of NTSC color gamut. The screen of this laptop gives maximum screen to body ration due to thin bezels.

For the processing of HD graphics, a dedicated graphics card, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q is provided on this laptop. This graphics card has dedicated 4GB NVRAM and type of this GDDR5 which has better bandwidth.  Max-Q is an innovative approach for making thin, fast, and quit gaming laptops.

A sound system of this laptop is also a perfect gaming 3D sound. Many controls are also available for making it an excellent gaming experience. The keyboard of this laptop is also a perfect gaming keyboard. It’s single Red-Colored backlit gives perfect look with a combination of a black body and red light. Bodyweight of this laptop is 4.1 lbs while its battery gives 7 hours backup time which is a blessing in gaming laptops.

  • Faster CPU with 8MB L3 cache

  • Hyperthreading enabled processor

  • 82% screen to body ratio

  • Faster 60Hz display

  • Gamer-friendly keyboard with backlit

  • Battery life is lackluster


9. Lenovo Ideapad 700-15ISK

Ideapad is a very famous series of laptops by Lenovo. These are smart, powerful, and very less in the budget. That’s why these machines are adaptable for every line of the user because these are not heavy on the pocket but in specifications.

Lenovo Ideapad 700-15ISK comes with a standard hardware configuration due to which it can be used as a general-purpose as well as a basic gaming laptop. CPU enclosed in the casing of this laptop is Intel Core-i5-6300HQ. The generation of this laptop is 6th but its performance is up-to-the-mark. The clock speed of this CPU is 2.3GHz while the number of cores in this processor is 04. 8GB RAM is the part of this laptop for providing a smooth backup to CPU for the faster execution of programs. 1TB huge traditional hard disk storage is also available in this laptop for storing user data.

The display of this machine comprises on a big screen and a dedicated Graphics card. The display screen of this laptop is 15.6 inches in size. It is a Full HD screen with a maximum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The architecture of this screen is LED with backlit and In-Plane Switching is also provided for accurate angels of the display.

GPU of this laptop is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M which is not only a dedicated GPU and its graphics type is discrete. It is a mid-range graphics processor suitable for gaming. 4GB dedicated VRAM is part of this GPU for faster and accurate graphics processing. The type of this VRAM is GDDR5 which has a clock speed from 1000MHz to 2000MHz with a maximum bandwidth of 336.5GB/s.

Wireless and wired connectivity options are available on this laptop by having RJ-45 Ethernet port and 802.11b WiFi adaptor. The body weight of this machine is 5 lbs and its battery backup time is up to 5 hours. All these specifications which making this laptop from a general used to a basic gaming laptop at such a low cost is an amazing fact.

  • Powerful gaming and multimedia laptop

  • Expandable Main Memory

  • Vibrant display panel

  • 85% coverage of sRGB colors

  • Budget-friendly laptop

  • Non-upgradable CPU


10. ASUS K550

ASUS K550 is a beautiful laptop which encircles beauty and performance. It is an all-rounder laptop that can be used for all types of working. Body of K550 is slim and coupled with an elegant concentric circle finish that keeps this laptop scratch less and fingerprints free.

K550 laptop houses a powerful CPU for the execution of the operating system and complex application without any problem. The Center of the processing power of this machine is the Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor. It is a sixth-generation processor having a clock speed of 2.6GHz. The clock speed of this Quad-Core CPU can be boost with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.5GHz.

To ensure the faster execution of programs, 8GB DDR4 RAM is given on this laptop. As of CPU, this RAM is also faster having 2133MHz speed. This laptop possesses faster storage for storing user and system data. 256GB SSD storage is part of this laptop for high-speed data read and writes operations. A double-layered DVD Optical drive is also present in this laptop which is an extra feature of this laptop for installation of programs on this laptop

The display of this machine is also very sharp and bright. A large display screen of 15.6-inch size is the part of this laptop’s body which is Full HD and has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. GPU of this laptop is a dedicated Graphics card which is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M. It is a discrete graphics card that processes sharp and accurate discrete graphics. This dedicated GPU is a good choice for light gaming. It has 4GB dedicated VRAM of GDDR3 type. Direct X12 is also supported by this graphics processor.

The keyboard of this laptop is full size also having a numeric pad. USB 2.0, HDMI ports are also available for the connectivity of peripheral devices. Bodyweight of this laptop is 5.3 lbs. Another extra feature of this laptop is the auto backup of un-saved data when the battery remains 5% which is very useful for all users to preserve their hard work that can be lost due to the ending of laptop battery.

  • Slim, all-rounder notebook

  • Responsive Touchpad

  • Discrete graphics processing

  • Auto backup of data when the battery gets low

  • Better cooling system

  • Keyboard without backlit


Final Word

These are the best gaming laptops under 800 dollars. You definitely note these as best suited for any game lover. Any of these laptops could be for you to purchase. Every comment from you is valuable for me so you must comment.

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