Are you in search of the best gaming mouse for large hands? A mouse is a simple tool that connects to a laptop. It provides two very basic functions that are point and click. But, if you are a gamer, a mouse that fits perfectly to all your needs is very important. Picking the right mouse is a very difficult task. Every little detail needs to be considered. The overall shape and size of the mouse, buttons, material, design, processor used and whether it is heavy or not are some of the things that matter to the one using it.

When it comes to purchasing a mouse, it becomes very hard to recommend the perfect mouse. It is because everyone has different hands and one should always go for the thing that suits him the most. People with large hands may suffer to find a suitable mouse.

Several features need to be seen when purchasing a mouse. When it comes to people with big hands, size, weight and the level of comfort are the features that need to be seen. While, when gamers are targeted, featured such as DPI, speed, processor, and memory need to be considered.

We can guide you on your search towards the best mouse. In this article we present some of the best gaming mice that are made for people with large hands.

Considering features:

  1. Design and body:
  2. Size:
  3. Weight:
  4. Memory and components:
  5. DPI and Buttons:

Top 6 Best Gaming Mouse for Large Hands


1. Logitech MX518

Are you in search of a gaming mouse for your large hands? This is the type of mouse you are surely looking for. The Logitech MX518 is a beast when it comes to gaming. It is one of the best mice specifically designed for people with large hands. It comes with the most precise features ever.

Talking about the design and body, the Logitech MX518 gives the perfect shape with a hard body. It is embedded with new and modern components that make it competitive to today’s advancements. The overall body has been finished with the nightfall color scheme that makes it a top-notch mouse.

The size of the mouse is an important feature to consider. A size of around 2.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches makes it good enough for people with large hands. It weighs 6.4 ounces.

The mouse comes with a lot of onboard memory where you can store your games. You can store up to five profiles making it easy for you to carry them along with you. There is no need to carry software with you. Apart from the memory, the mouse is embedded with a processor to ensure powerful performance. A 32-bit ARM processor is embedded in the mouse which accounts for its fast speed. Due to the processor the mouse gives high quality and high-quality performance.

The mouse has a total of 5 DPI settings which can be changed with the help of the two buttons present directly above and below the wheel. 8 buttons are present which are programmable. With the help of these buttons you can program the commands. Seeing all these amazing and eye-catching features, why would someone want to miss out on this product.

  • Sleek design

  • Unique shape

  • Quality material

  • No RGB


2. Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming mouse

Logitech is a famous company known for some of its amazing products. Their products guarantee quality and design. The mouse promises full-speed performance whether wireless or wired.

It is a pretty reliable mouse for gamers, and it comes with an amazing body. The reason for the mouse being wired is to avoid any sort of lags during the game. The mouse provides a conformable control due to its natural curves. The material that if high quality gives improved accuracy and smooth cursor movements. These features make the mouse durable and strong enough for long-lasting use.

The size and weight of a mouse are two very important features when it comes to selecting one. This mouse has a size of 5.5 x 3.7 x 8.3 inches. Weighing around 1.06 pounds, the mouse is easy to use. You can carry the mouse wherever you go.

Configure your mouse once and it remembers your game profiles. You can store up to 5 profiles. This credit goes to the presence of onboard memory present in the mouse. A powerful performance is given with its 16-bit processor. Get customizable controls at your fingertips. Assign command to any of the 13 programmable buttons so that you get the best out of it according to your wish.

Another of its intuitive features include sensitivity switching. This is done through the programmable DPI buttons. The DPI buttons allow you to change the sensitivity of the mouse as per your wish. You can record about 5 DPI settings per profile which could be up to 8200. Get an epic experience with this amazing mouse.

  • Comfortable

  • Wireless or wired options

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Slightly heavy


3. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

The DeathAdder is chosen by gamers consistently as the best gaming mouse. The mouse has had a lot of changes over the past years, but the features which discriminate the mouse from the rest are the same. These include its comfortable design, accurate sensors and extreme durability.

The mouse is 5.00 x 2.76 x 1.73 inches in size and there are some textured grips present for both the thumb and outermost two fingers. Therefore, you will always have full control over your gameplay.

Its weight of around 4.6 ounces is quite suitable for a gaming mouse. Incredible speed and accuracy make this mouse stand out of the crowd. All these features make it good enough for people with big hands.

The biggest addition in the mouse in the category of style is the lighting system that makes this mouse stand out of the crowd. These beautiful additions in its features make it one of the top-notch mice.

Get the ultimate gaming performance with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor. The DPI buttons are programmable and are used for sensitivity adjustment. You can easily switch between different levels of sensitivity. Apart from this, a total of 7 buttons are present which are also programmable and allow for the assignment of complex functions. It is a high-sensitivity mouse with a sleek design.

  • 16000 DPI

  • Good price

  • Solid construction

  • No onboard memory


4. Redragon M901 Wired Gaming Mouse

Do you wish to have the perfect mouse that fits in your big hands? Redrawn is the perfect choice for you. With the help of this amazing creation you can always make the right moves. It allows you to have full control over your game.

The shape of the mouse fits well in your hands. You not only enjoy your games, but it is a big source of comfort for your large hands. The mouse through its efficiency and durability makes sure that you always play the best game of your life.

To be comfortable for big hands, it has a specific size and weight. With a size of 4.65 x 2.95 x 1.54 inches it has proven to be perfect for people with big hands. Moreover, its weight which is around 5.29 ounces makes it extremely portable. It has to be a gamer’s choice.

The mouse has an onboard memory that allows you to save up to 5 memory profiles. So that you may distinguish between the profiles, each comes with a different LED color option. A high-precision sensor embedded in the mouse ensures durability.

Sensitivity is a very vital feature when it comes to gaming mice. The mouse has up to 12400 DPI which fulfills the requirement. Moreover, the mouse has a total of 19 buttons. Out of these, 12 are programmable so that you can set your gameplay just the way you like. Indeed, it is an amazing product that would satisfy your gaming needs.

  • Good quality

  • Suitable weight

  • Adjustable

  • Not smooth enough


5. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 mouse is a strong pick for people with big hands. We will have a look at some of its features that prove this. For people with big hands, gaming just went to another level with this mouse.

Good designing of the mouse attracts gamers. The mouse is made particularly to be comfortable. It has a cramped shaped design that does look unique. To make the mouse comfortable while playing it has a thumb rest on its left side.

The mouse has a size of 1.60 x 2.96 x 5.17 inches. Not only this size is appropriate for gaming but also various other applications. Moreover, the weight of the mouse that is around 3.6 g is suitable for the mouse being portable.

For your convenience, the mouse has onboard memory. This memory allows you to save up to 3 profiles. For the mouse to provide fast speed and efficiency a powerful processor is needed. A 32-bit ARM processor is a reason behind the efficiency or speed of the mouse.

Moving on to the DPI and buttons, the mouse has an on-the-fly DPI. Switching from low to high sensitivity has never been so easy. The DPI settings can be changed or else the default settings can be used. Indicator lights are also present to tell which setting you are using.

11 programmable buttons are also present so that you can personalize the device according to your gaming needs. Take your gaming experience to the next level with this beast.

  • Responsive

  • Great Design

  • Good quality

  • Unnecessary DPI


6. SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries is a gamer’s dream. Every aspect of the mouse is made to provide comfort to the user. The mouse is a good choice for people with big hands. The device has an ergonomic right-handed design. Almost any sort of grip style can be used. An extraordinary grip is provided due to the silicon grips present on the sides.

Size of 5.03 x 2.76 x 1.65 inches is perfect keeping people with big hands in mind. Lightweight and durable are used in the making of this mouse. These two features greatly contribute to reducing the weight of the mouse, which is 3.52 ounces.

A powerful performance is guaranteed and the reason behind this is the use of a 32-bit ARM processor. To take all your performance settings wherever you go, the mouse has onboard memory. You can save up to 5 profiles.

All 6 of the buttons present on the mouse are programmable.  However, the default actions for the left and right buttons, as well as the scroll wheel are preferred. DPI is a very crucial factor to look for in a mouse.

The more is the DPI, the farther the cursor moves on the screen and the higher is the sensitivity. SteelSeries Rival mouse features DPI sensitivity up to 12,000. To sum it up, the mouse is hard not to recommend for gamers and specifically people with big hands.

  • Affordable

  • Powerful performance

  • Lightweight

  • Non-extractable cable


Final Words

With picking a mouse for big hands, it is hard to find a perfect size that fits. Finally, you have a good list of the best gaming mouse for people with big hands. All of these come with some special features and you can select the best one according to your needs. Hopefully, after reading about all of these you will surely be able to find the perfect mouse for your hands.

To choose the perfect one, you need to differentiate between them and look out for which features attract you the most. Look out for design and other components and weigh them against each other. In this way, you would be able to make a wise decision. Best of luck!

We encourage you to leave a comment in case you want to share your experience with the above mice listed above.

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