Are you one of the loyal LOL player? this post is just for you. While searching for the best keyboard and mouse for league of legends, you are welcome to the right page.

Computer Games is a big industry now.  People of all age ranges are crazy about these computer games. There is a long list which includes the world-famous computer games including League Of Legends (LOL). Special hardware is designed for gaming purposes only.

First, these games were getting installed on the computer but as far as the internet gets popularity and availability of the internet is increased than the trend of playing computer games is shifted from a local PC or Laptop to Online. People from all over the world play games through webservers of these games. A multinational culture is created in this way.

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Role of keyboard and mouse for Gaming:

These Games are a source of joy and relaxation for gamers. There are matches between the participants in these games. Losing these matches can be a source of frustration for a participant. If such kind of situation occurs then it becomes compulsory to find out the reason behind it.

For playing these online games like LOL, after completing the hardware requirement, keyboard and mouse are the main parts which are used by user very abundantly. Keyboard keys are pressed very frequently and with force by the user. Mouse movement is the very main thing to move the object properly at the place. Proper movements than the result are winning the match of LOL.

 Why you select best keyboard and mouse for league of legends:

The choice of best comfortable and efficient keyboard and mouse is a top priority to play League Of Legends. Otherwise, you can also become a frustrated player of this game due to un-comfort. While on the other hand, if you find the best suited and comfortable keyboard and mouse, you can win a lot of matches of LOL.

The main point’s for you to make selection easy:

In Selection of best suitable Mouse, the following are the main points to check-in buying especially when the aim is to get a high score and to win maximum matches of the famous online game LOL.

  1. Mouse size to fit in the palm
  2. DPI, As high as possible
  3. Required number of programmable buttons
  4. Budget

Wired or Wireless:

Keyboard and Mouse are available with wire to directly connect with computer or laptop and at the same time without wire to connect with computer wireless. Again selection mainly depends on your choice with which you are more comfortable. It also depends on other factors including distance from a computer or sitting arrangements.

In my opinion, but not in all situations and not for all buyers, wired keyboard and mouse are better than wireless because there is no battery and these are not required to charge. So there is no fear of charging end when playing a challenging match of LOL.


TOP 3 Best Mouse for League of legends:


1. Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

best mouse for league of legends



One of the best gaming mouse for comfortable gaming. Its body is made of rugged plastic with a cover of the rough coating. This coating is to provide a strong grip. This mouse is available in 8 piece weight tuning set by which you can adjust the weight of this mouse as desired. Fees pads of this mouse are made of Teflon which makes it durable and smooth in movements. A variety of 2 colors is also available, one is Black and the other is White.

Technical Analysis

REDRAGON is a famous manufacturer of gaming hardware. They manufactured this mouse with their expertise. In this way, this is the best choice for you from a specialized manufacturer. The following are the technical specifications of this mouse.

The sensitivity of this mouse is a maximum of up to 16400 DPI (ranging from 1000 DPI). Its FPS is 12000 and the polling rate is 1000Hz. Its acceleration is 30G and the sensor is Avago. It has 9 programmable buttons and a power button. 5 color modes of its pulsing light.

This mouse has 5 profiles of memory. Each of these memory profiles has a dedicated light color for quick identification. These 5 memory profiles have 16 million combinations. This mouse has 6 feet braided fiber cable for direct connectivity. Its USB connector is Gold Plated to prevent it from rust. These features make it the best choice for you as a gamer.


2. Razer DeathAdder Elite Premium Gaming Mouse

mouse for league of legends



It is a bestselling product on amazon. It is in the perfect shape of the right-handed mouse which makes it perfectly fit in your palm and also has rubber grips on both sides. As a traditional mouse, it also has a wheel on it which gives better control because of routine use. This wheel provides more controlled scrolling during extreme situations in gaming. The mouse also had 16.8 million full-color spectra. Mechanical

Technical Analysis

The sensitivity of the optical sensor of this mouse is 16000 DPI. This sensor is capable of sensitivity adjustment while in use also because it has dedicated DPI buttons and these buttons are programmable. Movements of this mouse are very fast and it is capable of sensing mouse movements up to 450 inches with 99.4 resolution accuracy.

This mouse has a Chroma RGB color profile with 16.8 million color combinations. Special addition in this mouse is Mechanical Switches. These switches are made to offer you the fastest response time while playing a match in-game. These mechanical switches support up to 50 million clicks. These switches have 2 years warranty.

This mouse also has a scroll wheel which also gives it a traditional look and makes you more comfortable for movements. This wheel is ridged and covered with rubber for a better grip. There are 7 programmable buttons on this mouse.


3. Logitech G502 Proteus Tunable Gaming Mouse

best keyboard and mouse for league of legends



This is another versatile mouse for game lovers. It is a very attractive and stylish mouse with many features. The optical sensor of G502 Proteus is PMW3366. This sensor provides a maximum of tracking, accuracy and consistent response. Its DPI is also adjustable as per your requirement from low to high. There is a thumb button given for this purpose. The scroll wheel is also provided in this mouse to spin quickly. You can manage its weight and balance as per your requirements.

G502 can also be personalized for the desired gaming setup with the company provided gaming software. Moreover, rubber grips and magnetic cavity door is also provided with this mouse. It’s available with the wire as well as wireless. This mouse can be used with Apple computers also.

Technical Analysis

This is a programmable mouse. The sensitivity of optical sensor PMW3366 can be up to 12000 DPI (range from as low as 200 DPI). This sensor minimizes mouse acceleration due to which targeting reliability is getting increased. 3.6G weight is provided with this for repositioning. RGB customizable lights are available so that you can choose the color of your choice from 16.8 million colors.

The brightness of these lights is controllable according to mood and environment. It has a big number of programmable buttons. There are 11 programmable buttons are available on this mouse. It has a scroll wheel which is Dual-mode ad Hyperfast because it is a metal wheel and has weight also. G502 wired mouse has 6 feet long cable with hook and loop cable ties.


TOP 3 Best Keyboard for League of legends:


1. Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

best keyboard for league of legends



Mechanical keyboards are considered best especially for these online games which work around keyboard and mouse. Razer BlackWidow keyboard is a fully programmable keyboard. This keyboard comes with backlit keys which makes it possible for you to use this keyboard in a dark room with its own light. It also media keys for volume control and also for playback. This is a mechanical keyboard and this architecture provides a tactile feel and also gives a faster response. This keyboard also has keys for extreme anti-ghosting. This keyboard is available as wired and wireless.

Technical Analysis

The type of Keys for this keyboard is Mechanical Switch. Although Mechanical switches for keyboards are already in use this is the world’s first mechanical switch which is designed only for gaming. So this is the first unique keyboard for gaming. There are both types are available in this model which are clicky as well as silent also. So you can desire according to your choice.

The keys of this keyboard are fully programmable according to game needs. Through this, limits of performance can be redefined. This Mechanical switch is first time actuate at a distance of 1.9mm but after the first use, it becomes fire at less than half of this distance. Each key of this keyboard has individually backlit.

This keyboard has 5 additional gaming keys for macro recording while in use also. There are 10 Rollover keys for extreme anti-ghosting. The gaming mode option is also present in this keyboard. When it is wired, the cable of this keyboard is braided fiber cable which is top-rated as durable.

2. Logitech G710

keyboard for league of legends



As the player of an online game, this keyboard has eye-catching features for you. First of all, It is a mechanical keyboard. Its keys are tactile and high speed but the main feature of this mechanical keyboard is noise-less distractions. This keyboard has backlighting also. For the backlit, this zone can be divided into two zones and light of each zone can be adjusted separately. There are also programmable keys for configurations according to every game.  A great number of gaming keys and anti-ghosting keys are also present this keyboard. As for media control is concerned, the control keys of media are also available. This keyboard can use with MAC OS X also with all same features

Technical Analysis

Mechanical switches of this keyboard are designed in this way that these are Tactile but there is no voice of these while pressing. Backlite of this keyboard is adjustable by dividing the keyboard into 2 zones. In gaming, instead of arrow keys, some other keys are used as an alternative. In this keyboard, four keys, W, A, S, and D are used as an alternate of arrow keys. The brightness of these 4 keys and arrow keys also can be adjusted separately from other bodies of the keyboard.

6 G-Keys are present on this keyboard which is programmable. Through these 6 keys, 18 unique functions can be configuring for each game. These functions can also include single keypresses, macros, and other scripts.

There are 110 anti-ghosting keys are available along with 26 rollover keys. The one-touch media control key is also provided on this keyboard.


3. Corsair K70 LUX

league of legends best keyboard



Corsair K0 Lux is considered as best to play LOL. You can also select this keyboard for your gaming experience especially League of Legends. It has a grip on the space bar and wrist rest because these points of the keyboard are strategic places. It is a black colored keyboard and it’s backlit is Red which makes is best and very attractive. This is the keyboard with a keycap set. The switches used in this keyboard are considered as the best switches in the market. These switches are not too noisy but almost silent. CUE support is also available.

Technical Analysis

This keyboard is made up of anodized brushed aluminum which is of aircraft grade. The grip on spacebar and wrist rest is also very quality which makes it comfortable. Its switches are Cherry MX Blue key switches which are tactile. Lighting in this keyboard is advanced. Keycaps are also available in this keyboard. For First Person Shooter (FPS) games, Q, W, E, R, or A, W, S, D can be configured. Large Font keycaps are also present in this keyboard. CUE support is also available for macros and lighting programming. It is an HID keyboard of 1000Hz. There are 104 rollover keys and it is 100% anti-ghosting keyboard.


Final Words

Online games, especially League of Legends, are very famous games. Gamers are ever read to spent resources to best play these games. When the matter is just winning the match in game than price is not the matter. I went through these special keyboards and mouse for just to help you so that you can come across the best possible these parts for your gaming experience because as far as online gaming is concerned, keyboard and mouse of the best quality and performance are mandatory. I hope that you like my effort and must purchase any of these. Waiting for your comments.

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