The backpack is a very common thing and some people use it for traveling purposes. Many people have to travel with their laptops for long distances and for this purpose they use good quality backpacks for protecting their laptop from several types of damages. If you are also a regular traveler and your costly laptop also remains with you while you are on the way, then a best and durable backpack is necessary for you. To make your backpack search selection narrow, a list of best laptop backpacks for travel is provided in this article which will be helpful for you.

Many people do not specify a backpack of a special brand but people who possess a powerful and compatible laptop to check out some special qualities and consider different things while purchasing a laptop backpack for travel.

Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Backpack

When people go to buy a laptop they consider some of the following things in a backpack. They consider the size that the backpack should be large enough to for placing a laptop and other important accessories of the laptop in a single backpack. Accessories can include wallets, charging adapter, phone, glasses, and keys.

The weight of the backpack is also considered because after putting the laptop and other things in a backpack, it should not too heavy to lift. A heavyweight backpack may cause tiring travel for the user. A backpack should be lightweight as much as possible to provide ease to the user.

The build quality and material used to make a backpack are very much important to consider because if the quality of the material is low, it can deceive users any time even during the journey and can cause trouble for the user. So I am going to suggest some of the best laptop backpacks for travel.

Top 8 Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel in 2020


1. Mancro Slim Backpack

At the top of the list, we have a backpack for a laptop that is famous for traveling. It is a slim anti-theft travel backpack which is equally useful for men as well as women. The backpack is made up of high-quality durable material which makes the product solid and effective in case of any kind of shock. Dimensions of the backpack are 20 x 13 x 6 inches respectively.

Mancro has specially designed this backpack with A-class quality material and keeps all things kept in it safe from damage. Weight of backpack is only 1 lb and comes with USB port design and built-in USB port outside to provide an interface for charging cell phones in a better and safe way to the user during travel.

Anti-theft metal shackle and RFID blocking pocket makes the backpack more useful and valuable for the user. Mancro has designed it with one separate laptop compartment which is useful for a laptop of 15.6 inches in size, one spacious packing compartment for keeping electronic and other types of equipment of user like iPad, charging adapter, clothes, books, and mouse.

  • 2 zippered front pockets

  • Waterproof zippers

  • Back pocket for anti-theft property security

  • Shockproof backpack

  • Low material storage


2. Solo Duane Convertible Briefcase

Here we have got a briefcase designed backpack for storing electronic accessories with a laptop. It is developed for professional persons which is helpful while they travel and they become easy to adjust their laptop in a convertible briefcase.

The backpack is also known as a messenger bag, worth a little in the market with durable specifications. Very high-quality material is used for manufacturing Solo Duane to make the backpack more compatible for users. A briefcase with water bottle pocket and backpack straps offers efficient ease to the user to a maximum extent.

A reliable grip is stitched with the bag to provide an easy carrying way to the user. The bag is useful for adjusting 15.6 inches laptop machine without any hesitation. Solo Duane comes with 5 years manufacture warranty even within a low price tag with high quality. This bag also includes a large exterior zipper pocket for easily adjusting the charging adapter of the laptop.

Other pockets can be used for keeping important documents without bending them. And two front pockets add value to the effectiveness of the backpack for keeping additional things like credit cards, wallets, and visiting cards.

  • Convertible backpack

  • Professional look

  • 5 years warranty

  • Water bottle pocket has given

  • No anti-theft pocket on back


3. The North Face Recon

One of the Amazon choice, north Face Recon, is a brilliant laptop backpack for traveling. A traveling design laptop bag for facilitating users at maximum extent is developed by North Face. Build quality of the backpack is admirable and is made with such a technique that lots of traveling components can be placed in this bag along with the laptop.

North Face is made with such specifications that when things are added in the bag, it allows more things to adjust in the backpack. A laptop is easily adjustable with other luggage because this bag has more space that allows more things to be adjusted easily in the backpack with an adjustable hip belt. Overall dimensions of the backpack are 19.25 x 13 x 7 inches respectively which looks like a traveler bag.

Shoulder straps are comfortable especially for women for the long journey and sternum strap gives more compatibility to carry bag easily during traveling. This Nylon made backpack can store a laptop along with laptop accessories and other luggage like clothes, shoes, umbrella, books, and documents. An extendable water bottle pocket adds value to the comfortability of a backpack for the user.

  • Large size backpack

  • Fleece-lined pocket for cell phone or sunglasses

  • Comfortable shoulder straps

  • Useful especially for women

  • USB port is not installed


4. Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack

A straight designed backpack for facilitating user with different specifications is here which is made for everyday travel and companion for adjusting laptop. Mostly this backpack is selected by students and office workers who have to travel on a daily bases. The durability and build quality make the user rely on the backpack.

Timbuk2 Q comes with a front zip pocket for small accessories like credit cards and keys, a large main pocket or compartment for adjusting books, clothes, documents, and other essentials. A laptop compartment is given which is capable of adjusting a laptop of 15.6 inches or more. 17 inches backpack is capable of adjusting more things along with a laptop machine.

A dedicated secure zip enhances special spacing for important components like cash, stylus, and earbuds. A plastic hook lock is given on shoulder straps to make it adjustable for the user. Another tricot-lined pocket is given for saving cell phone and glasses.

Elasticized external side pocket keeps a water bottle or U-lock and the vista loop is also given for attaching blinky bike lights. Grab handles on all sides provide ease to use to handle backpack. The weight of the bag is near about 2.3 lbs. Dimensions of the bag are 11.8 x 18.9 x 5.1 inches respectively.

  • Adjusts 17 inches laptop

  • Vista loop is given

  • Grab handles on all sides

  • High space compartments

  • Weight is higher


5. Everki EKP121-1 

A stylish and heavy quality durable backpack is developed by EVERKI to facilitate users with a special product. Plenty of pockets and perfect designing schemes make the bag more valuable for users to rely on. 180-degree travel backpack offers more adjustability and becomes travel friendly.

Felt-lined laptop pocket is given for adjusting laptop of even 17 inches along with other accessories. Intuitive design makes this backpack differ from other backpacks in the market and large divided spaces allow you to arrange electronic accessories from important files and documents. Another separate pocket is given for tablet and with roomy space, you are easy to adjust more things in one backpack.

Shoulder straps are made up of high-quality material to reduce the tiring effect of the backpack along with adjustable ribbons. Multiple layers of padded protection make your device safe from the hard effect and give super soft felt. The accessory pouch offers to keep cash and stationery protectively.

Weight of backpack is near about 4.3 lbs and dimensions of the bag are 20.5 x 13 x 2 inches respectively. 40 L capacity offers you to keep more traveling things in one backpack and offers a media player outlet for adjusting cables at the perfect length.

  • Media player outlet

  • Large zipper metal pulls

  • Accessories pouch

  • 180-degree backpack

  • Not shockproof


6. YOREPEK Extra Large Backpack

With some specific and new features, we have got a new backpack with elegant design and attractive strips combined with a lot of spacing for keeping books and laptops with other accessory items at the same time. It is one of the highly recommended backpacks by students due to roomy spacing and plenty of pockets.

The backpack has a separate pocket for the laptop which can contain 17 inches laptops easily and the main compartment has enough space for adjusting thick books. Lifting grip is made up of plastic material and two front zipper pockets are useful to keep stationery items and inkpots safely. On both sides of the bag, extendable water bottle pockets are given.

A dedicated USB charging port adds value to provide ease to the user to a maximum extent. The backpack comes in 6 different color combinations that look attractive and makes a product valuable for the user. A built headphone slot is given to adjust cable length, airflow, and the ergonomic designing scheme offers tired less travel experience to the user.

The weight of the backpack is near about 2.50 lbs and dimensions are 19.29 x 14.57 x 10.24 inches respectively. TSA friendly stylish laptop backpack comes with a low price tag as compared to the quality of the backpack.

  • TSA friendly backpack

  • External USB port

  • Anti-theft lock hole

  • Made by Water-resistant polyester

  • Shoulder straps are not stretched



Another well standard bag is here on our list due to special sizing and effective build quality with utmost durability to facilitate the user. This is an extra-large laptop backpack with a lot of spacing compartments to store large things during travel.  A highly durable product is developed by SOLDIERKNIFE which is equally efficient both for men and women.

A 17 inches laptop is easily adjustable in the main compartment where the separate pocket is made for laptop and other pockets are used for keeping electronic accessories. A dedicated USB port is also given to charge your cell phone and on both sides, water bottle pockets are given.

It is designed for students and two front zipper pockets are given for keeping stationery items. An anti-theft password lock is given to protect your things from being damaged and comes with air cushion mounted on the shoulder strap. A front access pocket is very useful for keeping quick useful items like cash and cards.

A 50 L capacity large backpack makes you rely on the product while you are going on a journey. The weight of the backpack is about 3 lbs and comes with dimensions of 13.8 x 10.7 x 4.2 inches respectively.

  • USB dedicated port

  • Suitable for both men and women

  • Comes with anti-theft lock

  • 50 L capacity large backpack

  • Not waterproof


8. KROSER Travel Backpack

It is 17.3 inches XL backpack with a school bag designing scheme but features apart from other backpacks. A durable, compatible, and attractive bag that is developed by KROSER to provide ease to the user. It is made with hard stuff material to make things safe from damage in the backpack.

KROSER backpack comes with Hard Shelled Safe room RFID pockets for saving internal things from damage in any case of shock. Plenty of pockets and internal small pouches make products differ from other backpacks in the market. Front zipper pockets can contain a tablet and small notepads without any difficulty.

The main compartment is a hard-shelled safe zone for preventing shock effect and this zone contains a laptop compartment which can adjust laptop of 17 inches easily. Anti-theft pockets make your cash and credit cards safer. Adjustable chest strap and luggage belt make the product more valuable for the user.

A well-padded breathable back panel offers reliable traveling to the user and weighs near about 1.76 lbs that is easy to carry for the user. Dimensions of the backpack are 18.60 x 13.50 x 10.80 inches that is quite different from other backpacks. It is a water-repellant backpack which is useful both for men and women.

  • RFID pockets are given

  • Water-repellant backpack

  • Side zippered and mesh pockets

  • Sturdy handle grip

  • The USB port is not available



Laptop backpacks are very necessary for traveling and all of the listed backpacks have special qualities for facilitating users to the maximum extent. These laptop backpacks are famous for their large spacing and laptop safety. I hope one of these laptops will be according to your need. You can comment on our website through which we can improve our services.

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