Looking for the best laptops for accounting and business professional purposes, then you’re landing at the right destinations. If you’re an accounting or business student then you will spend lots of your time before the screen dealing with spreadsheets, running numerical simulations, and preparing presentations.

In my opinion, the work of an accountant or business student will is demanding, not only on you but on the machine that you just are doing your work on.

The first question comes to your mind, which laptops are the best for accounting and business students? Most of the peoples going from internship events to group project conferences and back to lectures again.

Thus you’ll need to have lots of the same features on your laptop that you just will need once you get a position in the field like Security capability, friendly multitasking, durability, portable design, and good battery life for a long performance.

Keeping such things in mind, I’m surely going to help you find the Best Laptops For Accounting And Business Students 2021 that you can find on the market right now.

10 Best Laptops For Accounting & Business Students


#1. Apple MacBook Air – 2018 (Best laptop for Students)

First, on the list, I have the Apple MacBook Air, Light yet rugged. Do not take this laptop for granted in any way. This MacBook Air is a 6-pack bodybuilder disguised as a ballerina.

With an 8th gen core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and UHD 617 Graphics from Intel, the latest version of MacBook Air is a considerable improvement over its older siblings.

This MacBook Air brings you the “Retina display”- a mind-blowing 4 million pixels jam-packed onto a 13-inch screen. This screen will show you perfectly crisp text and vivid colors- particularly recommended for business students since they work with too much text, graphs, and images. It’ll be really helpful for you.

Apple has promised one thing about the keyboard: the keys are said to be more stable and ergonomic for faster and precise typing- a handy feature in the office. You’ll surely fall in love with Apple’s Butterly keyboard which is very smooth to type on.

This laptop comes with 2 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports with support for Charging, Display Port, and also data transfer through Thunderbolt (up to 40 Gbps)  and USB-C 3.1 2nd Gen (up to 10 Gbps). You won’t be getting any traditional ports like USB 2.0 or 3.0 which isn’t at all acceptable from Apple. They should have at least offered either of them to make their customers happy.

This laptop weighs exactly the same as the Dell XPS i.e 2.7 lbs. Having a powerful yet lightweight laptop is everyone’s dream and Apple has made it possible with this laptop.

The MacBook comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner that allows you password-less access and also allows you to pay more conveniently through Apple Pay.

Apple claims to offer 12 hours of long battery life on this laptop but Kevin has managed to get around 15 hours of battery life with mixed usage. Well, I would say not everyone can use the laptop as Kevin does. It is pretty safe to assume 9-10 hours of battery considering the older MacBook had great battery life.

Based on the performance and quality of this machine, I have no hesitation to say that this MacBook Air is surely one of the best laptops for business majors.

  • Great build with amazing display
  • Great battery life
  • Smooth performance9
  • A bit pricey


#2. Asus Chromebook Flip – (Best Laptop For Business Students)

The Asus Chromebook Flip is student-friendly and one of the top-rated laptops on Amazon which has reviews from more than 1100 customers and has a rating of 4/5. If you have a budget under $500, then you should definitely take a look at this laptop.

Tip: For those who don’t know what a Chromebook is, let me briefly tell you that it is a laptop designed by Google to run Google Chrome and other Google apps. It can be used only if you have working internet connectivity or else you can’t run the majority of the apps on Chromebook. You also can’t install most of the 3rd party app on this laptop. If you want to know more, you can read this article or you can watch the below video.

The sleek and smooth design of the Asus Chromebook Flip features a 12.5-inch touchscreen protected with Gorilla Glass, an all-metal body, and featuring a Chrome Operating System.

This Asus Flip comes with an Intel Core m3-6Y304GB of RAM, and 64 GB Flash Storage. This might make it look like a flimsy, skinny flat race runner in front of the other laptops that boast terabits of memory.

However, as a budget-friendly piece of technology, this Chromebook is the business student’s best friend especially when parents offer limited pocket money to invest in gadgets and gizmos. So if you’re torn between peer-pressure and parental controls- here is your messiah.

So as you might have guessed, this is another laptop from the transformer’s family and can flip a full 360 degrees to change from a laptop to a tablet. The transformation seems smooth and glitches free.

Having additional features like a backlit keyboard, we’re assuming you will have few complaints even if you are a habitually grumpy person. After all who would not like a lightweight laptop-tablet that starts up in seconds and gives a battery life of around 10 hours?

Featuring the latest and fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, this magic genie promises you speeds up to three times faster than 802.11n. The C302 also features power-efficient Bluetooth 4.0 so you never say NO to a classmate requesting you to share notes.

The port available on this laptop is the USB 3.1 Type C port. While a lack of other ports might worry you, remember that this port is what we call “future proof”. Rest assured, your laptop will not become obsolete for want of faster data transfer.

Weighing around 2.7 pounds (1.2 kg), this laptop is a bargain. You get some, you leave some. So you need to be ready to test a slightly different operating system and might have to be careful with the multi-tasking. All in all, you will be turning heads with this beauty.

You can expect 8-10 hours of battery life on this machine which is pretty I would say. This is one of the best parts of this laptop.

  • Radeon RX Vega graphics could be promising
  • Long battery life on Intel models
  • Reasonably priced, well-equipped base configurations
  • Practically unchanged design
  • Privacy screen occludes the user’s own view


#3. Dell XPS 13 9360 – (Portable and Lightweight Laptop for Business Students)

Ever since you joined a business school, have you been wishing for a fast laptop with a magical screen at a budgeted price? Congratulations, Dell has heard your prayers and answered your wishes.

Not only does the Dell XPS 13 9360 combine great features and performance, but it also offers durability and sturdiness that Dell laptops are known for. It also brings you a host of features at a budgeted price. Can a student possibly ask for more?

So what does this magic box contain? This Dell laptop has an 8th generation Intel Core i5 7200U processor. The XPS 13 comes with 8GB RAM128GB M.2 SATA SSD, Intel HD 620 graphics.

Possessing a 13.3” 4K Ultra HD infinity edge touch display, Dell promises to captivate you with a screen that seems like it’s floating. You can relish movie time with family and friends to the fullest.

Naturally, business school is a lot about sharing assignments, exchanging files (and movies). The XPS 13 from Dell has you covered for your hunger for ports. You will get plenty of ports on this machine: 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 3.0 Type-C, and 1 USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 3 port.

The Dell XPS 13 weighs 2.7 lbs (1.2 kg) which is pretty lightweight and even you don’t need an extra bag to carry this to your school/ college.

You can expect a decent battery life of 6-7 hours for moderate usage such as browsing, streaming, etc which I feel is very good. You can expect a lot more while doing lightweight tasks such as using Notepad, Word, Excel, or any other Microsoft apps.

Overall, I have to say this is one fo the best laptops for business students at this price price range.

  • Great design and attractive display
  • Battery life is very good
  • Extremely lightweight and easily portable
  • No discrete GPU for its price


#4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Best Business Laptop)

The first item on our list that we have is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th generation the Maserati of business laptops. Lenovo’s X1 Carbon packs plenty of performance and battery life into a slim and sexy carbon fiber chassis made from a combination of carbon fiber and magnesium.

The X1 Carbon is not only light but it’s also extremely durable starting at around $1,000. The sixth-generation x1 carbon retains the fantastic keyboard and colorful display of its predecessor but dramatically improves on the previous model’s performance.

By going from an Intel seventh-generation dual-core processor to an eighth-gen quad-core CPU that’s like moving from a four-cylinder to an 8 cylinder engine.

Throw in some new design elements and eye-popping HDR screen and far-field microphones. This luxurious laptop is the best productivity system money can buy but ain’t broke don’t fix it just jazz it up a little one of the smell test 14-inch laptops you can get.

The 6th Gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon has the same slim dimensions and 2.5-pound weight as the laptop’s immediate predecessor. It also has the same luxurious soft-touch led and DAC which makes gripping and resting your wrists against a laptop of joy.

The ThinkPad x1 carbon offers the kind of world-class keyboard we’ve come to expect from Lenovo’s business laptops. For the deep 1.8 millimeters of travel and a strong two grams of required actuation force the keys offer excellent tactile feedback and never caused me to bottom out during testing.

The soft-touch deck also made my wrists feel really good while I was typing, to sum up, I think pad x1 carbon remains the ultimate business ultrabook. Thanks to its gorgeous design awesome typing experience, long battery life, and epic screen.

  • As light as a tablet
  • Lenovo’s top-of-the-line keyboard
  • Top-notch performance
  • Good battery life
  • Pricey, as befitting a premiere ultrabook
  • Gen 2 Ethernet connector is designed to sell you a dock


#5. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – (Best Laptop For Accounting)

Next on the list is the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, the four squares of the Microsoft logo now mean more than just the world’s most popular operating system. They stand for world-class hardware and the Surface Pro is the chief example.

Now dressed in black for its sixth generation and packing a quad-core processor. The pro still dominates but to dig a little deeper to see where Microsoft has made some truly noteworthy improvements. Serious enough to be used in the office setting yet playful enough to use in a coffee shop.

Surface Pro 6 has an aesthetic that marks it apart from both Apple and the rest of the PC’s out there. The chassis is sleek robust and distinctive all the things you want in a premium device.

Though the sturdy kickstand is always there the Surface Pro 6 doesn’t come with a keyboard or touchpad instead you’ll have to pick up the type cover Microsoft’s fantastic attachable keyboard cover. As a tablet alone the Surface Pro 6 doesn’t make much sense.

The type of cover is mandatory these covers are available in a few different materials and styles ranging from 130 to 150 dollars. Despite some cut-off keys the layout never feels cramped, every key feels snappy and the touchpad remains one of the best tracking surfaces for a Windows 10 laptop available.

Surface products have historically fantastic screens that haven’t changed on the Surface Pro 6. Microsoft goes above and beyond to find the best panels for its devices. We really like the one included here 12.3 inch its 2736 by 1824 pixels screen is bright colorful and vivid and still one of the best screens you can find in this product category, to sum up.

Surface Pro 6 is still the best 2-in-1 you can buy its supremely built powerful as the laptop and looks like a killer all in black. Microsoft even remedied one of our biggest complaints in years past by upping the battery life.

  • Quad-core processing
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent new color option
  • Still no USB-C
  • Dated USB 3.0 port
  • Few meaningful improvements


#6. Huawei Matebook X Pro

To finish our list we have the Huawei Matebook X Pro, Huawei is huge it’s larger by revenue than Dell or HP. The giants of computing in North America and employs more people than both those competitors you’d likely didn’t know that of course.

The Matebook X Pro’s design keeps the premium feel of its predecessor alive. Featuring an aluminum unibody design with diamond-cut edges and a sandblast finish.

This results in a laptop that undoubtedly looks luxurious and feels that way as well clearly this is a slim and light enough laptop to comfortably carry around again.

The Matebook X Pro comes in two colors space grey and mystic silver and both look gorgeous up close. Of course, you’ll have to get the priciest version if you want that silver color at least in the US.

The 13.9 inch IPS screen now has an impressively thin four points four-millimeter bezel surrounding it. It keeps the overall size of the laptop down to just under 12 inches wide.

Huawei claims that the Matebook X Pro is the world’s first full view notebook with a 91% screen to body ratio. Considering the spec listed before that the Matebook X Pro absolutely flies through basic tasks shouldn’t be too surprising.

The version here uses an Intel processor that’s 40 percent faster than the previous models. Huawei is keen to point out its use of a u series CPU rather than an M series which is more often found in laptops of this size. That point coupled with Nvidia’s MX 150 graphics leaves us with a laptop that’s prepared to take on nearly any major productivity tasks short of editing and rendering 4k media.

  • Absolute latest parts
  • Great battery life
  • Marginal performance gains
  • Bigger price for similar performance
  • Clever webcam still flawed


#7. HP Spectre x360-13T

It is a very beautiful and attractive laptop by HP. New body shape and looks change the entire view of the traditional HP style. Its stunning dark-ash color is very eye-catching while the logo of HP increases its attraction.

CPU which is packed in the slim and attractive casing of this laptop belongs to the new 8th generation of Intel processors. This machine is equipped with the Intel Core i7-8550U processor. The performance of this processor is ultrafast because it is a Quad-Core CPU having a base frequency 1.8GHz that can be boosted up to 4GHz. This feature of this laptop shows that it is loaded with Turbo Boost technology for making this processor the fastest. Its internal, fast, cache memory is 8MB which proves that it is a very powerful processor for heave programs and applications which can be related to Accounting and Business.

Let’s now have a look at its RAM and storage. Spectre x360 laptop is equipped with 16GB LPDDR3 RAM. The speed of this RAM is 2133Hz. It is SDRAM which is installed onboard. The storage of this laptop is also the fastest to balance the overall functionality of this laptop. 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2SSD storage is provided on this laptop. It is non-mechanical storage and is many times faster than a traditional data storage device. The read and write speed of this memory card storage is amazing. In this way, HP Spectre x360-13T is a perfectly fast and adaptable laptop with its beauty.

The display adapter of this machine is integrated while the make and model this GPU is Intel UHD Graphics 620. It is an Ultra HD graphics card to produce stunning graphics with ease and comfort. For an attractive and brighter display, a screen of size 13.3 inches is present on this laptop. It is a diagonal Full HD screen with a micro-edge. The type of this screen is WLED-backlit and it is also a touchscreen.

The screen resolution of this screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Because it is a touch screen, for a handwritten experience, HP active Stylus is also available for this laptop. The IPS technology is also implemented on this display screen to giving the sharp display with a maximum accuracy of viewing angels. For the protection of this screen from any damage, Corning Gorilla Glass NBT is applied on this screen.

Laptops are mostly used by a user while in movement or moved from one office to another. Due to this mobility, safety measures of the main parts of hardware are required must. This machine is fully equipped with such options including the availability of an Accelerometer which protects the hard drive from damage in the case of free fall of the laptop when it is in-use also. Similarly, Gyroscope is also available which detects the rotational speed of the laptop.

This laptop is also very rich in connectivity port. 2 latest and high-speed thunderbolt III ports are available on this laptop. The weight of this laptop is very low and it is just 2.78 lbs. The battery backup time of this machine is also un-matchable for up to 17 hours. Due to the availability of this very long backup time, you can do work on this laptop for a full day without plugging it in a direct power socket.

  • Attractive and gorgeous dark-ash color
  • Accelerometer for protection of hard drive
  • Gyroscope for rotational speed detection
  • Availability of eCompass
  • Quad speakers of Bang & Olufsen
  • Not much budget-friendly


#8. Acer Aspire E15

Acer Aspire E15 is a very beautiful and attractive laptop. Every part of this outclass laptop is very carefully crafted for a smooth and clean look. Aspire E15 is a laptop of every-day use. It has all the capabilities for performing all types of work. No dought, with many appealing features and functions, this laptop gives a performance which exceeds expectations. Upgradation of RAM and storage is very easy. Its chassis has a single door that can be open to change the hard disk and RAM.

The processing of this versatile laptop is very powerful. The casing of this laptop has enclosed the 8th Generation processor which is an Intel Core i5-8250U processor. The clock speed of this laptop can be increased maximum up to 3.4GHz from its base clock speed of 1.6GHz. This property of the processor is called Turbo Boost technology.

It has 8GB DDR4 RAM which has a memory speed of 3.4GHz. It is a Dual-Channel memory. If you feel 8GB is less for your program execution then you can upgrade the RAM as per your requirement by using the additional RAM channel.

For storage of data, 256GB SSD is given in this laptop which is faster in its read-write speed than other traditional hard disks. An optical drive of 8X speed is also available on this laptop which is DVD-RW.

The Graphics display configuration of this machine is also remarkable. A world-famous Graphics card is being used on this laptop. NVIDIA GeForce MX150, a dedicated graphics card with a dedicated 2GB VRAM, is the part of this laptop for processing the graphics speedily and accurately without any problem. This graphics card is famous for its discrete graphics. When you play a game on this laptop then you must feel that game jump off the screen.

The display screen of this laptop is 15.6-inch. It is a Full HD screen having a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The architecture of this screen is LED with backlit. LED screens are the most energy-efficient because these screens consume less energy for their functionality. Either you are using this laptop for watching videos or editing some pictures, this screen always provides you, correct viewing angles, because In-Plane Switching technology is also applied on this display screen.

USB 3.1 Type-C, 3.0, and 2.0 are available on this laptop. HDMI port with HDCP support is also present on this machine for external and high-resolution display devices that can get attach to this laptop. Dual-band WiFi adapter and Bluetooth 4.1 are also part of this laptop for wireless connectivity while a Gigabit RJ-45 LAB adapter is also present for LAN connection.

This laptop is 5.27 lbs in weight. The battery backup time of this laptop is at its peak. 6 cell Li-ion battery which Is 2800mAH gives an extreme backup time of 15 hours.

  • CPU with Turbo Boost technology
  • 8X DVD Drive-RW
  • 802.11ac Dual-band MU-MIMO technology
  • HD webcam with HDR support
  • Acer TrueHarmony Built-in speaker
  • Very small storage


#9. Lenovo Flex 5

Lenovo Flex 5 is a stylish 2-in-1 laptop that is also known as the powerhouse of entertainment. This laptop provides you gorgeous video and immersive audio. It is a highly portable laptop with a powerful processor, long-lasting battery life, and pen capabilities. You can boost your experience with the cutting-edge features of this machine.

Along with chic versatility and sleek portability, this laptop comes with Quad-core, 8th Generation CPU which is Intel i8-8250U. This faster processor is backed up by 8GB RAM. By seeing this, we can say that plenty of RAM is easily available in this laptop for providing support to CPU faster execution of programs. 256GB PCIe SSD is part of this laptop for booting and storing user and system data

Lenovo Flex 5 has an integrated Graphics card. It is Intel HD Graphics 620 which gives HD graphics after processing. The display screen of this laptop is very stunning and Full HD.

The screen of this laptop is 15.6 inches in size and it is an IPS touchscreen. The display of this screen is brilliant and very clear. Bezels of this screen are narrow to give a maximum screen-to-body ratio. This screen maximizes your viewing experience.

The hinges of this laptop are very flexible and can rotate its screen up to 360o due to which different viewing modes are available for different kinds of working including, watching movies, playing games, or doing some other work. If handwritten text is required to show then you can use the Windows Ink feature of Windows 10 with a pen option.

This laptop is very budget-friendly also. Battery backup time of this laptop is up to 10 hours which means your work cannot stop for a full day if no direct source of power remains available.

  • Onyx Black aluminum chassis
  • Fingerprint reader with Windows Hello
  • Windows Ink and pen capability
  • 360o flexible hinge
  • Built-in speakers of Harman
  • Only 256GB storage


#10. HP Pavilion x360 (2-in-1)

This x360 laptop has a perfectly HP look. Its silver-black slim body makes it very attractive. The chassis of this laptop is aluminum cast to enhance its portability. With a slim casing and lightweight, it is a highly portable laptop by HP of Pavilion series. Its 2-in-1 design makes it possible to use this machine as a laptop as well as a tablet also. It becomes possible due to its versatile hinges which support 360o flipping of screen. Due to these hinges, this laptop offers versatility in different functions. It has 4 different modes which include the audience, tabletop, presentation, and tablet.

HP Pavilion x360 comes with Intel Core i3-8130U mobile processor. It is an 8th generation processor having a clock speed of 2.2GHz. This processor is capable of four-way processing for high-quality computing. The system’s main memory is 8GB.

This RAM is with substantial high-bandwidth due to which most of the applications run smoothly on this laptop. These applications include Accounting software, MIS for different levels of organizations, Databases and gaming, photo editing, and basic level video editing.

The storage of this laptop is consists of a 500GB hard drive. It is a traditional mechanical hard drive with 5400 RPM speed. No dought storage in this laptop is huge and can hold large data of user and system as well.

The Graphics card of this laptop is a high-level GPU to produce beyond HD quality graphics. Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics are available on the motherboard of this laptop. It is an integrated GPU that shared memory from system memory for the processing of graphics.

The display screen of this laptop is 14-inches in size. This is a multipoint touchscreen. Due to this active hp stylus is also available with this laptop. It is an HD screen having a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The body weight of this slim smart laptop is 3.73 lbs. It is not much heavier to carry with. Due to this lightweight feature, it is highly portable. The battery backup time of this laptop is up to 6 hours. These hours are blessing in such a low cost of this laptop.

  • Four-way processing performance
  • Slim aluminum body just 0.8 inches thin
  • Touch Screen with Active Stylus
  • 360o flip-and-fold hinge
  • Keyboard with numeric pad
  • CPU is required to improve



Where they go the 6 best business laptops available in the market today I surely hope that this article will help you in deciding which one is best for you. As we know the accountant has to take up demanding tasks on a daily basis starting from vouching to taking inventory of stocks to making ready for final accounts. The products that I’ve listed in our guide are perfect for helping you get a leg up within the accounting world, but not every device is for everybody, therefore choosing the device as per your requirements.

A good business laptop combines cutting edge productivity features with a portable style and good battery life. Keeping such things in mind, all the above listed is that the best Laptops For Business Students 2021. If you have any questions or suggestions that arise in your mind, then you’ll do comment below. We will respond as soon as possible.

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