If you are a doctor and looking for the very best laptops for doctors then you are on the right page.

Those days are gone when the things doctors required were only stethoscoped, latex gloves and blood pressure apparatus. But these days, with the evolution in medical terminologies and treatments, there is a dire need for an excellent working PC for every doctor. With the advancement of diseases and technologies, no one is left behind. Everyone needs more comprehensive and latest versions of the technology. So, as doctors do.


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Laptop Requirements For Doctor

The general practitioner has a mainly office use of his computer. Indeed, the latter is usually used to perform text processing and online searches. It can also be useful for organizing your calendar, taking notes or managing your emails.

With the computerization of health data, portable PC are also a simple way for a doctor to access patient records without overloading themselves with paperwork.
Clearly, the health professional manages all the administrative part of his job, documentation, management, but also his hobbies from his laptop.

But depending on the specialty of the doctor, computer tasks are not limited to this. This is particularly the case of neurologists who have greater use of their laptops since they use it for neuronavigation.

Thus, depending on the components of your specialization, your selection criteria will differ. In fact, whether you are a general practitioner or a specialized doctor, your need will not be the same. Just as doctors specialized in different fields will not have the same needs either.

At the end of the article, I have also presented a guide about what features and specifications you have to consider first when you have to choose one of all the best laptops for doctors.

Here, for your comfort, I have made a list of 6 best laptops for doctors. Let’s have a look at them.

Top 6 best laptops for doctors


1. Apple MacBook Pro – (Best MacBook For Doctors)


The Apple MacBook Pro is stunningly structured which is exceptionally alluring. It is as moderate as conceivable with almost no cushion. This is one of the PCs that will be a stylishly satisfying expansion to your work area and lift you up in snapshots of weakness and fatigue.

Likewise, a fundamental perspective this present MacBook’s plan is that the touchpad is huge enough and with space on the two sides to rest your palms you can proficiently scroll and zoom in to X-rays, USGS, MRIs, and CT Scans.

The MacBook Pro accompanies a wide-enough 15.4-inches screen and the splendid Retina Display set apart because of its True Tone Technology which breathes life into pictures and graphics. This is one part of the MacBook that will satisfy you in a split second.

This machine has an i7 Processor which comes from 8th generation, and the Radeon Pro 555X designs with 4GB of video memory. It likewise has a too quick 256GB SSD. This implies the capacity to perform performing various tasks easily.

The workstation is extremely thin and it weighs only 4 pounds (1.8 kg). It very well may be carried anyplace effectively which will come helpful as specialists are once in a while stationary. You won’t require an additional pack to convey this beast.

We realize specialists need to unwind and have some good times as well, so gaming regularly bests the cards for relaxation in the therapeutic calling. The MacBook Pro can be associated effectively with an outer GPU to give even proficient gamers a staggering gaming background.

The ports on this MacBook Pro ought to fulfill any individual who for the most part utilizes Apple gadgets and extras as it accompanies four Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. This implies you can move information at 30GB/s.

Another component that will come conveniently is the unique mark scanner on this MacBook Pro. You can toss passwords and have secret phrase less section into your PC, your protected envelopes, and even online records. It additionally enables you to make installments all the more rapidly.

The battery life for the MacBook Pro goes as long as 10 hours. This ought to be adequate even on a bustling day especially in the event that you don’t generally approach a charging station or on the off chance that you are posted in a country territory and don’t have a continuous power supply.

Despite the fact that the MacBook Pro is very costly contrasted with different Windows workstations, it’ll merit your speculation. In the event that you have a higher spending plan to purchase an excellent PC, at that point I would suggest you go for this astonishing PC. I simply need to state this is an excellent LAPTOP for a doctor who can fulfill your needs.

  • Screen Size: 15.4 Inches.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Processor: 8th-gen Intel Core i7.
  • Graphics card: Radeon Pro 555X 4GB.
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Portable.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Costly.


2. Acer Aspire E 15 – (BUDGET laptop for doctors)


The Acer Aspire E15, in spite of the fact that not a most loved among PC fans, can be a stunning laptop for the doctors and specialists. If I talk about myself, it is one of my preferred laptops which I have discussed commonly since it is one the best incentive for cash PC at just $600.

In general, the machine is solid and intended to be rough and impervious to mileage. This is so significant for doctors who work under requesting and regularly cruel conditions.

With a huge screen of 15.6-inches, this laptop enables medicinal experts to stack a few patient reports and tests next to each other and even perform various tasks while they work through their bustling schedules. This likewise permits you a wide enough perspective on X-rays, MRIs and so forth.

Presently about the weight. At 5.3 lbs (2.4 kg), this device is very substantial. Carrying this PC would be troublesome without a device bag.

The Acer Aspire E15 accompanies GeForce MX150 designs that guarantee an excellent gaming background. On the off chance that you like to play a few games in your relaxation time, this may be uplifting news for you.

An Intel Core i5 8250U with 256GB SSD and 8GB DDR3 will function admirably for you on the off chance that you don’t have to run requesting applications. Lightweight performing various tasks shouldn’t be an issue. Also, this PC has excellent battery life. It can last as long as 10 hours with moderate utilization.

It likewise accompanies loads of ports: a USB 2.0, USB-3.1 Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, VGA input, HDMI port, Ethernet port, and a Kensington lock. The SD card perused is at the front.

  • Screen Size: 15.6 Inches.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U.
  • Graphics card: GeForce MX150.
  • Weight: 5.3 lbs
  • Great value for money.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Build quality is above average for this price.
  • Not so portable


3. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon – Best in Performance


If you are looking for the best lightweight laptop for doctor then this would be your best choice because this laptop is highly portable and lightest in its body mass. It is consummately reasonable for doctors while moves around a ton and don’t need a substantial PC.

Its 14-inch display with 500 nits offers a reflexive top-notch understanding and is wide enough to let you perform multiple tasks in your office or hospital when you have windows stacked next to each other or when you need to appreciate some amusement while perusing medicinal writing.

As I said first and foremost, the laptop is lightweight and weighs just 0.7 lbs (0.3 kg). This is the lightest workstation on this whole rundown. Disregard the need to take outdated notes on paper and after that move them. Rather, you can momentarily take notes and add remarks to your patient’s records as you do your daily practice round and registration consistently.

The Intel HD designs won’t let you down either as you can envision many-sided subtleties of bone and tissue on 3D and 4D outputs of your patients utilizing programming that enables you to examine X-beams, Bone sweeps, Pet Scans, MRIs and so forth.

The processor on this Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is the Intel Core i7-8650U and it accompanies 1TB SSD making it an exceptionally incredible machine fit for performing various tasks and running the most refined restorative applications.

What’s more, for those of us who simply continue connecting things to their PC, this should fulfill you: X1 Carbon accompanies 2 USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) ports, 2x USB 3.0, a 4-in-1 MicroSD card peruser and in case we overlook the HDMI port.

However, there’s additional Backlit Keyboard-check, unique finger impression peruser check, think screen camera-check. A ThinkShutter camera is a screen that sits on your camera in the event that something goes wrong. This gives you genuine feelings of serenity as a specialist as your patient’s security is a moral concern.

  • Screen Size: 14 Inches.
  • Storage: 1TB SSD.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8650U.
  • Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620.
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs
  • Lightweight.
  • Smooth functioning.
  • More battery span would be appreciated.


4. Microsoft Surface Pro 


The very handsome and stunning device is here i.e. Microsoft Surface Pro. The Microsoft Surface Pro is beautifully structured and coordinates the opportunity offered by a tablet with the intensity of a PC. It is likewise as moderate as could be allowed. Once more, this is likewise a lightweight and versatile machine which may be useful to you because it weighs only 1.69lbs.

The component that has been getting incredible gratefulness from clients all around the world is its unmistakable and brilliant presentation with profoundly uncovered substance from the screen. 12.3″ PixelSense Touchscreen with pen input 2736 x 1824 goals! Appreciate the most from it with three adaptable modes offered which are the Laptop mode, The tablet mode, and the studio mode.

What makes this tablet as incredible as a laptop is the Core i5 Processor with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD which makes it work smoothly. Simultaneously, one extraordinary favorable position of tablets over PCs is that you don’t have to switch them ON. When it comes to a doctor, it is difficult to switch a gadget ON and OFF over and over during rounds. You just keep the Surface Pro running and charge on occasion much like a portable.

The tablet is ultra-light and convenient and will never back you off on your day by day schedule. In contrast to laptops, you don’t need to stress over a laptop bag or feel debilitated by its weight. It very well may be in your grasp throughout the day any place you go to.

While there is a shame regularly joined with tablets that they are not as ground-breaking as PCs or not productive for composing, you can put resources into a sort spread (arrangement of both console and mouse) formally offered by Microsoft itself which will be very helpful for you.

The constraint of ports on this Microsoft tablet can be an issue as it simply has two USB Type-C port. Be that as it may, with the proper connectors, you can for all intents and purposes interface it to any gadget.

The battery life for the Surface Pro is typically 6 hours when utilized vigorously and goes up to 13.5 hours during moderate use-which is astounding for a tablet. This ought to be adequate especially on the off chance that you think that it’s hard to charge your gadget on numerous occasions a multi day. Essentially plug it in after your workday and appreciate the following day with all the tab’s forces.

  • Screen Size: 12.3 Inches.
  • Storage: 256GB SSD.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Processor: 7th gen Intel Core i5.
  • Graphics card: Intel Iris and HD graphics.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro.
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • Battery life decent.
  • Portable.
  • Long lasting battery and highly portable.
  • No traditional USB 3.0.


5. ASUS ZenBook 14


If you are looking for an ultra-thin and sleek laptop then Asus ZenBook 14 is here. This ASUS ZenBook is a 14inch ultra-thin workstation that flaunts some genuine military evaluation innovation. It is all around structured and opposes different drop tests-something that is inescapable in a jam-packed medical clinic condition where you are going around to support patients.

Its 14-Inch wide view full HD show is astonishing and will give you perfectly clear perspective on pictures and recordings. The bezel of the screen is negligible and especially up-to-date. It weighs only 2.6 lbs which makes it more portable.

Likewise, what makes this workstation a ground-breaking work station is the eighth era Intel Core i7-8565U Quad-Core Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.6 GHz) alongside 512GB SSD and16GB LPDDR3 RAM which is extremely incredible and can deal with performing various tasks and running enormous projects all the while.

Asus has offered a not too bad number of ports on this machine i.e. one USB 2.0 port and 2 USB 3.0 ports and Micro SD card perused.

As an extra element, it accompanies Windows 10 Home just as the Windows Hello programming. In blend with the implicit IR Camera for facial acknowledgment, gives you a chance to sign in with facial acknowledgment. This empowers password less passage that is quicker and progressively charming.

Additionally, the PC is progressively ergonomic for composing for longer timeframes because of the Ergo Lift structure. This implies you would now be able to plan original copies for medicinal diary distribution without stressing your wrist or fingers excessively.

The advanced double capacity touchpad is a marvel at it changes into a numeric keypad-this is a serious new and one of a kind an element which will be useful for some, specialists like you. Likewise, the illuminated console permits simple composing in faintly lit patient rooms, wards, activity theaters, and ICUs.

The battery life can be a simple stretch as long as 9 hours when utilized in an ideal way which is very great, I would state.

  • Screen Size: 14 Inches.
  • Storage: 512GB SSD.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8565U.
  • Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620.
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Great display with minimal bezels.
  • Weighs only 2.6 lbs.
  • No discrete GPU at this price.


6. Microsoft Surface 3 (stylus, keyboard, and navigation dock included)
Intel Inside – 4 GB RAM – 128 GB SSD

Best Laptops For Doctors

Microsoft Surface 3 is the ideal computer for a doctor who seeks flexibility and lightness. This model, half-laptop, slips into any bag and accompanies you easily during your visits. It allows you to surf the net or perform your office tasks at your fingertips.

The notebook function is nice to write with the pen on the Surface 3 is simple and natural.
Even if it does not have the power of a strong graphic, this hybrid allows you, however, to watch Full HD videos without constraint.

The Microsoft Surface 3 available as reconditioned on Kiatoo.com promises simplicity, robustness, and adaptability at a lower price.

  • Display.
  • Design.
  • Build quality.
  • Portable.
  • Storage.
  • Price.


The criteria for buying a laptop for a doctor

In view of the uses of computers in the profession of a doctor, the main points of your thinking for the purchase of a new laptop will have to deal with the power of the processor, the graphics performance, the memory, the storage, the autonomy, weight, flexibility, and price.

A Midrange Processor

The power of a computer is an essential criterion in the selection of a new computer.
This is determined mainly by the computing power of its processor.

Currently, mainstream consumer processors are the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7, the second being more powerful than the first. The slower Intel Core i3s are found on entry-level laptops.

The same goes for AMD Ryzen processors that operate on the same nomenclature principle as the Intel Core, the Ryzen 5 being comparable to the Intel Core i5.

There are also more powerful and faster laptops, equipped with the latest generation processors, but in view of the nature of the main tasks on a PC GP, it does not necessarily need a laptop super powerful.

Exception for specialists working with powerful graphical software such as neurologists or radiologists for example.
In this case, it is then necessary to opt for a more powerful laptop, by favoring an Intel processor whose numbering ends with the letter “H” for “high-performance graphics”.

Graphics performance if needed

Given the graphical performance needs of the geek doctor or neurology specialist, among others, they can not be content with the core integrated graphics processor (GPU) that is Intel HD Graphics and is more suitable for work of office automation, browsing the internet or for games with little power.

Indeed, we advise you rather privilege a GPU Nvidia or AMD.

The GeForce GTX 1050 offers a good power/price ratio. And for superior performance, go for the GTX 1060, the GTX 1070, or the AMD Radeon RX Vega 56.

But keep in mind that if you do not need such power, a laptop with HD Graphics will do the trick.


RAM is the RAM, the fast storage memory of a computer, the one that serves as a buffer for the transit of data.
The larger the RAM of a computer, the faster it will be in the execution of tasks.

Thus, doctors who limit themselves to office work and who do not go too much to solicit the system of their machine can be content with a RAM of 4GB, against 8 GB at least for those who will have activities more greedy in a resource.

Especially since the capacity of the RAM of a laptop PC has a direct impact on the price of the latter.

Good Storage

With the important data that a doctor keeps on his laptop, the storage is, as such, essential as a selection criterion, especially as it also affects the speed of the machine.

There are many types of portable PC data storage, but so-called “classic” HDD hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) are the most common on the market.

HDD hard drives are less expensive, but also less efficient in terms of speed of reading and writing.
Solid-state storage (SSD) drives are much faster but more expensive.

An SSD with 256 GB should be able to meet the storage needs of a doctor. There are SSD drives of higher capabilities. However, if you need more storage space, you can still opt for a laptop with an HDD. But it will be at the expense of speed unless you add to that an external SSD hard drive.

Battery Life

The load and the rhythm of work of a doctor are such, that it is essential to him to have a laptop whose battery is able to hold a rather important time without needing to reload it. Indeed, the autonomy of the battery is a non-negligible criterion to take into consideration in the choice of your laptop.
Know also that there are many solutions to preserve the autonomy of a laptop PC.

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According to his specialty, a doctor is made to move a lot. That’s why, thanks to its mobility and space saving, the laptop is its best technological ally.

In fact, the health professional goes from patient to patient, attends conferences, meets confreres, works at his office, and has a good time.

As a result, opting for a lightweight and slim laptop is the right solution to avoid tedious trips.

Today, there are many featherweight models including ultraportables combining finesse and power.
The tablet can also be an interesting option. Brands now offer tablets as powerful as computers. In this case, you will not run the risk of losing your data if you choose cloud solutions that synchronize automatically.

An Appreciable Flexibility

Beyond lightness, given the versatile use that a doctor has his laptop PC, it could be interesting to opt for a detachable product, which adapts to the needs of the moment.
For the past two years, there have been hybrid laptops, sometimes tablet, sometimes a laptop, which offers greater flexibility to their owners.

For all prices

Laptop prices may vary from single to double.

There is something for every price. But if you take into account all the criteria detailed above, it will be a good way to not spend more than necessary. If you are not a geek, you do not need to invest in a laptop with high graphics performance.

Do not forget also that there are now alternatives to the new multimedia, which can save considerable money.
We, therefore, advise you to opt for a refurbished notebook PC, to be sure to buy a product at the best value for money.


These laptops are the best of doctors and come at a reasonable price. Go and check yours on amazon. Thank you.

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