After investing money in a laptop everyone needs to protect it for safe transport and use. For this purpose there is a need for a safe bag to carry the laptop around. Not just any bag can serve the purpose, especially when you are carrying around an expensive laptop. There has to be something durable and reliable to ensure enough safety for your belongings.

A lot of features matter when it comes to selecting an ideal bag for your laptop. Some of the features include the product dimension, Item weight, design and storage, safety and durability.

Here we provide a list of best leather laptop bags that will provide you an opportunity to select a top-notch bag for yourself. These bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes but one thing all of them have in common is their outstanding quality and their leather body.

Top 8 Best Leather Laptop Bags in 2020


1. KPL 18 INCH Leather Briefcase

One of the best laptop bags made by skilled craftsmen in the KPL 18 inch bag. It comes in the category of durable bags with a good design. This bag has enough space to fit anything you need to carry along with you. It has compartments to contain all your bits and pieces.

Having a size of 18-inch width x 12-inch height x 5-inch depth it has the capacity to carry a lot of stuff so you will never have to miss any of your essential items. A laptop with a width up to 15.6 inches can fit easily. This particular item has a weight of 10.4 ounces which makes it portable.

The bag is made up of full grain leather that has extreme durability. The leather used is very natural and gives a wild look. This is due to the disorderly wrinkles and scratches place on the bag. Each and every little detail on the bag reminds you of the effort and care put into the making of this bag.

Talking about its internal storage and pockets, it has one big pocket which is to store files and a small one in the front to keep small things such as a mobile phone. It could be used by men and women both and also could be one of the most perfect gift ideas for your loved ones. Through a leather top handle the bag could be carried around like a briefcase and a shoulder strap so that it is used as a messenger bag. It is just a perfect vintage bag.


2. Laptop Bag Messenger Bag for Men

The Luxor full-grain leather laptop bag is made with one of the strongest leathers available in the market. It is very natural and the oil is applied to the leather so that it is hydrated to provide a smooth, soft and waterproof surface.

The bag comes in a size of 17 x 13 x 3 inches which is perfect to fit a laptop with a width of 15.6 inches. The bag with a weight of around 5.1 pounds is very easy to carry and fits perfectly under an airplane seat.

The best quality leather with zero additives and stitched with care and precision ensures durability. Durable straps and handles make it good for long-term use. The oil applied on its surface makes it extremely soft and gives it a unique color.

This amazing bag contains a total of 11 compartments internally and externally. All of these are sufficient to carry items that include passport, phones, tablets, etc. A carrying handle and a shoulder strap make it easy for you to carry the bag. This one of a kind laptop bag would be an ideal gift to express love and affection.


3. BOSTANTEN Leather Lawyers Briefcase

Need a bag to keep your laptop protected at all times? Well, this is the bag that would satisfy all your needs. The briefcase is crafted of good quality leather made for women and men both. High-quality genuine cow leather is used in its making with a strong zipper to ensure security.

The size of a bag is what matters the most and this particular bag has a size of 15.3 x 2.3 x 11.8 inches. A 14-inch laptop can easily fit in the bag. The bag weighing just around 2.8 pounds is just a perfect bag for lawyers and businessmen.

The high-quality material used in the production of the bag makes it durable and long-lasting. The first and foremost aim of this fashionable bag is to provide low prices with the best quality. It comes in two stylish colors that are black and brown.

With this bag you would enjoy keeping all your things in an organized manner. It is because the bag has several compartments to accommodate items of different types and sizes. It contains a big inner compartment, one laptop pocket, one zipper pocket, two small pockets and two pockets for pens.


4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Colombian Leather Dual Compartment

Are you in search of a bag that not only carries your belongings but also your dignity? Have a look at this production that is as fabulous as you. With its interior made up of fully tear-resistant material, the exterior is made up of soft Colombian leather. Zip closures make sure the bag is long-lasting and also make sure the bag is safe enough to use.

The bag with a size of 16.5 x 12x 5-6.5 inches has enough space to fit a 15.6-inch laptop. For additional capacity the bag is expandable up to 1.5 inches. Moreover, its weight of around 3.2 lbs makes it extremely portable.

Emphasis has been placed on fashion, quality and durability above everything else. This is ensured through the use of trending colors and high-quality material. Whether you are on your way to the office or you are traveling, having this bag on your side will give you the confidence you need at all times.

This perfect mixture of style and functionality has enough compartments to hold all your frequently used items. On the exterior side you get a zipper pocket to hold business essentials and also a front compartment to hold your accessories. On the other hand, internally it has a padded laptop pocket and a padded pocket for tablets. The leather grab handles make it easy to carry.


5. Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag

When it comes to buying the best quality item that does not exceed your budget, the Wowbox Messenger bag is the best choice to go for. A compact bag that is just perfect to carry your laptop along with extra storage for frequently used accessories. The bag is made up of superior level cowhide leather and the wrinkles on the bag give it a touch of wildness.

Size and weight are two very important things to consider while searching out for a laptop bag. The messenger bag with a size of 13 x 10.5 x 4.10 inches is a perfect size and good enough to fit a 14-inch laptop. Its lightweight of 2.20 pounds separates it from the category of extremely light or heavy bags.

Definitely for a bag to be long-lasting it has to be durable. High-density cotton straps, horse leather and high-density canvas are used in the making of this bag. The durability of the bag along with its strength is what impresses the most.

Also, the Wowbox messenger has enough pockets that make it convenient for you to carry anything. Different items need pockets of different sizes and this is satisfied as the bag provides pockets in various sizes. The structural organization of the bag includes a main compartment, an inner laptop compartment, 2 front pockets, 4 inner slip pockets and a rear slim compartment.


6. Laptop Bag for women 

One of the best laptop bags specifically made for women that value their class and profession. This bag has a beautiful stylish along with solid colors that define your integrity. The bag is all about you and style.

This bag is an ideal bag for all women out there seeking for a light-weight and spacious thing to carry their belongings. It has an ideal size of 16.7 x 5.7 x 12.6 and a weight of around 0.9 kg makes it light enough to carry. Laptops of size between 13-15.6 inches can fit in the bag easily.

Made up of PU leather with polyester lining makes the bag durable and protects the bag from getting damaged. The leather used is also scratch-resistant which means that the bag will always have a good appearance.

Talking about the storage capacity which is the most important thing. Three sections are present in the bag. A pocket for laptop, two big pockets for books or documents, a large pocket for some essential stuff, an iPad pocket and some other pockets for small-sized stuff are present. To sum it up, it is a perfect choice for all the women out there carrying their dignity with class.


7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Colombian Leather Slim

A sleek and stylish bag made for your laptop is the Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag. It is perfect for modern people who value both fashion and profession. It comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Moving to other features of the bag, size and weight carry a lot of importance if extreme portability is required. Size of 12.5 x 4.5 x 16.2 is enough to accommodate laptops with up to a 16-inch screen. The bag with a weight of 3.36 ounces is easy to carry. The presence of a trolley tunnel allows hands-free carrying.

The full-grain Colombian leather used in its manufacturing gives it a beautiful interior and exterior. The interior is also tear-resistant. Comfortable handles are present in the bag for easy carrying. Made with a checkpoint-friendly feature it allows you to move through security without having the need to remove the laptop.

The bag has enough room to put all your items in an organized manner. There is a compartment to hold the laptop, and also a compartment at the front which can act as a pocket for tablets or documents.


8. VBG VBIGER Leather Backpack

In need of a stylish and secure bag while traveling? The VBG VBIGER is a high-quality and comfortable travel backpack and is an amazing choice for people who have to travel a lot. The bag not only gives sleek looks but also ensures safety through a hidden anti-theft pocket.

A size of 13 x 5.1 x 19.3 inches is sufficient for the bag to carry laptops having a screen of up to 15.6 inches. The backpack has a weight of 1.85 pounds and it not at all difficult to carry. With the presence of a luggage fixing strap it becomes more convenient for someone traveling.

Made with soft leather that is durable guarantees high quality and ensures that it is waterproof. These qualities make it good for long term use. The padded shoulder straps also provide you with a comfortable experience to carry it along.

As far as its space and storage is concerned, the backpack has room to accommodate all your necessary stuff. It also has an additional feature that is a charging port and a USB cable through which you can charge your electronic devices anytime and anywhere. You can also enjoy listening to music as the bag has an earphone hole. Is it just not the perfect choice to enjoy your journey with peace of mind?


Final Words

All of the above were some of the best leather laptop bags which will help you during your journey. You can have a look at all of them and decide which one of these amazing productions is perfect for your needs and then decide wisely. We would like to hear your comments regarding these.

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