Regardless of all the technical developments, one device that people don’t want to give up on is their computer mouse which may cause many issues for your hand and wrist. If you want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and the nerve damage to hand and wrist it is very important for you to have the best mouse for carpal tunnel. Irregular computer users may not understand how important it is to use the ergonomic mouse.

However, more radical users are well aware of the risk of repetitive strain injury and the productivity benefits of using a comfortable, easy-to-use mouse. There are other things that ergonomic mice can offer, such as a footrest, different button placement, a trackball, size changers, and customization of the vertical tilt.

How can the best mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome help?

If you are a traditional mouse user, you must have to move your whole arm and wrist to move the cursor on the screen. Your wrist is at an unnatural angle for many hours of the day. It probably won’t cause any problems for a week, a month, or even a year, but over time, these small inconveniences will cause damage that your body cannot repair, and you will start to have pain in your thumbs and hands. An ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel brings the wrist to a more natural position, which in turn reduces wear on the tendons.

In this article, we will offer you a countdown of the best mice on the market, which will lead us to our number one recommendation for the best ergonomic mouse. We will look at the wide range of factors, including popularity, functionality, reviewer ratings, and medical benefits. Let’s jump in.

Top 8 Best Mouse for Carpal Tunnel in 2020:


1. Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech MX Vertical is the greatest vertical mouse of Logitech digital company which is one of the world-leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for computers and other digital products. The mouse has an excellent blend of performance, comfort, and style. Its high-end optical sensor is incredibly precise and has a solid DPI range.

The advance ergonomic design of this mouse Places your hand in a natural handshake position using a unique angle of 57 degrees, preventing twisting of the forearm and reducing muscle tension by 10%.

Logitech MX Vertical has the capability to connect with up to three Windows or Mac computers via the included USB wireless Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart technology or the included USB C charging cable.

The high-precision 4000 DPI sensor provides precise tracking that requires 4 times less hand movement compared to a traditional mouse with a 1000 DPI sensor.

This mouse has a rechargeable battery with quick charging and stays charged for 4 months on a full charge.

  • Button reassignment.

  • Incredible performance.

  • Fantastic comfort and support.

  • Awesome looks.

  • No cons.


2. J-Tech Digital V628 Ergonomic

The j-Tech vertical mouse is an excellent ergonomic vertical mouse of j-tech digital. It is a fast-growing company selling high tech products. The mouse is well-known not only for its tremendous ergonomic design but also for its great ease of use and its reasonable price.

This mouse is designed to be used in neutral “handshake” positions on the wrist and arm for smoother movement which helps relieve wrist pain. This mouse comes with a palm rest that can be easily detached depending on user preferences and convenience

This device comes with high-resolution Toggle between DPI 800, 1200 and 1600 levels to adjust the responsiveness of the mouse to suit your needs and/or preferences.

The j-Tech vertical mouse has wide compatibility with XP, Vista 7/8, Windows 7/8/10 and Linux, etc. This mouse has a great battery life of 1 year once charged which is quite impressive.

  • Adjustable sensitivity: switch between 600/1000/1600 DPI resolution.

  • Wired and wireless versions available.

  • Very responsive customer service.

  • Poor “back” and “forward” button settlement.


3. Anker 2.4g Mouse

Anker is a Chinese electronics brand known for producing mobile and computer peripherals. The Anker 2.4g is a stylish “compact” vertical mouse, with a smaller profile that goes with your laptop like carrots and peas. It also maintains most of the ergonomic traits of a good vertical mouse, from relieving hand cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome to finger fatigue.

The mouse attracts attention with futuristic design. It is designed for functionality and comfort, this mouse incorporates a handshake with easy-to-access buttons and three levels of mouse sensitivity to enhance tracking.

Anker 2.4g is compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Linux and Mac OS X.

It provides a resolution of 800/1200/1600 DPI which offers more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking over a wide range of surfaces.

This device has a long battery time and stays charged for 8 months once charged.

  • Compact and slim for laptops or travel.

  • Physical DPI change buttons.

  • Aggressive vertical design.

  • The mouse surface is a little slippery.


4. TeckNet Pro M003 2.4g Wireless Mouse

TeckNet Pro wireless mouse is a great invention of TeckNet Pro Company that is a UK-based retailer of lifestyle accessories and consumer electronics. Its price is decent and a great investment. You can even choose from five different DPI levels to adjust your sensitivity, and its built-in TeckNet Tru-Wave technology is designed to give you total control, no matter which surface you use it on.

This mouse has a sleek and stylish design and enjoys flatter tracking on most surfaces.

You can just plug in the device and start using most machines, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac and Linux. You can also connect it to laptops, Chrome books, and other laptops.

Battery life is a likely concern. That’s why it comes with an automatic sleep mode designed to save energy. You can get up to two years without changing the batteries.

TeckNet Pro wireless mouse comes with a resolution of 2600/2100/1600/1200/800 DPI, which is easily adjusted to your own speed.

  • Long battery life.

  • One of the cheapest options.

  • Not as ergonomic as other.


5. MOJO Silent Vertical Mouse:

The MOJO silent vertical mouse is an excellent ergonomic mouse of Mojo Company that sells electronics and other products. The mouse connects to your computer seamlessly using Bluetooth for a hassle-free experience. This mouse relies on the Bluetooth connection of your device to connect wirelessly. It is mainly a computer mouse. The mouse comes with a familiar handshake design which minimizes any pronation of the wrist during use.

The design of this mouse is very beautiful and ergonomic. The ergonomic design of this device Place your hand in a natural handshake position which avoids carpal tunnel

This mouse is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

The two AAA batteries give your Mojo about 6 months of use before requiring a pit stop.

The Mojo silent vertical mouse comes with an adjustable resolution of 800/1200/1600 dpi.

  • Simple Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Vertical contoured design that avoids hand injuries.

  • Silent mouse buttons that are perfect in shared office spaces.

  • Not compatible with some Tablets such as the iPad.


6. ZLOT Vertical Gaming Mouse:

ZLOT is a gaming mouse of Zlotes Company, well known for its quality mice. It comes with all the essential game-related features such as adjustable high DPI levels and many customizable buttons and packed in an ergonomic body that’s comfortable to wear even after losing track of time. For one of the best gaming mice that really take ergonomics into account, look no further than the Zelotes C18 gaming mouse.

Zelotes C18 comes in an ergonomic vertical design. The vertical design gives better support for your forearm, reduce wrist pain that can come from twisting.

This device is widely compatible with Windows using the wire.

The mouse has a High level of DPI levels, up to 10,000 DPI, which can be easy, adjusted using a physical button located on the right side. This makes the mouse responsive enough for even the fastest and most accurate games. An LED indicator tells you the current DPI level you are at (1500, 2500, 4000, 7000, 10000DPI).

  • LED lighting mood.

  • 5 adjustable DPI settings, up to 10,000 DPI.

  • Rare vertical design on a gaming mouse.

  • 11 programmable buttons, including useful toggle.

  • Physical DPI switch.

  • The only wired version is available.


7. Logitech MX ERGO Wireless Trackball Mouse

The Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Mouse is our first choice for the best ergonomic mouse of 2020. Its innovative tilt function, molded design, and smartly placed buttons make it the most comfortable horizontal mouse you’ve ever known.

This mouse has an ergonomic sculpted design. The unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the angle of the trackball from 0 to 20 degrees for a more natural and comfortable hand position and reduce muscle tension.

Logitech MX ERGO Wireless Mouse has dual connectivity. Use with up to 3 Windows or Mac computers via the included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology. It has a high resolution of 380 dpi

The rechargeable battery of this mouse is up to 70 days of power on a single charge.

  • The sculpted shape fits comfortably on most hands.

  • Bluetooth connectivity and unifying receiver with exceptional autonomy.

  • The trackball to operate the cursor considerably reduces wrist and hand movements.

  • The innovative 20-degree tilt function minimizes wrist flexion when using the mouse.

  • Right-hand users only.


8. Kensington Orbit-Best Trackball Mouse:

Kensington Orbit-Best Trackball Mouse is an ergonomic mouse for left and right users. The award-winning scroll ring lets you browse long web pages and documents without clicking. It offers better ergonomics, with less movement of the wrist and hand which will relieve the pain of repetitive stress injuries. With this device, you will reduce the likelihood of repetitive motion syndrome (RMS), which develops when you overuse or repeatedly use a specific muscle.

This mouse has an impressive ergonomic design which is very helpful in reducing carpal tunnel syndrome. The ambidextrous design makes it suitable for right and left-handed users. The 40mm blue ball has been specially designed with an absolute spherical hard surface for precise monitoring and control.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome. Plug & Play installation allows you to click and scroll through the reliable wired USB connection. It is a wired device. There is no battery in it.

  • Comfortable padded rubber cuff.

  • Smooth, shelf-free scrolling ring makes it easy to scroll.

  • Large trackball and solid base minimize wrist movement.

  • The ambidextrous design makes it suitable for right and left-handed users.

  • The wired connection creates a mess.



Carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage to the hand and wrist have only grown in the current era of prolonged keyboard and mouse use. By investing in a good ergonomic mouse that matches the contours of your hand and your natural posture, minimize your chances of developing these syndromes of deliberate repetitive movements later in life, or if you already show the first signs of it, prevent them to get worse.

When using the mouse, Productivity, comfort and lack of tension are the 3 most important factors to consider. Our list of the best mice for carpal tunnel is intended to cover the wide range of users and different preferences regarding not only an ergonomic mouse but a mouse in general. Read the pros and cons of each mouse carefully to see which one best suits your needs. The best ergonomic mouse is the one that fits your body perfectly, but your flow of work also increases productivity.

You owe it to your body to start paying close attention to the little device that you face for many hours each day. Nerve damage, constant pain, and even a handicap could be caused if you don’t consider the ergonomics of the mouse you use every day. There is an ergonomic mouse perfect for you on our list; Look for it first before spending one more penny on the latest brilliant mouse for your PC and laptop.

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