After his caricature generated a huge social media controversy, the author of the political cartoon Elon Musk used to depict his current political views is hoping to cash in.

Colin Wright, a contributing editor for Quillette, an online culture commentary site, is selling the cartoon as an NFT on the OpenSea digital marketplace and has launched bidding.

There were at least two active bids on the drawing’s auction page, called “my political journal.” The highest bid for 1.25 ether, a popular cryptocurrency token, is almost $3,600.

“The auction for @elonmusk’s #NFT of my political cartoon (230K retweets, 1.3M likes) is currently at 1.25 $ETH!” There are just 13 days left to bid, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of online history!” On Friday afternoon, Wright sent an update.

When Musk tweeted out Wright’s cartoon on Thursday, it generated quite a commotion. It displays a stick figure who was slightly left of centre on the political spectrum in 2008, only to become a right-leaning conservative in 2021 as a figure labelled “awake progressive” moved further left in the intervening years.

When asked about his political views, Musk, who is in the midst of purchasing Twitter for $44 billion, said he was an avid admirer of Democratic former President Barack Obama. He did, however, claim that the present Democratic Party has been “hijacked by extremists.”
Musk added, “But I’m not a fan of the far right either,” just a few minutes later. “Let there be less hatred and more love.”

Despite the NFT auction, Wright isn’t done monetizing the cartoon. An Etsy listing for a coffee cup featuring Musk’s political doodling appeared alongside his thank-you note.
I believe this is a sentiment shared by many people, despite its simplicity. It is obvious that politics is more complicated than a simple stick figure cartoon can represent.”

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