Since the introduction of Google’s Works with Chromebook initiative, we have begun to see an increase in the number of Chrome OS-compatible and Chrome OS-specific accessories that have been tried out on and/or created especially for Chrome OS hardware. Now that true Chromebook manufacturers are starting to release their own accessories, third-party manufacturers like Logitech have jumped on the bandwagon and provided us some reliable, reasonable solutions in the form of Works with Chromebook keyboards and mice.

Dell has had a wireless Chrome OS keyboard for a while, and while I think the design is decent overall, I was annoyed by the accessory’s lack of support in the middle. Its lack of a centre support on the keyboard’s underside gave users a very shoddy and cheap impression of the device. It is a highly sturdy device, and HP’s most recent keyboard closely resembles an Apple keyboard in appearance and feel. For some buyers, the disadvantage is a significant one. Many users find the lack of an integrated numeric keypad to be a deal-breaker. The white HP keyboard is excellent and is used here in the office. Sadly, I can’t find that one for sale anywhere. The black version costs $39.99 at HP, however it is sold without the stylish matching mouse.

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard and/or mouse for your Chrome OS device, you now have another choice. CTL, a manufacturer of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and peripherals with an emphasis on education, has just released a wireless combo that includes the most recent Bluetooth 5.2, which is significant for Chrome OS users. We are all aware of the historically widespread reputation of Chrome OS devices for having very problematic Bluetooth connectivity issues. If your smartphone and your peripherals are both equipped with Bluetooth 5, the release of Bluetooth 5 and certain continuous updates have made Bluetooth more than manageable. As a result, your accessories’ communication is more dependable, they can transfer more data, and their batteries last longer.


The new CTL attachments are clearly intended for use in classrooms, but they are also open to the general public and would be a wonderful complement to any desktop setup. After speaking with the CEO of CTL for a short while, I can tell that the relationship was successful. He revealed that his business collaborated closely with Google to build the keyboard. The CTL keyboard is a pleasure to type on, despite the fact that I tend to prefer “clicky” keyboards. You must type deliberately because it has a reasonably deep but very smooth travel. This keyboard will probably be used in a lot of classrooms where youngsters are learning to type, which is a wonderful thing. This particular style of keyboard effectively eliminates the kind of careless typing that I am notorious for. I’ve definitely improved my keystroke accuracy by intermittently typing on the CTL.

The wireless CTL mouse functions perfectly as a regular, everyday Bluetooth mouse. Although it’s still elegant enough for kids, it’s big enough for hands like mine. Erik Stromquist, CEO of CTL, did inform me that the logo would be relocated to the bottom of the mouse to maintain a professional appearance.

Connectivity is once again one of the nicest characteristics of both of these gadgets. Unlike Logitech accessories, the keyboard and mouse from CTL don’t require a dongle, and historically, Bluetooth direct peripherals with Chrome OS devices can be a pain. I have a few Bluetooth accessories that pair with my Chromebooks without a problem, however they frequently stop working after being apart from my laptop for too long. Others will suddenly stop communicating for no apparent reason. With CTL’s new Works with Chromebook accessories, I can thankfully affirm that this is not the case. My Chromebook can simultaneously pair with both the keyboard and mouse, and even after I took the laptop home and back, the accessories connected as soon as they turned on. This is a tremendous victory for Chrome OS accessories, and CTL gets major props for it.

The hardware from CTL is a good option if you’re searching for a reliable keyboard and mouse set that was created with Chrome OS in mind. As frosting on the cake, CTL is now accepting pre-orders for the keyboard and mouse set and will discount the cost by $10 if you do so. You can get the keyboard for for $29.99 or the set for $39.99, and shipping will begin in mid-February. For pricing and volume orders, education clients can get in touch with CTL directly. The CTL Works with Chromebook accessories are available at the following URL. Remember to look at CTL’s just released, reasonably priced rechargeable USI stylus. It was just released last week.

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