Dell vs HP which brand is better? During your journey to get the best laptop out there, if there are two names that truly surpass the rest in the market, it no doubt would be Dell and HP. Both of these top-notch brands have a lot to offer in their various amazing creations in the laptop world. However, what would you do if you had to select one of them?

If you are stuck between picking one of these brands, this comparison article of Dell vs HP which laptop brand is better will let you know everything about what each of these has to offer. This article will allow you to easily decide on which is the best brand.


Dell being one of the major multi-national companies established in 1984 has been providing us with some out-standing laptops. The laptops come under the names: Inspiron laptops, XPS laptops, 2-in-1 PCs, Inspiron, Chromebooks, Alienware laptops, Vostro, Latitude, and precision mobile workstation.


HP standing for Hewlett-Packard which is one of the leading laptop companies in the world that has taken design and technology to a whole new level. The HP categorizes its laptops under some specific names that include: Business, Premium, Traditional, Gaming, Workstations, Convertible and Detachable laptops.

Which one is better?

Few of the most essential things we need to consider while comparing both the brands include performance, design and appearance, components, Price, Sound, Battery, Heating effect, Customer support, Products and Innovation. Now we are going to examine these highlights.

Design and appearance

Coming to screen sizes, you can find laptops varying from 11 inches up to 18 inches along with a few touch screen laptops. These laptops come in a variety of eye-catching colors. However, with the release of newer products HP has an upper hand in terms of design. Users have been saying that Dell has not been able to optimize its design. Hence, HP wins the battle of appearance.


When it comes to CPU and RAM, Dell outsmarts HP. These laptops mostly have Intel processor and AMD embedded within them to provide fast performance. Dell uses high-quality NVIDIA graphics. They ensure good quality and reliability. In this regard their components outsmart HP laptops in terms of quality and components.


Moving to another important consideration that is the price factor. Dell is famous for providing a variety of laptops that suit every budget. Comparing with HP, these laptops are fairly low cost and affordable. The reason for HP being expensive is that the HP laptops are mostly sold from a dedicated retailer while the Dell laptops are sold by their specialized vendors.


The sound quality of a laptop matters a lot. It is important for everyone whether a daily user or a gamer. A lot of time and money is invest by HP to improve its sound quality to an extent that it amazes everyone out there. The HP pavilion laptops have sound systems that outstand every other laptop of its category. On the other hand, Dell speakers are not that efficient.


In case one needs a portable laptop, an efficient and long-lasting battery is an essential requirement. HP laptops have a better battery span than Dell laptops. Dell holds 4-cell batteries whereas HP holds both 4-cell and 6-cell batteries which are way more reliable. With reliability they give up to 6-12 hours of continuous battery life.

Heating effect

A gadget comprising of components definitely starts to heat up after a certain point of time due to extensive use. Same is the case with the heating issue in laptops. Dell pays a lot of attention to sort out this problem by having a good airflow whereas on the other hand HP laptops heat up quickly. One might need a cooling fan while using an HP laptop.

Customer support

Before investing your valuable money you do look out for what type of customer services the company is providing. A top-notch customer support is provided by Dell. The services is available online as well as 24 hours a day n phone including weekend as well. Whereas HP services are not available on Sundays. Dell has a quick and responsive service while HP lacks some credibility. A traveler however must opt for an HP laptop as Dell customer services are not present in all countries.

Products and Innovation

Last but not least we observe the comparison between their products and innovation. One always wants to make a wise decision amongst many products looking out for the best one. For this to happen there must be a lot of choices and Dell provides you with the opportunity to do so. Dell offers a variety of laptops where you get all the features you are looking for. Whereas while choosing an HP laptop you have to compromise and settle for something different other than what you need.

Let’s, now put light on the way both of these companies are being innovated day by day. Both of the brands are striving to improve their features. The dell company tops in it. Some of Dells laptop contains both CPU and GPU together in a single chip. Their high-end Alienware laptops come with the best technology and powerful specifications. Also their XPS laptop comes with a sleek and beautiful design. HP is a little slow at invention but all of its latest laptops are up to the mark by today’s standard.


As you have read about both the brands you might now have an overall idea that both of these brands have some merits and some demerits. Mentioning the final verdict and observing the overall features Dell laptops are slightly better than HP laptops. Some of the Dell features make the brand stand out of the crowd.

Dell offers good quality and powerful components which is one of the requirements of a good laptop. A variety of laptops gives you the chance to choose one according to your particular needs. It is considered as a best mix of reliability, price and performance. Also having good customer service available Dell tends to be a tough brand for its competitors. Hence, in the battle of HP and Dell- Dell wins! We would like to know your comments.


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