Read it till the end to find out all the details As technology users are fully and well informed that gaming is prominently affected by the CPU and GPU. But here the question is does RAM affect FPS and how much do you need for gaming? So, here I am to tell you about it that if RAM affects gaming and to what extent it has an impression on gaming other than CPU and GPU.

But at first, I would like to tell you what exactly FPS does mean. Frames per second (FPS) is a unit that estimates display drive performance. It comprises the number of complete sweeps of the presentation screen that happen each second. This is the occasions the picture on the screen is revived each second or the rate at which an imaging gadget produces interesting consecutive pictures called frames or outlines.

We all are fully aware of the functions if RAM. It is a storage device and during your gaming, it stores all the files that need to be immediately stored. But with the time, RAM storage runs out and it gets slower to access the memory and at that moment FPS takes a hit. But if you are upgrading or freeing your memory, then you will not have to face this trouble.

does RAM affect FPS and how much do you need for gaming

For this purpose, you first have to figure out if your laptop is compatible with gaming or not. Because there you will get to know that does RAM affect FPS and how much do you need for gaming? Somehow, you can say that it is true RAM affects the FPS but remember not as much as CPU and GPU of your device.

On account of incorporated designs, the measure of VRAM it has is straightforwardly identified with the measure of RAM. A laptop with 8GB RAM and the coordinated graphics card will have more prominent execution than one with 4 GB of RAM or memory. On account of the devoted graphics card, having a limited quantity of RAM won’t be adequate for gaming regardless of whether your laptop has an Nvidia GTX 1070 with 8GB of VRAM.


As with time, consistency of a laptop gets effected and unfortunately, you will get problems in gaming performance. But in order to list the factors of it, RAM comes in the last and CPU and GPU comes in first hand.


If we come across the discussion that what is needed most for gaming i.e. RAM size or RAM speed then the answer is both. RAM size is required for storing the data regarding games and RAM speed is needed for the smooth running of the games. 8 GB RAM with 2133 MHz or another with a similar size however with 2666 MHz would be appropriate.

Much the same as the more prominent measure of RAM your gaming PC has increasingly impermanent records it can store. This additionally applies to the RAM speed otherwise called RAM recurrence. Slam recurrence usually known as RAM speed is the number of directions it can process in a second.


On the off chance that you have a gaming laptop, RAM speed isn’t that significant on the off chance that you are hoping to update because RAM can’t replace the importance of CPU & GPU. Since the video RAM on your committed graphics card will be used more than the RAM on your real gaming laptop. There won’t be any a great deal of execution contrast between RAMs with various frequencies originating from the equivalent DDR-family.

In any case, in the event that you choose to manufacture your very own laptop specs for a quicker RAM will harvest the best degree of profitability particularly you are going the AMD Ryzen assemble. There is likewise the situation of double channel memory which can significantly improve gaming execution. To completely profit by RAM speed your CPU needs to quick enough to experience the documents that are being put away in the RAM. If your laptop possesses the right amount of RAM then it would be feasible for you to enjoy gaming.


A period ago, very low RAM used to be sufficient for gaming because those were not so very massive software to handle. But with the advancement in the field of technology, the software is becoming huge and complex to handle and so they require a significant amount of RAM for their running.

When technology was not that complex, 4GB RAM used to be enough for gaming. Then with a bit of advancement, 8GB was admiring and this goes on. At this time, 32GB RAM is really appreciated for gaming.


RAM truly affects FPS and gaming execution however possibly occurs on the off chance that you have a lacking sum, in the first place. Additionally, in the wake of arriving at a specific measure of RAM your gaming PC the expansion in execution winds up insignificant. The main special case is video altering or rendering were having a lot of RAM is certainly a bit of leeway if your spending limit can cover it.


You can utilize this equation to get the hypothetical memory data transmission or the size of documents it can move in a moment of a RAM.

RAM Frequency X 64)/8 = XXXX MB/s

For instance, on the off chance that you have an 8 GB DDR3 memory module with 2133 MHz. You can discover the memory data transfer capacity.

(2133 X 64)/8 = 17, 064 MB/s

That is 17 GB/s


Yes, RAM does affect the FPS but not that much because the main factors that hit the FPS and gaming i.e. CPU and GPU. CPU and GPU are the main components of a laptop but the RAM also effects to some extent and for the smooth and proper functioning of massive games, your operating system also requires good quality and amount of Random Access Memory.

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