Roblox’s Call of Duty-like FPS experience Arsenal also has a massive collection of weapons, skins, and taunts for players to unleash chaos with. To play as a variety of characters, players can use skins to customise their avatar’s appearance within the Arsenal experience. This is in addition to custom taunts that can be used with friends, foes, or both. That said, how do you gain access to the game’s greatest arsenal of gimmicks? With the help of a code!

At Pro Game Guides, we’ve got all the most up-to-date and OP codes for Arsenal! You can find everything from currency boosts to voice effects in this list of codes, which is updated as frequently as possible. Make sure to return to this page frequently for new information! As soon as you notice an expired code in the Working Codes section, please contact us so we can remove it as quickly and completely as possible. Keep in mind that if you don’t enter each code exactly as it’s written, the experience won’t work!

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All Arsenal Codes List:

Arsenal Codes (Working)

Arsenal Codes (Expired)

  • THE BANANA MAN—You Can Redeem for free rewards (New)
  • 10keni
  • E—You Can Redeem for a Calling Card (New)
  • wake up—You Can Redeem to Teleport to Snowy Bridge
  • Enter your Roblox ID Backwards—You Can Redeem to be teleported to Snowy Bridge
  • BRUTE—You Can Redeem for a reward
  • FLAMINGO—Redeem for rewards
  • xonaeday21
  • ROLVE—You Can Redeem code for Fanboy Skin
  • hammertime—You Can Redeem for Ban Hammer Skin
  • xonae—You Can Redeem for a Xonae Announcer Voice
  • trolling…—You Can Redeem for Tomfoolery Delinquent skin

How to Redeem Codes in Arsenal:

Click on the area that says ‘Enter your code here’ and enter one of the codes from below. Once you’ve got it entered, you’ll just need to hit the Redeem button and you will be given the reward!

How to get more Arsenal codes

In the absence of a formal release schedule, the easiest way to stay on top of the latest Arsenal codes is to revisit this post frequently, follow the ROLVe Twitter account, and join the Arsenal Discord server. Even though ROLVe is the development studio behind Arsenal, you may see tweets about Counter Blox or Unit: Classified, but Arsenal-specific codes will still be provided on the ROLVe Twitter feed. Even before they’re made public anyplace else, codes are often shared on Discord.

Why aren’t my Arsenal codes working?

While some Arsenal codes have a very limited life period and quit working quickly, others can endure for a significant amount of time. If any of the above codes don’t work in Arsenal, double-check that you’ve typed them correctly or that you’ve copied them with all of the letters highlighted.

It’s possible, if that’s not the case, that the code has expired. Bookmark this page to ensure you don’t miss out on any new codes in the future.

What is Arsenal?

As indicated in the graph at the beginning of this post, Arsenal is frequently seen as the Roblox version of Call of Duty. Aim to complete goals and rack up as many kills as possible by running around a variety of areas, working with teammates, and taking out foes. With a wide variety of skins, taunts, and weaponry to choose from, the enjoyment in this game is never-ending.

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