1. Gucci has returned to Roblox and has brought five new avatar items with him! The new Gucci Town experience, which arrives just three months after the Achille Lauro Superstar featuring Gucci event, tells the story of Gucci’s rise and invites players to learn more about its journey by exploring the map, playing minigames, creating art, and, of course, purchasing exclusive Gucci items. Continue reading for a quick walkthrough of how to obtain the free items within this experience.

Earning all free items

A list of all the free items that can be obtained during this experience is provided below. Continue reading past this list for a more detailed guide on how to obtain them.

  • Oversized Gucci Sunglasses
  • Finish the Gucci Town tutorial.
  • Pink GG Baseball Hat by Gucci
  • Buy for 1,600 GG Gems
  • T-Shirt with Gucci Love Parade Print
  • Buy for 1,500 GG Gems
  • 2nd Gucci Hair Piece
  • Buy for 1,500 GG Gems
  • 1st Gucci Hair Piece
  • Buy for 1,500 GG Gems
  • Keep in mind that these items will only be available until June 17, 2022!

Oversized Gucci Sunglasses

As stated in the preceding list, all you need to do to earn the Gucci Oversized Sunglasses is complete the experience’s tutorial. Simply spawn in Gucci Town and follow the blue arrows around the map to accomplish this. First, follow the arrows to the Selfie Wall.

Follow these arrows closely and get to the exact location they indicate. When you do this, a pop-up window should appear that briefly describes where you are. Press the red Close button to dismiss this pop-up and continue with the tutorial.

As you near the end of the tour, you should earn the Town Tour Completed badge and the Gucci Oversized Sunglasses item!

Everything else

The Gucci Pink GG Baseball Hat, Gucci Love Parade Print T-Shirt, Gucci Hair Piece 1, and Gucci Hair Piece 2 are all available for purchase with GG Gems from the in-game Gucci Shop. While these items are technically free, they are a perfect example of the adage “time is money.” Players can earn GG Gems by competing in minigames against other players at Mini Game Heights. To participate in a minigame, approach the building below and enter its colourful portal.

This will place you in the minigame queue, where you can see which minigame is coming up next and learn how to play it.

All of the minigames in this experience are relatively simple to play, but exploiters have already made them difficult to win. When a minigame ends, those who did not complete the objective will receive five GG Gems, while those who did will receive up to 40. Even with 40 GG Gems per win, players will need to play for hours—and win consistently—before they can buy even one of the free items in the Gucci Shop. The prices of items in the Gucci Shop are listed below. Pat yourself on the back if you have the time, patience, and persistence to earn these items!

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