It’s a popular music-themed Roblox game that borrows heavily from the Guitar Hero series. In the course of playing, you will notice that your performance is rewarded in the form of Coins and Stars, two of the most important resources that you need to progress in the game and purchase new items.

Using codes gives you immediate access to features that would otherwise require a significant amount of time to unlock. Aside from Coins, some of these codes offer exceptional benefits like VIP Tickets and Event Points that you may use in the shop.

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All Roblox RoBeats Codes List:

RoBeats (Working Codes)

RoBeats (Expired Codes)

  • neneko—Redeem for 125 Event Points (New) [Limited uses]
  • hardstyle—Redeem for 125 Event Points
  • thanks380k—Redeem for 250 Coins and 3 Stars (New)
Expired Codes
  • thanks380kamateur—Redeem for 1 Normal VIP Box (New) [5000 Copies total, must be amateur ranked]
Expired Codes
  • thanks380kstar—Redeem for 1 Hard VIP Box (New) [2000 Copies total, must be star ranked]
Expired Codes

How to Redeem RoBeats Codes:

  1. The Event button is located at the top-right of the screen. The event button will be located where the one shown in the image above, even if it isn’t the one for the current event.
  2. It’s in the upper-left corner of your event window when you press Enter Promo Code.
  3. Using the code listed above, type it into the text box.
  4. To redeem your prize, simply click the Okay button.

What can I do to earn extra RoBeats code?

Getting a certain number of likes in RoBeats is a common criterion for unlocking new codes. Because the RoBeats community is working together to get more codes from developers, this is a joint endeavour. Joining the RoBeats Dev group and liking/favoriting the game on its Roblox page are two ways to do this.

My RoBeats codes aren’t working. What’s wrong?

The majority of RoBeats codes are given away after a player reaches a certain point in the game, although many of these codes are only available for a limited time during specific events. In order to be sure that the codes you enter function properly, make sure that no event is currently taking place when you try to use them. As long as another event occurs, the codes can be renewed and used again.

What does RoBeats stand for?

It’s a music-themed Roblox game that may be played casually or competed against. It’s similar to Guitar Hero, except with a keyboard instead of a guitar. You’ll have to time your key presses to match the visual cues on the screen. The more you do, the more you’ll get rewarded for it!

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