Like many Roblox games, Alchemy Online is also a love letter to anime. The game is based on the Full Metal Alchemist anime, which means there is a lot of magic and spell casting. You’ll have to endure numerous conflicts to succeed, so you’ll need all the support you can get. That stated, the best assistance out there is a list of Alchemy Online codes!

With these codes, you’ll earn a lot of rerolls. They will aid you with your character’s name, race, and alchemy abilities. If you aren’t content with your current character, these codes will let you test out a brand-new one. All you have to do is redeem them.

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All Alchemy Online Codes List:

Alchemy Online Working Codes

Alchemy Online Expired Codes

  • ;code Reroll2 – You can Redeem for alchemy and race reroll
These Alchemy Online codes no longer work.
  • ;code NEWNAME—You can Redeem for race reroll
  • ;code freeKN – You can Redeem code for lots of KN
  • ;code SORRY—You can Redeem for a race reroll
Expired Codes
  • ;code HUMAN—You can Redeem for race reroll
Expired Codes
  • ;code FIXED—You can Redeem for alchemy reroll
Expired Codes
  • ;code GRIP—You can Redeem for race reroll
Expired Codes

Online FAQ for Roblox Alchemy.

Listed here are the Alchemy Online codes you require.

The Alchemy Online Codes redemption process:


Alchemy Online’s code redemption process differs somewhat from that of most Roblox games.

To redeem Roblox Alchemy Online codes, please follow these instructions.

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  1. Join the Riperino Studios and the DDBP: Community groups before you start the game. Doing so will prevent the codes from working.
  2. Press the Chat button in the upper-left corner of the screen in order to communicate with other players in the game.
  3. It’s imperative that you type each code exactly as shown on this list into your browser’s address bar. Every code will only work if you include the ;code.
  4. Please press Enter to accept and collect your prize.

Alchemy Online Codes can be found in what ways?

Visit this website frequently to acquire additional Alchemy Online coupons. Keep this page bookmarked, and we’ll let you know when new coupons become available. Check out the developer’s Twitter and Discord for more information.


Alchemy Online Codes don’t work for me:

Alchemy Online codes must be redeemed in accordance with our “How to redeem Alchemy Online Codes” section to ensure that they work. Codes can be written with “;code” if you join a Roblox group. Spelling mistakes can sometimes be a reason why your codes don’t work. Copy and paste the active list of codes into your chat window to avoid that. There’s a good chance it’s already expired. Once a code has expired, it is best to use it quickly. Codes that don’t function should be reported in the comments section below so that we can remove them.


What is Alchemy Online, and how does it differ from the original game?

Alchemy Online is a Full Metal Alchemist-inspired survival-based action game. There will be lots of opportunities for you to show your mettle because there are so many foes to face. Explore the area and study the elements, and utilise magic spells to vanquish them.

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