Roblox Soul War is a diabolical Roblox nightmare inspired on the darkest moments of the Japanese anime series Bleach. You only have two options in this game: hunt your target or flee from your pursuers. Collect money, combat talents, and the souls of people who are lesser than you to build your character into the greatest avenger.

In this game, codes are incredibly useful since they can offer you with the in-game resources you need to properly pursue the vulnerable humans or to build up enough strength and stamina to fend off the enormous creature ravaging the area. Money is always useful in any Roblox game, and you may acquire it (along with other incentives) by using the codes listed below.

All Soul War Codes List

Soul War Codes (Working)

Soul War Codes (Expired)

  • !code FREEWIPE—Redeem for a character wipe
  • No expired codes!
  • !code ANOTHERWIPE—Redeem for a character wipe
  • No expired codes!
  • !code NOTENOUGHRICHES—Redeem for 5k Yen
  • No expired codes!
  • !code WEAREBACK—Redeem for 10k Yen
  • No expired codes!
  • !code EVENRICHER—Redeem for 5k Yen
  • No expired codes!
  • !code THANKYOU—Redeem for 5k Yen
  • No expired codes!

Redeeming Soul War Codes:

In Soul War, redeeming codes for free rewards is simple.

  1. To access the conversation, press the ‘/’ key on your keyboard or the Speech Bubble in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above in the chat box.
  3. To claim your prize, send a message to the address below.

What’s the best way to earn extra Soul War codes?

Unfortunately, the producers of Soul War (Bleach Project 2) do not have a significant social media presence, which is normally the greatest way to receive Roblox game codes as soon as they become available. However, you can stay up with significant game updates and communicate with the game’s large audience by joining the official Discord server. New codes are added to the server on a regular basis.

The simplest approach to receive new codes without having to monitor the Discord is to bookmark this page and return if you see that the game has been updated on the official Roblox page, since we add them to our list as soon as they become available!

What’s the deal with my Soul War codes not working?

Most games that require you to enter codes in the chat don’t let you know if they worked, and Soul War is no exception. It’s difficult to tell if it worked because it doesn’t specify which prize you requested. The only way to find out is to check your Yen total and inventory after entering the code to see if anything has changed. Nothing will change if it is a failure.

If nothing happens after you’re sure you entered the code correctly, you’ve either used it before or it’s expired. Let us know if you think it’s expired in the comments so we can look into it!

What exactly is Soul War?

Soul War is a hugely popular Roblox combat game based on the world of the anime Bleach. In this game, you’ll try to achieve popularity as a formidable fighter by improving your character’s abilities and gaining experience. You are changed into a gigantic demonic creature when you die, with an insatiable urge to feed on the souls of those who remain human.

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