Do you want to get your hands on some Robux right from the source? Do you have a favourite Roblox creator you’d want to show your support for? Then you’ll be interested in learning about Star Codes! Content creators and influencers can earn a small amount of money each time a fan uses their unique Star Code while purchasing Robux from the Roblox website, thanks to a special Roblox initiative. These Star Codes, on the other hand, are not available to everyone and may only be gained by members of the Video Star Program.

Continue reading if you’re curious about how to join this programme, if your favourite creator has a Star Code, or how to redeem Star Codes on Roblox. Our extensive Roblox Star Codes list and our Star Codes Frequently Asked Questions section contain all of this information. If you have any additional questions, or if you know of another creator with a Star Code who isn’t included here, please let us know in the comments section below! Remember that these codes aren’t going to expire, so they should all be usable and working right now!

Roblox Star Codes List:

Working Codes

Expired Codes

  • 3SB Games – 3sb
  • 440HP – 440hp
Expired Codes
  • Aati Plays – Aati
Expired Codes
  • Abbaok – Abbaok
Expired Codes
  • AbsintoJ – ABJ
Expired Codes
  • AidanGamerHD – Aidan
Expired Codes

Frequently Asked Questions about the Star Code

There are a lot of common questions about this program, so we’ll do our best to answer a few of them below!

What is a Star Code, exactly?

A Star Code is a one-of-a-kind code that users can use to assist a content creator, according to Roblox’s official Star Code help site. When a creator’s Star Code is used, they will receive 5% of the total purchase price. Using a Star Code has no effect on the price of Robux or the player’s account, so it’s a simple way to help support someone you like!

What is the procedure for obtaining a Star Code?

Those who want their own Star Code must be a member of the Video Stars Program, as stated in the first graph of this article. A creative must meet the requirements/criteria listed below in order to be considered for this program.

  • Roblox videos have received a total of 10,000,000 views.
  • The average number of views per Roblox video is 25,000.
  • On the channel, there are 100,000 followers/subscribers.

Once a creator has completed these steps, they can contact Roblox and request an invitation to the program. Within a few weeks, if Roblox finds their account worthy, they will be accepted into the program.

What is the procedure for redeeming a Star Code?

When purchasing Robux, Star Codes can be quickly redeemed! Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the Robux page to buy some.
  • Choose the green button that corresponds to the number of Robux you wish to purchase.
  • Locate and click the words Click Here in the sentence, Click Here to add a Star Code, on the payment method screen.
  • When you click that link, a text field will appear where you can type a code.
  • Copy and paste one from our list into the box.
  • Make sure it’s precisely the same, including capitalization.
  • To enter the code, select Add.

Each time you buy Robux in the next two weeks, the Star Code holder will receive 5% of your purchase! The code will be withdrawn when those two weeks are up, and you will have to re-enter it the same manner you did previously.

What is the benefit of using a Star Code?

Star Codes are not only a fantastic way to support your favorite larger producers, but they are also a fantastic way to assist smaller creators. It has no negative impact on your entire checkout experience, and it lets you to support someone else’s creativity by purchasing Robux that you would have purchased regardless!

If you’re not sure who to support but want to give it a shot, we recommend scrolling through our list and searching YouTube for some of the names. Maybe you’ll discover a new favorite to add to your collection!

What is the Star Code organization?

Every Roblox creator with a Star Code is a member of the Video Stars Roblox organization. Keep in mind that this is a closed group, therefore anyone is welcome to join!

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