Have you ever used a laptop or a Chromebook with broken keys or malfunctioning keyboard? It’s not an uncommon phenomenon, after all. Laptop keyboards are prone to wear and tear, not to mention the constant usage they go through. Thus, it’s not uncommon for some users to encounter issues such as missing keys, sticky keys, non-responsive keys and other problems related to the keyboard. These little quirks can be annoying at best and downright infuriating at worst. After all, who wouldn’t want a nice working Chromebook keyboard instead of one that breaks down every other word you type in Google Docs?! Well, if your keyboard has started giving you trouble – whether because of general wear and tear or because of something else – don’t panic. In this post, we will show you 5 simple ways to fix your Chromebook keyboard keys not working issue .

Check if the keyboard is actually broken

If your keyboard is not behaving like it should, you need to first check if there is a problem with the keyboard itself or with your touchpad. Sometimes an issue with the touchpad can cause your keyboard to behave oddly. To check if there is a problem with your touchpad, simply press the Esc key on your keyboard. Your touchpad will turn off and you’ll be able to use your keyboard normally. If your keyboard starts working normally, your issue is with the touchpad. Likewise, if your keyboard is working fine but you’re unable to use your touchpad, the issue is with the touchpad. In this case, you should restart your Chromebook. Press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds. When you release it, your Chromebook will turn off. Now press the Power button again. This should restart your Chromebook.

Use the Chromebook built-in diagnostics tool to fix keys

For this, you will have to enter into the Chromebook’s built-in diagnostics tool by pressing Esc + Shift + R. A small “Diagnostics” window will pop up on your screen. Click on “Full” and follow the instructions to complete the process. You might have to hold down your spacebar, caps lock or another key while clicking on “Full”. This process might take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how fast your internet speed is. You will know it’s finished when the “Diagnostics” window disappears.

Reset your Chromebook

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work for you, you might have to hard reset your Chromebook. In order to do so, turn off your Chromebook. Make sure the device is completely shut down. Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button together for about 15 seconds. Once you release both buttons, your Chromebook will restart. Once the device is completely turned on, go to your login screen. The issue with your keyboard should be fixed at this point.

Check for corrupted Chrome OS and/or firmware

Sometimes, keyboard issues can also be related to corrupted firmware and/or software. In this case, you might have to update your Chromebook’s software. You can follow these steps to do so: First, connect your Chromebook to an internet connection. Next, make sure your Chromebook is fully charged. Then, press the Power and Esc buttons together. Once you see a “Loading” screen, let go of the Power button and keep the Esc pressed. Your Chromebook will automatically go into Recovery Mode after a few seconds. You will see a screen with an exclamation mark. Keep the Esc key pressed and then select “Restart”. Now, your Chromebook will automatically go through the firmware upgrade process. Once the process is complete, reboot your device. Once your Chromebook is restarted, check if the keyboard issue is resolved. If not, your firmware might be corrupted. In order to fix this, you will have to wipe your Chromebook. Don’t worry though; there is no data loss.

Use an external keyboard

If your Chromebook’s keyboard isn’t working, you can pair an external keyboard with your device. To do so, follow these steps: First, make sure your Chromebook is fully charged. Next, press the Power and Esc buttons together. Once you see a “Loading” screen, let go of the Power button and keep the Esc pressed. Your Chromebook will automatically go into Recovery Mode after a few seconds. You will see a screen with an exclamation mark. Keep the Esc key pressed and then select “Connect”. Your Chromebook will start searching for nearby keyboards. Once it finds one, select the keyboard and that’s it. You can now type using your new keyboard.


Chromebooks are useful and efficient gadgets that let you get work done while on the go. However, they are not without problems. Some users have reported that their keyboard keys are no longer working. This can be a frustrating experience as typing becomes more of a challenge. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. Hopefully, one of these methods will help you resolve the issue with your keyboard.


How can I restart my Chromebook’s keyboard?

The Refresh key should be held down. While keeping the Refresh key pressed and held, press and hold the Power key. For 10 seconds, press both keys firmly. Holding down the Power key while releasing the Refresh key first.

How Can I Restore Keyboard Response?

Plug the keyboard back in after unplugging it.

  • Attempt a different cable.
  • Change the batteries.
  • sanitise the keyboard.
  • Blow out the non-working switch.
  • Utilize contact cleaner.
  • Examine the solder joints.
  • Change the switch.

How can I make my keyboard functional once more?

  • What to do if the keyboard on your laptop isn’t working
  • Restart the computer.
  • sanitise the keyboard.
  • Check to see if it’s a hardware problem.
  • Verify the drivers and settings for your keyboard.
  • Make sure your keyboard is set up properly.
  • Connect a separate keyboard.

Why won’t my keyboard’s keys type?

Your keyboard may not be working because of an outdated or damaged driver. Step 1 is to choose Device Manager from the context menu of Start. Expand Keyboards in step two. Step 3: Update the driver by performing a right-click on the problematic keyboard.

How can I reset the keys on my keyboard?

Hold the ESC key down while unplugging the keyboard. Reconnect the keyboard to your computer while keeping the ESC key depressed. Release the ESC key after a few seconds. If the reset is effective, the keyboard illumination will flash.

Why won’t my keyboard produce letters?

Update or Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

The primary cause of keyboard inability in Windows 10/11 may be an out-of-date or broken keyboard driver. You can update or reinstall the driver to resolve this problem. 19-May-2022

What should I do if the letters on my Chromebook are incorrect?

  • Chromebook incorrectly typing letters (How to change keyboard language)
  • Go to settings after logging in to the Chromebook (by clicking near time or pressing Alt + Shift + S).
  • tap the gear icon.
  • Choose the keyboard settings by swiping down.
  • Once there, scroll down once more and choose “Change input settings.”


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