If you’re wondering how to get the spacebar back on your keyboard, it’s actually quite simple, and anyone can do it if they’re a little cautious and understand the proper technique. This full guide is about how to open Dell laptop power adapter so keep reading.

When there is a problem with the software, the spacebar may simply cease to function. In those instances, upgrading or reinstalling the keyboard driver will resolve the issue. However, in the case of physical issues such as falling off or becoming stuck, fixing the software will not be enough to get the spacebar to work. In such cases, you should manually return the key to its original location on the keyboard. Continue reading if you want to know everything in detail.

How To Open Dell Laptop Power Adapter

Every keyboard from a variety of manufacturers performs the same function. However, repairing malfunctioning keyboards is not the same as replacing them. We’ll go over how to fix the spacebar on keyboards from various vendors in the section below, and this method will work on any laptop or external keyboard.

Continue reading to learn about the specific procedure that can be used to resolve the spacebar problem on your keyboard.

How to Put Spacebar Back on HP Laptop

It is possible that the keycap of the spacebar will become stuck or fall off. If it falls off your shoulders, you simply have to put it back on. And if it’s stuck or only partially attached, you’ll need to remove it first.

  • A flathead screwdriver is required in order to remove the keycap. Gently insert the screwdriver underneath the keycap at one of the keycap’s ends.

Provide a gentle nudge with the screwdriver, and then pull the keycap off with even more gentleness. You’ll hear a click, and it’ll be off to one side at that point. Repeat the process on the other end. The keycap is now in your possession.

  • Examine the keycap itself: there are two metal bars attached to the keycap itself, with two legs underneath each of the bars on either side of them. This rectangular metal frame is located in the middle of the keycap, and it serves to reinforce the keycap’s structural integrity.
  • On the keyboard frame, you will notice two hinges, which are also known as retainer keys. There are two hooks on the upper portion of the frame and two pin-holes that are adjacent on the outer side of both of the hinges on the outer side of the hinges on the outside of the frame.

It is critical to accurately determine the locations of the hooks and holes. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

  • At this point, a small pincer will be required. Is it possible that we forgot to tell you that? You’re well aware of the situation now.
  • With the metal bar at the bottom, insert the small legs, using a pincer, into the pin-holes on the opposite side of the keycap stands from where the keycap stands are located.

Make a similar adjustment to the upper legs of the other metal bar.

  • Putting both sets of legs through the hole will cause them to lie side by side and the bars to form a rectangle, which is what you want.

However, because the keycap is now resting on the keyboard frame, this is not visible. When you reach this point, gently press over the spacebar to allow the hooks underneath to grab the metal bars.

Kudos! Your spacebar has been reactivated.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Keyboard Lenovo

The Lenovo spacebar is pretty much the same as HP’s.

  • As soon as you detach the keycap, you will notice two or three bracket-shaped bars on either side of a rectangle in the center.
  • In addition, there are two hinges or retainer keys. If, for some reason, they appear to be loose, gently pry them open from the frame with a flatbed screwdriver until they are no longer stuck. Remove the dust from the hinges by wiping them with a dry and clean tissue or paper towel. Replace the hinges on the frame.
  • There are two holes in the keyboard frame and two tabs on the hinges – the tabs fit inside the holes and secure the hinges to the keyboard frame. There are two holes in the keyboard frame and two tabs on the hinges. Reinstall the hinges in a way that the holes and tabs are perfectly aligned with the holes and tabs on the back of the frame.

When you give the hinges a gentle snap or nudging, they’ll be back in place and the frame will be secured once more.

  • In addition, there are two pinholes on the outside of both of the hinges, just like HP.
  • In order to use the bracket bars, you must thread both ends of the bracket bars through the pin-holes. You can now reattach the keycap to the spacebar and close the lid.
  • Begin gently tapping from one end to the other, and you will hear the sound of snapping.

There is now a fix for the space bar on the Lenovo keyboard.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Dell Keyboard

The Dell keyboard’s spacebar has a structure that is very similar to that of the HP and Lenovo keyboards. With the exception of one additional stabilizing metal bar, the only difference is that it is attached.
The entire process is nearly identical to that of HP or Lenovo.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Keyboard Logitech

The Logitech spacebar is constructed in a manner that differs from the other spacebars that we have discussed thus far. If you can figure out the steps for this one, you should be able to figure out the steps for any other external computer or laptop as well.

It differs from other keyboards in that the hinges or retainer keys are integrated into the plastic keyboard frame. It is possible to grab the metal bar with the help of two plastic tabs located outside each of them.

How To Put Spacebar Back On keyboard MacBook Air

Check out these steps to see if you can fix the spacebar key on your MacBook Pro.

  • As with the previous step, you must first remove the keycap. It is necessary to slide it upwards and jiggle it slightly in order to unhook it from the bottom hooks that are attached to the frame when you do this.
  • Make use of the flatbed screwdriver to pry open two transparent end clips – the Mac equivalent of hinges – that are holding the butterfly mechanism in place on the motherboard. It will be simple to remove Mac’s signature butterfly mesh now that the end clips have been opened.
  • The butterfly has two metal frames attached to one side of it; when you put the butterfly back in its place, the metal side must be facing downward.
    After that, replace the transparent clips with their original positions. Make certain that the clips are snug and secure.
  • Take a look at the keycap, which has four hooks on the bottom part of it (see image below). When reinstalling the keycap, make sure that the hooks on the bottom part of the keycap are in line with the clips on the frame.
  • Then gently clip the top of the spacebar with your index finger.


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