Knock them out of the park in Home Run Simulator and become a great baseball star. Increase your skills, like power, accuracy, and speed, to become the best. It will require a lot of work and training, but you can speed up the process with codes.

Codes in Home Run Simulator will provide you numerous rewards, so keep an eye on them. These will also have expiration dates, so you will need to utilize the codes before they expire. We have gathered a list of available codes so you may earn gems and more.

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All Home Run Simulator Codes List:

All Home Run Simulator Codes List (Working Codes)

All Home Run Simulator Codes List (Expired Codes)

  • 50kHalt—You Can Redeem for 50k Gems (New)
  • Expired Codes
  • 10kLikes—You Can Redeem for 10 minutes of Double Coins and Legendary Luck (New)
  • Expired Codes
  • 5000Likes—You Can Redeem for 5 minutes of 2x Coins, 2x XP, and Legendary Luck
  • Expired Codes
  • summer—You Can Redeem for a Luck boost
  • Expired Codes
  • 1000likes—You Can Redeem for a 2x Coins Boost
  • Expired Codes
  • HALT—You Can 50 Gems
  • Expired Codes

In Home Run Simulator, how do you redeem codes?

In the Roblox Home Run Simulator, codes can be used to fast acquire resources and rewards. Here’s how to use Home Run Simulator’s code redemption system.

  1. To access the menu, click on the Twitter button (the blue bird button).
  2. Then, click on Put the Code Here.
  3. Don’t forget to enter the code to get your prizes.

More Home Run Simulator Codes: What to do?

Follow Halt Studios on Twitter or join the Halt Studios Discord to gain extra codes. Both of these sites are excellent for finding Home Run Simulator cheats, but you can always come back to our page for the most up-to-date listings.

My Home Run Simulator Codes aren’t working. What’s wrong?

Home Run Simulator’s codes are at the developer’s authority, and he or she decides how long they will be active. In certain cases, codes expire faster than others, while in others, they don’t. There are a number of reasons why a coupon code may not work for you, such as a misspelling of the word, a lack of activation, or an expired coupon. If you’re having trouble redeeming your codes, keep checking back to see if Home Run Simulator has added any new ones or if any of your old ones have expired.

Home Run Simulator is a game that lets you practise hitting home runs.

In Home Run Simulator, you can turn yourself into a major league baseball star. Roblox’s most important objective is to become the finest baseball player ever. Increasing your power, precision, and speed will help you continue to slug the ball out of the park.

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