It’s simpler than ever to give your renderings life and beauty with the more than 5,600 items and 1,200 materials in the Lumion content collection, including the 67 new models in Lumion 10.5 Pro.


Showing real-world usage and the context of the rooms you’ve developed will help make your architectural drawings more credible. This entails depicting interiors and exteriors as they would seem in reality rather than the unattainable paradise of uninterrupted sightlines, incredibly sleek surfaces, and polished, spotless places.

One of Lumion’s key advantages is its extensive content library, which includes over 5,600 pieces to outfit buildings and landscapes and over 1,200 materials to give the project’s textures and surfaces an exceptionally realistic feel.

What characteristics do the models and materials in this Lumion 10.5 visualisation give the design?

The content collection for Lumion 10.5 now includes 67 new models for backyards, gardens, landscape plans, and any other outside places that are a part of your project. These models are of a high calibre, and you may immerse viewers in the beauty and the feel of your planned spaces by merely including them in your project.

Check out the Lumion 10.5 Release Notes for a detailed list of what’s new in Lumion 10.5, including the new models and a host of enhancements for workflow efficiency.

Lumion 10.5 introduces 67 new types that enhance the beauty of outdoor areas.
Typically, Lumion receives one significant (paid) upgrade per year, followed by a few minor upgrades that are free for anyone using the most recent release.

67 new models developed specifically:

For instance, following the introduction of Lumion 9, Lumion 9.3 added LiveSync for Vectorworks, and Lumion 9.5 added materials for wood and brick as well as leafless trees and things made of forest wood. The Lumion content library keeps expanding as a result of the majority of upgrades, particularly the significant ones and the x.5 updates. Additionally, 67 new models developed specifically for outdoor areas and for establishing a link between the inside and outside, as well as between architecture and nature, can be found in Lumion 10.5.

You can see how the assortment of woodland objects and barren trees heighten the mood of this residential property in this render created in Lumion 9.5.

In Lumion’s Build Mode, you can find the majority of the new models from Lumion 10.5 in the Indoor and Outdoor categories. A number of subcategories are also present within each category. It can be helpful to first consider which category and subcategory you would typically find the model under to make the search for models easier.

When shopping for a garden bench, for instance, just locate the Outdoors category and select the Furniture section. Search the pages until you locate the precise bench you’re looking for.

Remember that just 22 models (or nearly one-third of the whole Lumion content library) are available in Lumion 10.5 Standard; the 67 new models are only available in Lumion 10.5 Pro.

There are 5,600+ items in the Lumion content library to bring life and emotion to empty places.

Every architectural concept is distinctive. Models and other “props” used in architectural renderings can reveal the feeling of the structure as well as the qualities of the individual individuals you hope will inhabit it. The landscapes and other natural features around your design frequently rely on the project’s actual location.

Two renderings of two various interiors are shown here. Try to determine how the various model configurations affect the designs’ overall appearance and feel. What sort of people do you think would reside in Interior #1? Do they differ from the individuals you could have pictured in Interior #2?

Inside #1


Inside #2


Lumion makes it simple to transform static 3D images into living views that appeal to the client’s memory, experience, and desire. Whether you want to add a few trees and bushes to give the appearance of nature surrounding your building design or you want to furnish a living room with a variety of models almost as if you were filling out a movie set, Lumion makes it possible.

Navigating the content library, which has more than 5,600 pieces and 1,200 materials, may initially appear difficult, but if you learn how to find the models you want to use quickly, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to give your designs life.

To find out some advice on adding models to your project, see the video instruction down below.

You can alter the model’s scale, transparency, and rotation after discovering and positioning it in various locations throughout your environment. You can alter the colours of some models to make them better match the general colour scheme of your design. Simply search the content library for the tiny colour wheel, then after placing the model, pick it to display its features. All that’s left to do is move the colour picker around until you locate the desired shade.

Although there are many benefits to using the Lumion content collection, customisation has some limitations. While you can alter the colour of some models, you might not be able to do other things, like switch a chair’s wooden legs for metal ones or alter the texture of one pillow without altering the others.

Utilizing models from the Lumion content library, highlight the personality of your creations.

The Lumion content library is a sizable, priceless resource that can speed up the render-building process and give your scene a feeling of character and uniqueness.

It’s now simpler and more pleasant than ever to produce stunning renders that evoke feelings from your ideas and persuade clients to take a closer, better look at your home, commercial, interior, or landscape project thanks to the new items in Lumion 10.5 and the whole content catalogue.

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