Microsoft Windows is, without a doubt, the most popular operating system for both desktop computers and laptop computers. In light of the fact that an HP laptop may contain sensitive data, the system provides the option of creating a password to keep it safe from unauthorized access. Once you’ve created a password for your HP laptop, the system will prompt you to input it every time you attempt to access the computer.

However, it is possible to forget your password, and if this occurs, you will be locked out of your laptop as well as your computer. It is essential that you figure out how to remove the password from an HP laptop in order to avoid going through this hardship again. You will learn how to circumvent the password on an HP laptop running Windows 10 in this blog post.

Part 1. Bypass Password on HP Windows 10 Laptop with Password

If you know what your HP laptop Windows 10 password is, you can bypass it instantly if you know what it is. As a result, when you turn on your HP Windows 10 laptop, you will not be prompted to enter your administrator account login password.

In this section, we’ll go through two different approaches to bypassing the HP laptop’s password. The use of Netflix is one approach, and the use of the Command Prompt is another. These two approaches are extremely effective for bypassing the password on an HP laptop. Continue reading to learn how to employ these strategies.

1.1. Remove Password from HP Windows 10 Laptop with Netflix

The first solution to the topic of how to bypass the login password on an HP laptop is to use the programme netplwiz. The following is a step-by-step procedure to be followed in order to circumvent the login password.
Step 1: is to create a plan. After turning on your HP laptop, you’ll need to hit the Windows + R keys together to bring up the Run box. Once the program is launched, type Netflix into the search field. Then click on the OK button.

Step 2: the User Accounts box will display as soon as you click on OK. In this section, you will see the option “Users must enter a user name and password in order to access this computer,” which you should uncheck the box directly opposite to it. After that, select “Apply” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: A new box will appear on the screen. In this section, you must enter your username, current password, confirm your password, and lastly click the OK button.

Step 4: To complete the process, select the OK option once more to save the modifications, and you are finished.

1.2. Remove Password from HP Laptop with Command Prompt

When it comes to how to bypass the login password on an HP laptop, the second option is to use the Command Prompt. To accomplish the operation as quickly as feasible, the program reads the command entered in the cmd dialogue box and executes it as needed. The following are the steps that you must take.

Step 1: Type “cmd” into the search bar on your computer’s desktop. Right-click on Command Prompt from the list of search results that appears.

Step 2: Select Run as administrator from the context menu, and then type the command net user username “” into the Command Prompt.

Step 3: When you’re finished, hit the Enter key. The password for your user account will be removed as a result of this action.

Check out this video to see how simple it is to remove the password from your HP laptop. When looking for options on how to bypass the password on an HP laptop with a password, you may either utilize Netflix or Command Prompt to quickly and efficiently remove the password from the laptop.

Part 2. Bypass Admin/Login Password on HP laptop without Knowing the Password

If you have forgotten your current HP laptop login password and are unable to get in, don’t worry; there are several methods for bypassing the password protection system. Pass Fab 4WinKey is a tool that may be used to circumvent the HP laptop password, as demonstrated here.

You will be able to bypass the admin/login password on your HP laptop in a matter of minutes if you use this all-in-one Windows password recovery application. It provides the most detailed and straightforward methods for removing or resetting the HP laptop password. Furthermore, Pass Fab 4WinKey protects your data, so you won’t have to worry about losing any of your important information. The following is a step-by-step procedure to follow in order to bypass the administrator or login password on an HP laptop.

Step 1: First and foremost, download Pass Fab 4WinKey to a computer other from the one that is currently locked. The main page will display two boot media options: CD/DVD and USB Flash Drive, once you have completed the process. Insert either a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive into this slot and then select the appropriate option.

Step 2: To make a Windows 10 password reset CD, select Next from the drop-down menu. After the burning procedure is completed, remove the USB drive or CD/DVD from your computer. Take it and insert it into your HP laptop running Windows 10 that is locked.

Step 3: To unlock the computer that has been locked, you must first restart it by pressing the F12 key. Continue to hit the F12 key continuously until you see the Boot Menu appear. Select a bootable disc and then exit the BIOS. After that, restart your HP laptop computer.

Step 4: Once you have accessed the PassFab 4WinKey interface, select the operating system for which you have forgotten the password. Now, select the user account for which you wish to remove the password and then click on the “Remove Account Password” option to complete the process. Click on “Next” and wait for the PassFab 4WinKey to complete the password bypassing process for you.

Pass Fab 4WinKey will take care of everything, and you will be notified as soon as the password has been deleted. Using the eject button, remove the USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Restart your laptop, and you will no longer be required to write down your password in order to log in.


Listed below are the techniques for bypassing administrator password on an HP laptop, both with and without a password. If you have forgotten your password on your HP laptop, you may quickly and easily delete or bypass the password with the help of Pass Fab 4WinKey. This is an easy-to-use program that is completely safe to use. If you know what the current password is, you can use either Command Prompt or Netflix to log in.

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