Is your laptop charger no longer functioning properly, and do you require a new way to charge your laptop? Is it possible to charge a laptop using an HDMI cable? Have you heard stories that this is possible and want to know whether it’s true? You might be inquisitive and wish to learn more about something. Whatever the purpose of your visit, we have the solution for you here!
There’s nothing more frustrating than having your laptop charger fail. Before you know it, your laptop, which serves as your lifeline for work, socializing, and viewing flicks has died, leaving you with nothing but a pointless break.

You’re desperate, so you hunt for alternate methods of charging your laptop, hoping that one of them will work. However, all you can uncover is contradictory information that is of no assistance. You’re in a state of panic, and you have no idea what to do or where to go.

That is no longer the case! Thankfully, we’re here to breathe new life into your laptop today. Find out if you can charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, and we’ll help you through the rest of the procedure! Continue reading to find out more information!

Can You Charge A Laptop With An HDMI?

Before we get started, let’s have a look at whether or not you can charge a laptop via an HDMI cable. Answer: Yes, it is possible to charge a laptop with an HDMI cable! In the event that your laptop charger fails, you can power your laptop with an HDMI cable until you can get a replacement charger delivered.

We recommend that you only use an HDMI cable to charge your laptop if you are stranded and have no other options available at the time. They do not contain the same regulators as a standard laptop charger, which ensures that your laptop receives the proper current and voltage to be charged securely.

When you are in a jam, an HDMI cable will supply a tiny amount of power or current that can be used to charge your laptop, but it may not be suitable for various electrical products. Even if you are working with limited resources, the dependable HDMI cable may be able to save the day for you!

How To Charge A Laptop With An HDMI?

Let’s get this party started! In the event that you have a device that is capable of supporting your laptop, you should be able to charge it up using an HDMI cable.

We’ll walk you through the process in three simple stages, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery power again! Continue reading to find out how to follow our steps!

Step 1 – Check Your Laptop

It is necessary to first verify that your laptop is capable of supporting the charging process before proceeding! As laptops become slimmer and narrower, the number of ports available to you is becoming less and less. Ensure that you have an HDMI port on both sides of your laptop, as well as a free port that you can connect to via an adaptor cable.

Because MacBook’s do not typically have HDMI connectors, you will need to use adapters in this situation. Generally speaking, other branded laptops have more possibilities, but it is still a good idea to examine what your laptop has before proceeding!

If your laptop does not have an HDMI port, you will need to purchase an HDMI converter cable as well as an adaptor that will allow you to convert HDMI signals to other video formats.

You will not be able to charge your laptop with the HDMI cord unless you have a port or an adaptor available. If you need to purchase an adaptor, they are usually easy to find online or in stores, and they should not be prohibitively expensive if you do!

Step 2 – Start Your Connections

Once you’ve discovered an adapter and an HDMI cable, it’s time to get your laptop started charging! Take the HDMI cable and attach it to a television that has HDMI support. Make use of your HDMI connector and connect the other end of the cable to it using the same connector.

Please double-check that all of your connections are secure and that all of your ports are operational. When your laptop fails to charge, the last thing you want to experience is bitter disappointment.

Before connecting the connection to your laptop, double-check the ports that are available to guarantee that the connection will function properly. Those who own laptops that have an HDMI connector will have an easier time, as they will not be need to bother with any adapters.

If you don’t have one, you’ll need a USB (or whatever port you have available) to HDMI adaptor. Connect the adapter to your HDMI cable so that it may be used to connect your laptop to the television.

Step 3 – Finish Your Connections And Test

The last countdown has begun! Connect your HDMI cable and adapter to your laptop using the provided instructions.

Check to see that the connection was successful and that the cable and/or adapter are properly seated in the appropriate port. If necessary, you may need to make some changes to this section in order to ensure that the connection is secure.

If your laptop turns on or if the charging indicator lights up, you can cheer since it has been successful! If you do not observe any difference, we recommend that you remove the HDMI cord and try again.

It’s possible that one of your connections wasn’t quite up to par. It is possible that it will take several attempts before you are successful, especially if you are dealing with adapters on both ends of your HDMI cable!

Check to see that your television is operational and that the connection to it is secure. If you discover that all you are getting is static, it is possible that the power source is malfunctioning.

If it is possible, you should try connecting your HDMI cable to a different TV to see if this resolves the issue. If your laptop is still not charging, the fault is most likely with your HDMI port or the laptop itself, and you can do more tests to narrow down the source of the problem.

You can, however, continue to use your laptop while it is charging. Make sure not to disconnect the cable until your laptop has been fully charged. It will take a little longer than it would with a laptop charger, but if you are in a hurry, an HDMI cable will do the trick just fine!

Final Word

The following are the three simple methods to charging a laptop with an HDMI connection.

Be sure to double-check your connections and ensure that you have all of the essential adapters in order to connect your laptop and television using an HDMI cable.

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