iPhone and iPad users can use Apple’s AirPods, which are entirely wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are built specifically for iOS devices. AirPods, on the other hand, are compatible with a wide range of other devices, including a Windows PC.

Here’s how to pair and connect your AirPods to your PC if you want to utilize them with your computer.

How to connect AirPods to a PC

To connect your AirPods to a PC, place your AirPods in the case and press and hold the little button on the rear until the status light begins to flicker white, around a minute. Your AirPods should then appear in the “Add a device” window in the Bluetooth settings of your PC, where you may pair and connect them with a few clicks of the mouse.

Here’s a whole step-by-step breakdown, complete with photographs.

1. Place your AirPods in their case and check to see that they are fully charged.

2. Open the Settings application on your computer by selecting it from the Start menu. It’s represented by the gear-shaped icon located above the power button. You may also look for “Settings” in the Start menu’s search box by typing it in.

3. Select “Devices” from the drop-down menu.

4. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on at the top of the “Bluetooth & other devices” section by clicking on the Bluetooth icon. The switch should be slid to the right and be colored blue to indicate its position.

5. Select “Add Bluetooth or other device” from the drop-down menu.



6. In the Add a device window, select “Bluetooth” as the connection type.
7. Open the case for your AirPods by lifting the cover.
8. Press and hold the little button on the rear of the case for a few seconds until the status light on the front of the case begins to flicker white, then release the button.



9. The AirPods should appear in the list of devices that can be paired with your PC once they have been detected. Initially, they may be displayed as “Headphones,” but after a few moments, they may be displayed as “AirPods.”
10.AirPods” will appear when you click it.



11. Windows will successfully establish a connection with the AirPods and display a success message. Select “Done” from the drop-down menu. You can now listen to the audio from your PC through your AirPods.



Will my AirPods work as smoothly as they do on my MacBook or other Apple devices if I connect them to a Dell laptop?

Without a doubt, this is not the case! Apple’s eco-system is well-known for its ability to pair with other Apple products as well as for providing a steady connection between such devices.

As a result, you won’t get the same level of integration as you would if you connected your AirPods to an Apple device such as an iPhone or a MacBook Air/Pro.

However, it should be sufficient for whatever reason you require it to be connected to your Dell laptop to be successful.

Will my AirPods lose battery faster if I connect them to my Dell laptop?

Yes, when you connect your AirPods to your Dell laptop, they may drain their battery more quickly because both devices are incompatible with one another, and your AirPods were designed to be used primarily with Apple devices.

However, it will not be a major decrease in battery life that you will notice, nor will it have a significant influence on your use case. However, it is possible that there will be an impact.

Do AirPods work with Dell laptops?

They are compatible with Dell computers, to be sure. However, they may not pair as efficiently and seamlessly as they would with an Apple device, and they may deplete their battery life slightly more quickly than they would if they were used with an iPhone or a MacBook, to name a few examples.

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