If you have an iPhone, AirPods are meant to function seamlessly with it, and they’re especially simple to set up and use with an iPhone. Bluetooth technology is used by both the regular and pro versions of AirPods, which means you can use them with any device that supports Bluetooth earbuds.

In other words, you may use AirPods to connect to an HP laptop in addition to, or even instead of, using a MacBook. In fact, you can have your AirPods connected to your HP Laptop at the same time as they’re connected to your iPhone, and you can switch between the two whenever you choose.

Do AirPods Work With Laptops?

AirPods are compatible with any device that has been designed to connect to an audio output or input device using Bluetooth technology. This means that AirPods can be used with laptops, but only if the laptop is equipped with Bluetooth technology. If your laptop does not have Bluetooth built in, you will need to purchase and install a Bluetooth dongle before you can connect your AirPods to your computer.

In light of the fact that all current HP computers are equipped with Bluetooth, you can use AirPods with an HP laptop in the same way that you would use any other Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, or headset.

How to Connect AirPods to an HP Laptop?

Because AirPods communicate over Bluetooth, connecting AirPods to an HP laptop is as simple as turning on Bluetooth, putting the AirPods in pairing mode, and then connecting the two devices together. Once configured, your AirPods will automatically reconnect whenever they come within range. Manually connecting and disconnecting them is also an option.

How to link your Apple AirPods to your HP laptop is as follows:

1. To open the Action Center, either click on the Action Center button on your taskbar or hit Windows Key + A on your keyboard.

2. Bluetooth can be selected with the right click.

3. To access the Settings menu, select Go to Settings.

4. If the Bluetooth toggle is currently turned off, click it to enable it.

5. To add a Bluetooth or other device, select + Add device.

6. Select Bluetooth from the drop-down menu.

7. Open the case that contains your AirPods.

8. Keep pressing and holding the button on the back of your AirPods case.

9. When the light turns white, press and hold the button for a few seconds.

Tip: It is possible that the light is located within your case or on the front of the case.

10. Select your AirPods from the list of found devices by clicking on them.

Note: The AirPods will appear as headphones at first, and then the name you provided to them when you first put them up will be displayed.

11. Wait for the AirPods to pair before clicking the Done button.

How to Use AirPods With an HP Laptop?

When you connect AirPods to an HP laptop, it’s not the same as when you really use the AirPods with the computer. Following the connection of the AirPods, you’ll need to adjust the audio outputs on your device if you want to utilise your AirPods to listen to music or videos, video chat, or anything else. In certain cases, this will happen automatically the first time your AirPods connect; however, if you are experiencing audio issues with your AirPods, you can perform this procedure manually.

If you’ve connected a number of devices to your laptop in the past, your laptop may have several audio options; nevertheless, an HP laptop will only show Speaker / Headphone (Realtek(R) Audio) as a bare minimum. The ability to utilise your AirPods with your laptop will be enabled when you switch from that output to your AirPods.

What you’ll need to know about using AirPods with your HP laptop is as follows:

1. Remove your AirPods from their carrying case.

Note: In the event that your laptop automatically switches audio outputs and your AirPods function at this point, you will not be required to complete the further steps. This procedure is only required if another device is interfering with the automated switching of the audio output signal.

2. To access the speaker icon on your taskbar, click it.

3. To access the dropdown menu, click on it.

4. Select Headphones (AirPods Stereo) from the drop-down menu.

5. You may now connect your AirPods to your PC and use them.

Why Can’t I Connect My AirPods to My HP Laptop?

Having trouble connecting your AirPods? It could be a problem with the Bluetooth on your laptop or a problem with the AirPods themselves. Here are a few examples of typical problems and their solutions:

1. Unable to connect to Bluetooth: Check to see if Bluetooth is turned on on your laptop. Try shutting off Bluetooth and then turning it back on again while keeping your AirPods with their case closed. Then open the case, take the AirPods out, and see if they still work together.
2. Bluetooth driver not up to date: If your Bluetooth driver is not up to date, you may experience difficulties connecting to AirPods, as described above. Update your drivers and give it another shot.
3. If your Bluetooth headphones are not working, test if any other Bluetooth headphones do. If they don’t, it’s possible that your laptop’s Bluetooth isn’t functioning properly. After you’ve resolved your Bluetooth issue, you can try again.
4. AirPods are not in pairing mode for the following reasons: Otherwise, you will not be able to initiate the initial connection since the white light on your AirPods case will not be flashing. There are a number of measures you can take to resolve the problem with your AirPods not connecting. Repeat the process once your AirPods are in pairing mode.
5. Connected but not enabled: Your AirPods may be connected but not selected as the audio output device in your computer. The Sound Control Panel should be opened and Headphones (AirPods Pro Stereo) should be configured as the default audio device if the steps above did not work.

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How do I connect my AirPods to a Mac?

In order to connect your AirPods directly to your Mac, make sure they are in their case and then open the lid of the case. Press and hold the setup button until you see it flash white, which should take a few seconds. Select Bluetooth from the System Preferences menu on your Mac. Select AirPods from the Devices drop-down menu. If your AirPods have the capability, pick Enable so that you may utilise Siri commands with your AirPods. If your AirPods do not have the capability, click Disable.

How do I connect AirPods to a Chromebook?

If you want to link AirPods to a Chromebook, go to the Chromebook’s Menu and pick Bluetooth, after which you should enable the Bluetooth connection. Press and hold the setup button on the AirPods case, and then navigate to the Bluetooth Available Devices list on the Chromebook and choose the AirPods from the drop-down menu. Your AirPods have been successfully connected to your Chromebook.

How do I connect AirPods to an Android device?

To pair AirPods with an Android device, go to Settings > Bluetooth on the Android device and enable it there. Then, on the AirPods case, press and hold the setup button until the light on the case flashes white, and then tap Airpods from the available device list on the Android device and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I connect AirPods to a Roku TV?

You can use AirPods with a Roku TV even if you can’t connect them directly to the device via Bluetooth. However, there is a workaround that allows you to utilise AirPods with the device. Pair your AirPods with your iPhone or Android device first, and then download and install the Roku app for iPhone or the Roku app for Android on your device. Select Remote > Devices > OK in the Roku app, and then touch Connect Now to begin the connection. Using the Remote icon in the Roku app, you can control your Roku device once it has been discovered by the app. Select the headphones icon, then press the OK button. Your AirPods will now work in conjunction with your Roku TV when you are watching a show on your Roku.

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