When you want to play video games but someone else in your house is using the television to watch one of their favorite shows, it may be really aggravating. After reading this, you’re probably curious about whether or not you can use your laptop as a substitute screen.

Using Your Laptop As A Monitor

Unfortunately, connecting your laptop to your PS4 as a monitor is more complicated than simply plugging in an HDMI wire. For the reason that HDMI output is used by both laptops and PS4s, although neither is built to accept HDMI input.

Although it is not possible to use your laptop as a display, the good news is that it is still conceivable; however, it is a little more complicated than you might imagine.

There are a variety of ways to connect your PS4 to your laptop, but the two most straightforward are to use a capture card or a streaming service/Remote Play to connect.

Connecting Your Laptop And PS4 Through A Video Capture Card 

With a video capture card, you may view content from your console on another device while simultaneously recording the stuff you see on your console. There are some reasonably priced devices available, and you can purchase them online at Amazon.com.

When streaming or recording console games, the majority of people use a video capture card to accomplish their goals.

Because of the input delay, they aren’t the best for straight gaming, but if you’re okay with screen recording your games, they should be acceptable for that as well!

You will need

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console
  • HDMI cable
  • Video Capture Card
  • S-Video Connection cable

Step 1

Connect your video capture card to your laptop via the USB port and run the installation suite to get the application up and running on your computer.

Step 2

Use the S-Video connection cable to connect the video capture card to your PS4 console – you can get these online. Next, connect the HDMI-out to the PS4, and the HDMI-in to the video capture card.

Step 3

After connecting your PS4 to your laptop, switch on the console and launch the video capture card programme on your computer. You should now be able to view the console’s display on your computer screen, and you’re ready to begin playing.

Using PS Now To Play PS4 Games 

PS Now is a cloud gaming service developed by Sony that allows you to play PlayStation 4 games over the internet from a laptop or a desktop computer, without the need for a real PlayStation 4. It is powered by the PlayStation Network, and all of the media is sent directly to you.

The quality of your video will be determined by the speed of your internet connection, and if it is not very fast, you will notice a lag along with input delay.

The best part of PS Now is that you don’t need a physical PlayStation 4 – or any other console – in order to utilize it. The negative aspect is that it might be somewhat pricey because you’ll have to purchase the games, which isn’t ideal if you already have them on your console.


Do I Have To Use Remote Play To Play The PS4 On My Laptop?

You are not required to use Remote Play, but it is by far the most convenient and least expensive method of using your laptop as a monitor for your PlayStation 4.

Will My PS4 Run Smoothly On My Laptop? 

Usage of a laptop as a monitor will require the use of an HDMI cable, a video capture card, or Remote Play in order to be successful.

These activities will not work properly unless you have a robust internet connection; otherwise, there will be a latency between your controller and your laptop.

If your laptop is an older model, it may have difficulty keeping up with the demands of your PS4. For laptops with weaker processing power, make sure you alter the frame rate and resolution settings to match its requirements so that it can handle the workload.

How Do I Know If My Laptop Is HDMI Input Or Output? 

It can be difficult to find a laptop that has an HDMI input since it can be difficult to get the connection to work properly.

Almost all laptops have HDMI output, and they are incapable of receiving a visual signal from any source other than their own motherboard – this means that you will not be able to connect any other output devices to your laptop.

Check the specifications of your laptop to check if it has an HDMI output or an HDMI input. If it has HDMI input, you should be able to connect your PS4 directly to your laptop using an HDMI connection if your laptop has HDMI input.

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