How to create the perfect atmosphere with the volumetric spotlights effect:

Version created: Lumion 12.0 Pro.

Visualization of architecture goes beyond only displaying form and function. It’s all about expressing feeling. arousing emotion. demonstrating the deeper effects of environments on people.

With laptop for Lumion 12 Pro, it’s simpler than ever to bring your designs’ atmospheres to life and highlight their most striking features. With the new volumetric lighting effect, you can add mood and dimension to your picture to create a stunning, cinematic ambiance.

Several instances include:

  • Interior illumination
  • Lighting for swimming pools
  • Automobile headlights

Lighting for streets and other public areas:

The most recent improvement to Lumion 12’s extensive selection of lighting options is the volumetric spotlights effect. Spotlights, omnilights, area and line lights, all of which may be adjusted for colour, volumetric lighting, brightness, shadows, and other factors, will bring life to your creations.

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