Explore the new features in Lumion 12:

What’s new in Lumion 12?

The vast array of ambient, visually arresting elements and effects has been expanded with new features including volumetric spotlights, omni lights, and surface decals. Lumion is substantially more user-friendly and significantly faster thanks to a vastly better scene-building experience and subtle but effective usability and workflow enhancements.

With Autodesk FormIt Pro, a fluid 3D drawing environment that offers a seamless connection from concept design to BIM for minimal rework, the variety of LiveSync plug-ins has now been expanded in Lumion 12. Display your design in a real-world setting. Draw the entire cityscape. its topography’s altitudes.

Make every detail count:

Lumion makes it simple to add stunning atmosphere and eye-catching features to renders, which would otherwise take hours to build. Because a design feels alive because of the intricacies. The particulars are what transport your customers and coworkers into a memorable experience. Learn how to use a mind-boggling amount of detail in your visualisations to surprise and excite your audience.

How does upgrading to Lumion 12 work?

  • The most recent version of Lumion laptops and all yearly minor product updates are automatically included when you upgrade to Lumion 12.
  • The Lumion 12 installer may be found in your Lumion Account once you’ve purchased an upgrade to Lumion 12.
  • A message titled “Getting started with Lumion 12” will also be sent to you.
  • After that, just import your projects into Lumion 12 to access all the new features, content, and workflow enhancements.

Lumion 12 upgrade prices*




Lumion 12 Lumion 12 Pro €1,499.00
Lumion 11 Pro Lumion 12 Pro €999.00
Lumion 11 Lumion 12 Pro €1,998.00
Lumion 11 Lumion 12 €499.00
Lumion 10 Pro Lumion 12 Pro €1,998.00
Lumion 10 Lumion 12 Pro €2,497.00
Lumion 10 Lumion 12 €998.00
Lumion 9 Pro Lumion 12 Pro €2,399.00
Lumion 9 Lumion 12 Pro €2,697.00
Lumion 9 Lumion 12 €1,198.00
Lumion 8 Pro and older Lumion 12 Pro €2,699.00
Lumion 8 and older Lumion 12 Pro €2,848.00
Lumion 8 and older Lumion 12 €1,349.00


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