What is Poppy Playtime Story?

Poppy Playtime is a horror adventure game where you play a character who is a former Playtime Co. Employee. He returns to the closed/abandoned toy factory of the Playtime Co. regarding the letter he received from the staff of the said company that were considered to be disappeared 10 years ago.

Poppy Playtime Morphs in Roblox:

Poppy was seen as a fit in Roblox Metaverse. In this article, we will share with you, all the secret locations of Huggy Wuggy Morphs in roblox.

How to unlock all the Huggy Wuggy/Playtime Morphs in Roblox?

In the video below there are all the locations of Huggy Wuggy that can be found in Roblox.

This is how to get all the new Poppy Playtime Morphs in Poppy Platime:

This is how to get all the New Badges in Poppy Playtime Morphs:

In the video bellow you will get to know how to unlock all the new badges in Poppy Playtime Morphs

How to get BC Huggy in Poppy Playtime morph?

In this video you will get to know how to get bc huggy in playtime morph.

What are the Secret places to find the Huggy Wuggy in Roblox?

There are presently 33 mystery areas in Roblox Brookhaven.


Go to CLEANERS, drop down the slope, click on the hanging light, and enter the mystery secret entrance that opens.
Brookhaven Bank: Follow the way in the CLEANERS secret spot and utilize a green key to open the entryway and track down the vault.

Bank Vault:

This requires a companion. Detonate the vault entryway with a bomb; enter, bounce on the racks, then hop on the companion’s head to arrive at a mystery room.


Climb the steps in the arcade to find a birthday celebration region.

Brookhaven Hospital:

Above the front work area is an opening that players can enter to track down a mysterious lab.

Brookhaven Cemetery:

Just substitute front of a grave for quite some time and fall in.

Secret Cave:

Ride a vehicle to the highest point of the mountain. Then ride one of the robots there. It will take players to a mystery cave.

Secret House:

Go behind the air terminal to track down a neglected house in the trees.

Secret Wall:

Select the advanced house choice. Whenever it is constructed, climb the steps, shrivel a little, and bounce on the table. Just travel through the divider now.

Another Secret Wall:

There is a divider on the opposite side of the table that players just leaped off of.


Players can move to the room of the advanced house in Roblox Brookhaven and simply conceal within the bed.

External Wall:

Use a stepping stool to climb the beyond the house and conceal in the divider.

Dim Scary House:

Choose the dim startling house to track down a lot of mystery areas.


Enter the dim alarming house, crush one’s size, and conceal in the containers.


Players can hop on the cases and conceal in the divider.


Under, at the highest point of, and close to the steps are dividers players can stow away in.
Entryway of Garage: Squeeze size to .5 and enter from the carport. Move up the entryway for a decent mystery area in Roblox Brookhaven.


Head to the kitchen and contracted players can conceal in the microwave.

Changing area:

Go to the lift, go through the divider, and conceal in the changing area pantries.


Move to the top of the house with the lift.

Understanding Spot:

Players can go into the house from the front entryway, crush their size, and go higher up. There is where players can drop into close to the bed.

Kids Room:

Move to the children room and climb the loft. Hop and arrive at a concealing spot.

Shower Teleport:

Players can go through the wood close to the shower to end up in another space.

Washroom Sink:

Crouch under the restroom sink and conceal in there.

Secret Death Spot:

Go the grave in the terrace. Players can take cover behind the brambles there.

House Entrance:

Players can crush their size to conceal under the slope at the house entrance.

Kids Play Room:

Enter the advanced house and take cover behind the dresser in the children room.

Love seat:

Players can sit on a lounge chair then, at that point, eliminate the house. Once eliminated, they can involve the house as a concealing spot.

Fire Station:

Place a camping cot on the point of support between the fire station entryways. Go to the rooftop and leap off onto the hiking bed to find an immense concealing spot.

Beauty parlor:

Lay down on the floor of the boutique. Players can then slither under the couch.

Extravagance Apartment:

Jump on the sink of the Roblox Brookhaven Luxury Apartment. Then hop on the shrubs. Players can conceal here.

Burger Shop:

Enter the kitchen of the shopping center’s burger shop. Players can then expand their size, bounce on the stove, and afterward onto the rooftop.


The shopping center has a theater. Players can take cover behind the screen here for the last Roblox Brookhaven secret spot.

What is Poppy Playtime accessible on?

Poppy Playtime, one of the most sought-after endurance ghastliness games is currently accessible on portable. Non mainstream designer MOB games initially delivered section 1 on PC last year of October.

Is Poppy Playtime is free?

Poppy Playtime costs $5 online to download and play for PC. Crowd Games’ Poppy Playtime is certainly not an allowed to-play game, as every section costs $5 exclusively.

Is Poppy Playtime frightening?

Poppy Playtime highlights alarming pictures and subjects that are matched with kid agreeable things. This might be particularly disturbing to youngsters who have not yet fostered the strength to manage upsetting substance.

Will u play Poppy Playtime on portable?

The principal section of the well known, verbose loathsomeness puzzle game Poppy Playtime is currently accessible for versatile clients to appreciate on iOS and Android. The primary section of Poppy Playtime is presently accessible for versatile clients to appreciate on iOS and Android.


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