How to find the euro symbol on your Laptop or Computer Keyboard? It sometimes happens that your keyboard key gets missing and stuck. At that point, the Alt codes are really helpful in working. Plus, there are numerous characteristics that you can type via a keyboard, but do not have any corresponding key- ASCII symbols, European language alphabetic characters, and even Chinese characters (also known as Hanja, Hanzi, or Kanji).

Out of the 25 members from the European Union, Euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of 19 countries. The Eurozone covers an area where around 343 million citizens are incorporated. Just like a dollar can be divided into 100 pennies, a euro can be divided into 100 cents. In the foreign exchange market, the euro is ranked as the second-largest and second-most traded currency in the world. Although, the United States dollar still remains on the top.

The Euro system (composed of the central banks of the Eurozone countries) and the

Frankfurt-based European Central Bank (ECB) is responsible for managing and administering the currency. The currency came to know as an accounting currency by the world financial markets on 1 January 1999. The euro rates keep going up and down in the market since then.

Today in 2020, the Euro is the official languages of 19 European states, including Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. There even non-European Union territories that have marked the euro as their currency – Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco, and San Marino.

Euro Advantages

Boost smaller nations’ economies: Smaller countries receive great benefits for adopting the euro as a currency. The European Union supports these countries by allowing lower interest rates. Over the years, these lower interest rates have led to more foreign investment because the euro is not a demanding currency from traders and users.

The developed the country, the more the reward: The economies of scale benefit more to the larger companies as they cater more production at a lower cost. The less-developed Eurozone nations import cheap goods from the developed ones.

Euro Disadvantages

Losing your currency, losing your identity: When a country adopts the euro, then lose the ability to print their own currency. That’s the only reason why the other eight European Union countries haven’t adopted the euro currency.

The euro is the second-largest country that needs to be typed on various occasions. But when you have a look at your UK based QWERTY keyboard, you are unable to find the ” €” such symbol. This a very general problem faced by many of us, and there’s an easy solution for it. The type of computer and language configuration depends on the shortcut key that allows you to type the EUR symbol.

Where is the euro symbol on my keyboard?

Are you fortunate enough to have a keyboard that displays the euro symbol key?

If yes, then you don’t have to hold up combine buttons at the same time, such that they work as a shortcut key. All you need to do with your European Union keyboard is to tap the euro symbol key and should appear on the screen.

If no, then you need to search for the right Alt combination, which works for your keyboard. It actually depends on the type of the keyboard you are using, some h some have it on the 5 or the E key. It might be possible that the euro symbol is listed instead of a dollar, right above the number 4.

If the € symbol is listed on the 4 key, but when you press Shift + 4 you only actually get a $ (dollar) sign. You will need to use the following combinations for making it work:

  • Hold Alt G and 4
  • Hold Ctrl, Alt and 4

After following the above step, if the symbol isn’t still appearing on the screen, this means that is not the right combination for your keyboard. While if you are working on the number pad, you can use Alt codes to get characters you wouldn’t find normally by simply pressing the Alt and typing the numeric characters 0128 to get a Euro symbol.

But if you are typing on a Microsoft word file, then you need to slap Ctrl + Alt + E together, and a Euro symbol (€) should appear on-screen. Moreover, if you want to find the euro sign on a Mac keyboard, try either Alt + Shift + 2, or just Alt + 2.

However, if you are facing difficulty in remembering the right combination for your keyboard, you can easily search the google for Euro symbol. After that, just copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl + V) the Euro symbol as shown in the search on to your desired location.

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