For Windows 7 users, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a relatively frequent problem. Your computer shows a tonne of text on the screen with a blue background when a BSOD happens. It may occur periodically or all of a sudden. You can attempt the following techniques if you’re having problems with this problem. They can assist in resolving any BSOD issues on your Windows 7 machine. (Take note that you can only use procedures 1 through 3 below when you can enter your operating system. If you can’t, try procedures 4 through 8 instead. And a Windows 7 installation medium, such as a DVD or USB drive with a Windows 7 installation pack inside, is required in order to use procedures 4 to 8. If you don’t have one of those, you can make one on your own.) Start Check Disk. 2) Carry out Updates 3)updating drivers 4) Execute Startup Repair 5) Bring your system back. 6) Execute a memory analysis Repair MBR. 8) Upgrade your system


Run Check Disk:

Your hard drive’s faults may be the cause of the BSOD you experience. To correct the issues, you can use Command Prompt to run the disc checking programme included with Windows 7.

a) From the Start menu, type “cmd.” In the list of results, right-click CMD and choose “Run as administrator.”

b) If you are prompted, select Yes. Command Prompt will then open.

c) Enter “chkdsk c: /f” into the search box. (This denotes that the system will check the C drive’s disc and correct any issues.) Here, “C” refers to the C drive, which for many people serves as their system drive. You can alter this letter if your system drive is not the C drive or if you want to check additional drives.)

d) If the system asks you whether you want to schedule this check to next time the system restarts, type “Y” and hit Enter.

e) Restart your computer to finish the verification.

2) Install Updates

Your version of Windows 7 might contain several bugs that cause BSOD problems. Installing updates for Windows 7 that Microsoft provides will fix these issues.

a) Select Control Panel from the Start menu.

b) Down scroll to Windows Update.

c) Select Updates by clicking.

d) If there is any update available, click on Install Updates.

3) Update drivers

Device drivers are vital programmes operating the devices on your computer.

Problematic drivers can frequently cause different computer difficulties, including Blue Screen of Death. Once you come across these problems, it is vital for you to update drivers on your computer. To update drivers, we propose you using Driver Easy. It is a professional driver tool designed for computer novices. With Driver Easy, you can easily update your drivers without worrying about making mistakes. It can help you find the latest and credible drivers suitable for your operating system. You may update your drivers with either Free or Pro version of Driver Easy. But the Pro version can let you update several drivers automatically with just TWO clicks.

a) Download and install Driver Easy.

b) Open the software and hit Scan Now. Outdated drivers will be discovered in a few seconds.

c) Click on Update button next to each device, and Driver Easy will download the driver for you. You can also hit Update All at the bottom right to update all the device drivers (this requires Pro version).

4) Run Startup Repair

Now and then BSOD issues can be fixed by running Startup Repair. To do this you want to use the Windows 7 establishment media you have arranged.

a) Put the Windows establishment media into your PC. Then, at that point, boot your PC from it. (In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to do this, if it’s not too much trouble, actually take a look at this guidance.)

b) After choosing the language and district, select Repair your PC.

c) Then select Startup Repair.

d) The framework will check your PC and attempt to fix any issue.

5) Restore your framework

There might be a few broken documents or setups on your framework that outcome in some BSOD issues. (You can reestablish your working framework to a reinforcement you have made.)

a) Repeat the means an and b in strategy 4.

b) Select System Restore.

c) Follow the on-screen guidance to complete the reestablish interaction.

6) Run Memory Diagnostic

Your RAM (Random-access memory) is likewise the equipment that can cause Blue Screen of Death. To recognize issues on your RAM, you can run Windows Memory Diagnostic.

a) Repeat the means an and b in technique 4.

b) Click on Windows Memory Diagnostic.

c) Select Restart now and check for issues.

d) Your PC will restart and Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool will run.

e) After that your PC will restart in the future. You can see your BSOD issue is fixed right now.

7) Fix MBR

MBR (Master Boot Record) is the data on your hard plate that distinguishes your working framework. It is fundamental for the framework to ordinarily boot. In the event that this data undermines, it can prompt difficult issues, including Blue Screen of Death. To fix MBR, you can play out the means beneath.

a) Repeat the means an and b in strategy 4.

b) Select Command Prompt.

c) In Command Prompt, type the accompanying order lines and hit Enter after each.

bootrec/fixmbr bootrec/fixboot bootrec/scanos bootrec/rebuildbcd

d) Exit Command Prompt and restart your PC. In the event that your BSOD is brought about by broken MBR, the issue ought to be fixed at this point.

8) Reinstall your framework

In the event that none of the strategies above can be useful for you, you can attempt a definitive choice — re-establishment of your working framework. a) Take the stage an in technique 4.

b) Press Install Now and adhere to the on-screen guidance to re-introduce Windows 7 on your PC.

To conclude:

As a matter of fact, when you experience a Blue Screen of Death, you don’t need to stress. You actually should attempt to fix the ongoing procedure on your PC. Then again, there are different BSOD blunders. There can be various answers for various blunders. You can note down the blunder codes and some other mistake messages that can uncover the wellsprings of the issues. Also, you can scan them on the Internet for valuable data. Assuming you have observed that there are a major issue with your equipment, you ought to contact the producers of your gadgets. They can give you valuable ideas in this regard.


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