Keyboard on a laptop If your laptop’s auto typing stops working, it can become unusable. The same is true if some of the keys on your keyboard cease working. However, there are still some options for repairing them or using them without causing any inconvenience.

Why is Your Laptop Keys Auto Working?

Stuck Keys:

The most common cause of automatic typing is a key that has been stuck. There are a variety of factors that contribute to Key Stuck. Keys sticking troubles can be caused by a variety of factors, including jammed dust, membrane deterioration, internal structure, and a poorly built keyboard by the manufacturer.

Battery and Power Related Issue:

In addition, problems with auto typing can be caused by a static charge, incompatible power input, or a battery-related issue.

Connector Issue:

If the keyboard connector is not properly connected to the logic board, an auto typing problem may occur.

Why is Your Laptop Keys Not Working?

Automatic typing problems can be caused by incorrectly connecting the keyboard connector to the logic board..

Broken key plastic structure, damaged membrane, or a malfunctioning keyboard circuit may be the reason of certain keys not working or all keys not working at the same time issues on the keyboard.

Dust or Dirt:

Particle of Dust or Dirt inside of key structure may cause not proper keystroke.

Using Non-Genuine:

Keyboard: I’ve discovered that using a nongenuine keyboard that has been replaced can result in some keys not working properly after only a few days of use.

Some Keys Not Working:

The lack of a properly installed display brightness driver, graphic driver, sound driver, or wireless driver resulted in the inability of action keys to function properly.

All Keys are Not Working:

The lack of a properly loaded Keyboard driver may cause the entire keyboard to stop working altogether, despite the fact that the keyboard is perfectly functional.

How to Check Which Keys are Auto Pressing or Not Registering Keystrokes?

Click anywhere on the keyboard box below to see if any keys light green on their own, which indicates that the key has an auto pressing issue, and if the key does not blink at all after typing, which indicates that the key is having a problem with registering keystrokes.

How to Fix Auto Keys Typing issue?

Stuck Key:

First and foremost, if your laptop key becomes caught inside, the most important thing you can do is move it back to its regular position. This will almost certainly resolve the problem. This can be accomplished by utilizing a flat, thin blade.

Static Charge:

Some keys may begin to function automatically if there is a static electric charge between the layers of your keyboard.

This can be resolved by unplugging your laptop’s battery and power adapter from the computer. After that, you must press and hold the power key for 15 seconds in order to discharge static electricity from the laptop.

Not Suitable Power Supply:

Unsuitable rating power supply can make your laptop to act crazy. so avoid using unsuitable power adapter.

Power Reset:

Power down your laptop, remove the battery and power adapter, and press and hold the power button for 15 seconds to complete the process. Replacing the battery and turning on your laptop should be sufficient. This procedure would be effective if your laptop is experiencing glitches or static electricity concerns.


In an old laptop, there is a plethora of dirt and dust beneath the keycaps, which has an impact on the keyboard’s functionality. Remove the keycap with a thin blade and spray it with compressed air before wiping the inside surface with rubbing alcohol to cure the problem.

Action Key Not Working:

if your laptop entire keyboard keyboard excluding Function or Action keys works then most probably this issue is related to driver.

To fix this just install proper drivers for Display, Sound, Wireless etc.

Update existing drivers with latest one.

Any Key Not Working:

Update your keyboard driver and restart your laptop by going to the settings menu. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the keyboard driver and restart the notebook.

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