So I am excited to bring you another article. In today’s article, I would wish to look at a very annoying issue how to fix laptop black screen that happens ever often with laptops which may be a case where you get a Black screen or blank screen on bootup or startup of your Laptop. It is really annoying especially if you’re looking to use your laptop to be caught in such a situation as having a laptop screen black issue.

Discretion of the My laptop screen is a black issue

As the name suggests the laptop won’t start-up and show a Black or blank screen, in other words, the system won’t POST (Power on Self Test). Wherever you normally see the BIOS doing its usual hardware tests before seeing the windows logo and also the screen can simply remain black or won’t power up at all.

You may also notice that with this issue that the laptop will indeed power up as you notice lights on the base however its the monitor or screen that actually remains blank. As you’ll hear the fans and hard drives making sounds.

How to Fix laptop Black Screen Issue?

So remember that this issue may be caused by a number of problems so I suggest that you just try every one of these fixes in the order that they’re given below until one works:

how to fix laptop black screen

1. Dead inverter or Backlight Test:

One of the most culprits of the black screen issue is that the backlight of your screen is dead or the inverter that delivers power to the screen lights is dead and as such the screen isn’t being illuminated and is pitch black. To confirm this place a bright light up against the screen or a flashlight. See if you’ll see any windows menus, Icons or the Windows logo, it’ll be faint so look very carefully. Thus if you do see them then the issue is your screen’s backlight or inverterr that needs replacing for your laptop to work again or you will replace the entire screen.

2. Second display Test:

To confirm whether or not you’re having a screen issue or the entire laptop is at fault using the onboard VGA or HDMI port on your laptop connect it to a regular computer monitor or desktop monitor. If the contents of your laptop seem on the Monitor then you know that the laptop is functioning but the screen is at fault. Also, some laptops require that you just click the function key (FN) and one in every of the F1-12 key to switch display.

You’ll tell that it’s by the drawings on the keys, but for other. It should auto switch once a monitor is connected to your laptop.

In this case wherever the display shows up on the second monitor if it’s not the inverter as just in case #1 test. Therefore the display isn’t smashed or cracked then you’ll must replace the screen of your laptop. Here is a detailed guide replacing your laptop Screen.


3. Power Drain method Fix:

I suggest that you just do this method before purchasing any new parts as this has repaired several laptops in the past. First, unplug the laptop with the Black or blank screen and remove the battery. Now what you would like to do is to drain the residual power that stored inside the laptop thus drain the residual power by holding down the power button. Whereas the battery is out and whereas it’s not plugged in, now hold the power button for 1 minute. Now plug the laptop back in and try to power it on. If it doesn’t come on repeat the procedure 2 more times before giving up on this method and you’ll hold the power button for a longer period simply just in case.

how to fix laptop black screen

4. Faulty or Dead RAM:

The next reason for the black screen could be your RAM. The Black screen issue may be caused by a dead RAM module. The incorrect type being place in your laptop or maybe dust in the RAM slots. This might be why the laptop isn’t booting and showing a black screen. The RAM slot in most cases may be found on the back of the device in a simple access hatch that involves removing a single screw. If one is faulty I suggest that you just remove both and try them one at a time or get a new one and test the laptop. For dust problems blow the RAM slots clean and test to determine if the laptop works again.

If you remove both RAM and check them one at a time and they both work in getting the laptop to boot up with the display. You will have 2 RAM modules that aren’t compatible with each other or a RAM slot has gone bad in which case you’ll have to operate your computer with the one module.


5. Graphics Card or Motherboard Issue:

If all the steps above fails then you’re having a extremely severe issue. In that case, the problem lies with your graphics card on the motherboard or the motherboard itself and you’ll need to reflow the Motherboard and therefore the onboard Graphics.

To reflow the motherboard to fix it you’ll need to remove the motherboard from the laptop by opening the laptop. So find the Graphics card thats built into the motherboard that should be marked with an Nvidia or AMD marking. Use a heat gun and heat the Graphics card at a warm temperature and what this will is to soften the solder in the laptop and mend any broken path ways within the motherboard or connections points that became broken over time and allows it to cool so reassemble and try once more to power it up again.

If this fails then you’ll then need to purchase a new motherboard to replace this one on your laptop.

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