Because there are so many possible causes, it can be difficult to diagnose many computer issues. In reality, it’s frequently difficult to tell if an issue is brought on by software or hardware. How To Fix Laptop keyboard not working? [Solution] In the same way, a malfunctioning laptop keyboard can function improperly or not at all due to a variety of hardware and software difficulties.

What to do if the keyboard on your laptop isn’t working

You’re not totally out of luck if your keyboard breaks down. Whether you have an Apple MacBook or a Windows laptop, be sure to go through this checklist of troubleshooting methods to see if you can fix the issue yourself before you take the laptop to a repair shop or contact customer care. You usually can. Read More Related Article Here: [How To Fix Sticky Touchpad On Laptop Instant Solution!!!]

Restart your computer

Restarting the computer — turning it off and back on again — is typically the first thing you should attempt when you run into a computer issue that is significant enough to prevent you from finishing your work. This clears the computer’s memory and restarts all of your software, drivers, and utilities, which may be sufficient to get your laptop back to normal performance.

Restart your Windows computer or restart your Mac before continuing. You don’t even need to use the keyboard to accomplish this.

Sanitise the keyboard.

Sometimes what appears to be a significant hardware issue is really a simple issue. For instance, if only some of your keys are malfunctioning, it’s possible that dirt and debris may be obstructing their proper operation.

Start by wiping the keys with a small brush or microfiber cloth to see if there is just any dirt under the keycaps. You are attempting to remove any debris that may have become lodged there. Additionally, use rubbing alcohol on a towel to gently but completely wipe away any dried liquids or stuck-on grime. Blast a can of pressurised air into the spaces between keys for the most thorough cleaning. For further details, see our cleaning a keyboard guide.

Find out whether it’s a hardware problem.

If the issue still exists after you’ve tried the simplest solutions, you might seek to figure out whether it is a Windows software problem or a hardware issue with the keyboard. Checking to verify if the keyboard functions in a pre-boot environment is the simplest approach to determine this. If the keyboard functions properly before Windows launches, you can focus on software fixes. If not, you should proceed directly to having the laptop serviced.

  1.  Select Settings from the Start menu.
  2. Type “Recovery” into the Settings search box, then select Recovery options from the list of results.
  3. Click Restart now under the Advanced startup section.

Windows recovery options

To test whether the laptop functions without Windows, restart it using the advanced startup options and then boot to a command prompt. Scott Johnson

  •  On the Choose an option page that appears after the computer restarts, click Troubleshoot.
  • Select the Advanced options option on the Troubleshoot screen.
  • Finally, select Command Prompt from the Advanced settings page.
  • Check your keyboard after the command prompt appears.
  • Since the Mac lacks a comparable pre-boot environment, you should continue troubleshooting.


How do I tell if the power jack on my laptop is damaged?

1 . Here are a few signs of a failing DC power jack.

  • Power Occasionally Turns On And Off. Your laptop will receive a steady power source via a reliable DC power port.
  • You Can’t Charge Your Battery.
  • It Only Functions at a Certain Angle.
  • Read Full [How To Fix Broken Laptop Power Jack]

2 . Can I link my laptop to my Samsung wireless earbuds?

Your earphones should immediately show up at the bottom of the devices list behind a thin grey bar as long as they are in pairing mode as described in step 1 of the process. The Samsung buds are now paired after you click Connect next to them. When you turn them back on, they should automatically start this laptop. Read more [How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop]

3 . Is it possible to replace the laptop’s headphone jack?

The USB to headphone jack dongle or some Bluetooth headphones are your best bet if the headphone jack on your laptop stops working (if your laptop has bluetooth.) In most instances, the jack port is soldered to the motherboard, necessitating either a motherboard replacement or a replacement of a smaller daughter board. Read Full [How To Get Broken Headphone Jack Out of Laptop]

4 . If I forget the password to my Toshiba laptop, how can I get access?

As an Administrator, reset

  • Log in as an administrator to the Toshiba machine, select Start, type “lusrmgr….
  • Click “Users” twice in the left pane.
  • For each user whose password you want to change, perform a right-click and select “Set Password” from the context menu. Read Full Article Here [Solution: How To Crack Toshiba Laptop Password]

5 . Is Lenovo a reliable laptop brand?

Yes, Lenovo has built a solid name for itself over the years. Although the business has seen several setbacks, its present portfolio is unbeatable. You’ll undoubtedly find a laptop that meets your needs because it has greatly enlarged its selection. [Read Full]

6 . Is a wireless mouse compatible with a Chromebook?

It includes a receiver component that fits inside the Chromebook’s USB port. Your RF mouse will automatically synchronise with your device once you’ve connected it, and you can use it at that point. [Read More]

7 . How can I connect my router through Ethernet to my laptop and share the Internet?

If you’re using an ethernet switch, plug the ethernet cable from your computer into any port other than the router’s WAN port. This router or switch ought to be different from the one provided by your ISP. Your computer’s Ethernet adapter should be set to Share Over. Set your favourite Ethernet adapter as the Internet’s shared device. [Read Full Setup]

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