Windows 10 is the only operating system that has this feature. Many people prefer to upgrade their Windows operating system to this version in order to take advantage of its attractive features. However, no Windows operating system is without flaws. Windows 10 is no exception to this rule.

It is stated that a large number of Windows 10 users have had the following problem: “Windows 10 stuck on loading screen.”

What really is the truth? When you look for a solution to this problem on the internet, you will find that a large number of Windows 10 customers have posted their concerns on various forums in order to find a solution.

According to reports, this is a pretty prevalent problem. After that, you will notice that the computer screen displays Windows 10 black screen with loading circle and pointer when it first appears (see the following picture).

When “Windows 10 Hangs at Loading Screen” Issue May Happen?

It is possible for Windows 10 to become stuck on a black screen with spinning dots in a variety of conditions. There are three common scenarios presented here:

1. Windows Update Stuck on Loading Screen.

Some users claim that they desire to upgrade their Windows operating system to the current Windows 10, but when they try to do so, Windows 10 becomes stuck on the black loading screen with no apparent process issue.

2. Windows 10 Stuck on Spinning Dots on Startup

The majority of users have reported that they are unable to start Windows 10 normally because it has become stuck on the black screen with white spinning dots at the bottom of the screen, just before the login page, as described above.

3. Windows 10 Hangs at Loading Screen When Upgrading Nvidia Drivers

A small number of Windows 10 customers have reported on the internet that when they attempt to update their Nvidia drivers, the computer screen goes completely black. A black screen with spinning dots appears on the Windows 10 desktop after performing a hard reset of the system.

Of course, there are a variety of other factors that will not be covered in this piece. The outcome, on the other hand, is the same: Getting a dark screen with spinning dots on Windows 10 is a frustrating experience.

Because you are unable to properly boot your computer, this is a very inconvenient situation to be in. In order to resolve the Windows 10 freezing on loading screen issue, the first step is to restart your computer completely. In this piece, we will discuss numerous ways that have received positive feedback from users on the internet. If you are experiencing the same problem, please try each solution one at a time.

Method 1: Unplug USB Dongle

If Windows 10 becomes stuck on the loading screen, please try to detach all of the USB dongles that were previously connected. There are many different types of USB dongle devices, including Bluetooth, SD card readers, flash drives, wireless mouse dongles, and more that may be attached to your computer using a USB cable.

This strategy receives a great deal of positive feedback on the internet. And if you’re lucky enough, the problem will be resolved for you immediately. If this is not the case, please go to the next method.

Method 2: Do Disk Surface Test

If the hard drive has faulty sectors, the likelihood of experiencing the “Windows 10 stuck on loading screen” problem increases significantly. As a result, you must do a disc surface examination and shield any faulty sectors.

We recommend that you make use of a professional partition magic manager in order to accomplish your objectives. MiniTool Partition Wizard is an excellent option as well.

In this situation, you will be unable to launch your computer normally; however, you can use this software’s “Bootable Media” option to create a bootable disc or flash drive, after which you can configure your machine to boot from the bootable device you created.

It’s important to note that the “Bootable Media” option is available in all registered MiniTool Partition Wizard instances at this point. To illustrate, consider the case of MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition.

Method 3: Enter Safe Mode to Fix This Issue

Another simple solution to this problem is to boot into Safe Mode and do something useful while there. After entering Safe Mode, you can choose between four alternative operations, each of which is tailored to a specific situation. Depending on your current situation, you can choose the most appropriate operation.

Method 4: Do System Repair

If there is something wrong with your Windows 10 system, you can perform a system repair to correct the problem. Given that you are unable to boot into Windows 10 normally, you will need to use a Windows 10 installation CD or boot into Safe Mode to open a command line window and use “bootrec.exe /fix” to perform a system repair.

If system repair doesn’t work for you after using step 5, you can attempt approach 6.

Method 5: Do System Restore

If none of the four solutions listed above are successful in resolving the “Windows 10 freezing on loading screen” problem, you can do a System Restore, which will restore your machine to a previous point in time. You must, however, ensure that your computer has a complete system backup and that the system protection feature is on before proceeding.

You’ll still need to run it in Safe Mode in this case. Please adhere to the following procedures: press the “Start” button > choose “Control Panel” > type “Recovery” into the search box > click “Open System Restore” > press “Next” > select the restore point you wish to use > press “Next” > press “Finish.”

Bottom Line

If you are experiencing the “Windows 10 stuck on loading screen” problem, do not panic or become irritated. Please experiment with the ten ways that have been presented in this post. There is always a solution to an issue, no matter how difficult it appears.In addition, you can post any questions you have on the subject in the comment section.


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