Today’s question came from a sense comment about how to fix pink screen on laptop. When we use laptops or any other devices then we also face some problems with it one of the major problems are PINK Screen on Laptops and flickering /Blinking of Screen.

Symptoms of Pink Screen, Blue Screen or Green screen etc are:-

Blinking of the screen – Most of the People ignore this problem id Blinking happens for the small amount of time about 1 minute or few seconds User became happy when blinking will stop. He will ignore this problem and in the future may, this problem affects the laptop badly.
Screen becoming Pink, Green, Blue or changing any other color this is also a symptom that something is wrong with your Laptop screen.

Why do you having Pink Screen or other unwanted colors:-

  • The screen was Damaged.
  • Wiring is loose.
  • Wire’s which connects the screen and other parts are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel was damaged.

and there would be any other reasons for this…

Which Laptop or Brand is this Article:

(MacBook, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo)

All Laptops can face this problem it does not matter if the laptop is Expensive or Not. This can happen to any laptop and the technique to solve this problem is also the same the only difference is structure each laptop. The Company makes a different laptop structure for its products. So it is not important that HP and Dell laptop will have the same structure or any other company. Before doing anything first check your laptop structure online. This will help you to know about your laptop structure and this can also help you in repairing your laptop.


How to fix Pink Screen on Laptop :

It is very easy to solve this problem if something from these cases happens.

  • A screen is Damaged.
  • Wiring is lost.
  • Wire’s which connects the screen and other parts are not properly connected.
  • Back-lights behind the screen panel are damaged.


Check your laptop first and determine what is the problem. First, you need to know is it a hardware problem or any Software problem this is it hardware or Software problem.

Take an external monitor and connect it with your laptop (Using an HDMI Cable or Any other cable which is used to connect with another monitor/external monitor). After this turn ON your laptop and see the external monitor if Everything looks fine in an external monitor and you are not having that same error as you get in your laptop screen. It means your laptop has Hardware Problem if an external monitor everything looks the same as in your laptop screen it means you have Software Problem.


Solve Software Problem:

  • Update your windows if does not work then Re-Install your Windows. (Before this take your all data in external HardDisk)
  • Update the Drivers and Other Graphics Software.


Solve Hardware Problem

  • First, open the Laptop Body and Clean it (Remove the Dust from Internal Body). Check the wire if the wiring is lost or wires are not connected then connect the wires properly.
  • Open the screen Frame and Check the wires are damaged or not if the wire is damaged then you need to buy and new wire. (Do not install a new wire your own self if you do not know how to do it, give this work to an expert)
  • Open the screen frame and TURN ON the laptop after this see the lights behind the screen. If lights are glowing its means lights are in good condition if not it means lights are damaged and you need to change them.

Before doing anything or taking any action I will recommend you to show your laptop to an expert Why? Because I know you have a laptop and it means a lot to you I just do not want you to damage your laptop. That,s Why, Before showing the laptop to an expert I will recommend you also to clean your laptop properly from the internal body and connect /reconnect video wires. This may help you and save your money.

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