By clicking the “Settings” button, as seen in the image below, you can access the “Settings” menu. You can speed up the editor and more swiftly fly through your Lumion scene by decreasing the editor’s quality and/or resolution.

Lumion allows you to create stunning graphics and animations within a few hours of downloading it to your computer and without any prior experience.

Making innovative design simple:

The demand to deliver, convey, and revise their designs is continual for architectural businesses. Both large and small businesses must adhere to strict deadlines, accommodate last-minute modifications, and exceed client expectations. The creative design and visualisation processes, which are at the heart of what motivates architects and designers, are frequently left with little free time as a result. It appears that most architecture professionals struggle only to find the time to be able to master the newest techniques and procedures.

The creators of Lumion are acutely aware of this issue. Lumion was created to help relieve this stress by facilitating a tight deadline for an architect while still allowing them to produce stunning photographs and an emotionally stirring animation of their design.

The fundamentals of Lumion can be picked up in a matter of minutes, and thanks to its logical layout, once you learn how to use it, you never forget, much like when you learn how to ride a bicycle.

The idea of simplifying and accelerating processes extends far beyond the Lumion software itself. There are 180 tutorials teaching Lumion features, all of them are incredibly popular.

Nine tutorials with a case study:

However, there is currently another extremely helpful series of videos that demonstrate how to use Lumion to achieve even better results faster.

These were created by Michael Brightman, a resident of the US and a notable SketchUp and Lumion user. To effectively deliver designs and eye-catching visuals to his clients, he has developed a strong workflow based on the SketchUp/Lumion combination.

Case Study on Clayton’s Gastronomy:

The nine tutorials, which are accessible via the Lumion Tutorials page, function as a kind of mini-course in Lumion that employs a case-study methodology to take you from a 3D model created in SketchUp to lovely renders, animations, and a web-published 3D tour.

Making these with Lumion is simple, but occasionally you need a helping hand to provide you with some tips and ideas on how to achieve that extra something. The solution to that demand is these tutorials.

It would be highly recommended for anyone who has just begun using Lumion to spend a short amount of time reviewing these instructions. They will be of great assistance to you in getting Lumion up and running and using it more effectively.

How long does a render in Lumion take?

For complicated scenarios, an initial 15-hour render accelerated to render at X 5 will take 3 hours to render in Lumion. To post process at a pace lowered to 25%, it will take 5 to 7 minutes.


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