Import unique stickers (Pro only)

You are surrounded by art, irregular textures, and other distinctive features all the time. With 142 built-in surface decals available in best laptop for Lumion 12, including defects, age, road markings, wall art, and more, surfaces may now be rapidly customised.

With the ability to import your very own custom surface decals, Lumion 12.3 gives you even more choice when it comes to giving the surfaces of your project personality and texture.

These decals suddenly adopt all the fine characteristics and textures of the underlying substance, whether it be metal, wood, plaster, or asphalt. Additionally, you can change the colour, transparency, range, and orientation of the object.

Wall with fresh, personalised surface decals and wall art, created in Lumion 12.3.

Custom decals are simple to apply and alter so that you can seamlessly include them into your project, which opens up a variety of applications:

  • Display lovely patterns and wall art on surfaces indoors and outside.
  • Represent a sizable mural, creative graffiti, or other piece of artwork in an urban area.
  • Add accurate flaws to your materials, such as wall stains, ageing, discoloration, and other alterations.
  • Include distinctive, regional aspects in your rendering, such as road markings, signage, and other practical cues from the actual world.

New bespoke surface decals on the wall rendered using Lumion 12.3

The custom decals tool makes it simple to add colour, personality, and style to all the materials used in your project. It integrates seamlessly into any visualisation workflow.

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