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How to alter your screensaver on a Mac computer so that you can add a password or change the patterns

Screensaver for Mac:

The screensaver on your Mac computer can be changed to a variety of different images and themes.

On a Mac computer, changing your screensaver is very simple and there are lots of customization options.

Your Mac’s screensaver can be modified to display various patterns and images, set a timer, or include password protection.

When there has been a long period of inactivity, such as when you have left your computer unattended, a screensaver is typically activated automatically.

On a Mac computer, switching screensavers is simple and you can even pick the patterns and images you want to use.

Additionally, you can secure your computer by setting a password with your screensaver.

Here is all the information you require to modify your screensaver on a Mac.

How to change your screensaver on a Mac computer

1. First, select Desktop & Screensaver from System Preferences.

In the System Preferences menu, select “Desktop & Screensaver.” the Business Insider’s Meira Gebel

2. Click the top-most “Screensaver” tab.

On the left, various screensaver patterns are shown. the Business Insider’s Meira Gebel

3. To the left is a list of different screensaver categories. When you select one, your screen’s right side will display it.

4. Use the Source option to navigate through the images you want to include in your screensaver. You can even choose your pictures by going to “Choose Folder…” Hover your mouse over the preview on the right side and select “Preview” to see your screensaver in action.

To display your photos, choose “Choose Folder…”

How to set a time for your screensaver display on a Mac

1. Select Screensaver under Desktop & Screensaver in System Preferences.

2. Locate “Start After” at the bottom.

Choose the start time for your screensaver. the Business Insider’s Meira Gebel

3. Next, decide how long your screen should be unoccupied before your screensaver kicks in. for illustration: 10 minutes.

How to password protect your Mac when a screensaver is displayed

You can also set a password requirement to be able to log back in if your Mac has been idle for long enough for your screensaver to appear.

1. Select System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General from the menu.

2. Ensure the box labelled “Require Password” is checked.

Decide when a password is necessary. the Business Insider’s Meira Gebel

3. Decide how long after a screensaver has been activated before a password is required.

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