Reflection in water:

Just below the surface, place a plane and change the material to Custom from Standard. The reflectivity sliders should be set to the desired level of reflection. The Reflection Control is an additional option (Utilities).

How can an underwater scene be created?

1. Listed below

The water look vanishes and you can see straight through it when you employ the water material and submerge yourself beneath its surface, as if you were submerged underwater.

The Water Material is not intended for use below the water line; it only displays water on the surface facing the camera.

2. Use a water plane under Option A.

By employing a Water Plane, you can turn on the underwater appearance (drawn in Build Mode). Subsurface water is rendered as a result.

Simply draw a region with the Water Plane tool in Build Mode, positioning it just below the surface where the Water Material is present.

The underwater appearance is now visible in Build Mode as well as in a photo or video clip:

3. Use the water effect in Option B.

3.1: Include a Water Effect in a Picture or Video:

12 Lumion:

How can water be made reflective?

Put the light you are using into the bowl. For reflections to be seen on the backdrop or subject, the water must be moving. Run your hands through the water very little to do this, or point a fan directly at the water’s surface. The light will then move in a calm manner as a result.

What does Lumion’s reflection control do?

To give general reflections of the sky and the entire Scene, the Reflection Control object is positioned 100m above the Lumion Terrain in Build Mode. However, the Reflection Control object is automatically positioned at the camera position when you generate photos in the Photo or Movie modes.

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