[Laptops Measurements] How Much Wider Than A 17″ Laptop?

Initially, it could appear to be a challenging topic to answer because there is no accepted measurement for laptop width. However, the majority of 17-inch computers share essentially the same dimensions, with average widths falling between 16 and 19 inches. In general, 17-inch laptops are on the larger end of the spectrum in terms of laptop size, though this might vary based on the model and manufacturer.

Due to its larger screen and increased functionality, some users could prefer a larger laptop, whilst others might discover that a smaller device is more easily portable and takes up less space on their desk. In the end, deciding whether or not to buy a 17-inch laptop will primarily depend on personal preferences and needs. A 17-inch laptop will undoubtedly satisfy all of your needs, whether you need more screen real estate for work or prefer an especially expansive perspective for enjoyment. So don’t wait to check out some of the top possibilities now on the market if you’re looking for a large new tablet.

What size is a laptop with a 17.3 inch screen?

The majority of 17.3-inch computers measure 16.5 to 17 inches wide, 10.6 to 11.3 inches deep, and 1.1 to 1.4 inches tall. When describing a laptop’s dimensions, laptop makers frequently use the term “screen size,” but this can be misleading because it excludes the bezel around the screen.

Therefore, the actual viewing area can be smaller than the screen size claimed. To accurately gauge the size of the screen while comparing 17.3-inch laptops, it’s vital to pay attention to the proportions. Additionally, some 17.3-inch laptops could come with extra features like a numeric keypad or extra connectors that would increase their overall width and depth.

The easiest way to decide if a 17.3-inch laptop is perfect for you is to physically try it out and see how comfortable it is to use. A 17.3-inch model that satisfies all of your needs and specifications is guaranteed to be available, whether you intend to use your laptop for work or for leisure.

Is a laptop 17 inches large enough?

As the best laptop screen size might vary depending on a number of factors. A lower screen size might be preferable, for instance, if you need a portable computer that is simple to transport. However, if you plan to spend most of your time typing or doing other chores that call for fine motor control, a larger screen might be preferred. It depends on your own preferences and your unique user demands.

A 17-inch laptop may be more convenient for certain people, while such a huge screen may make it tough to work in confined settings for others. In the end, it’s up to you to determine if 17 inches is large enough for your requirements. But no matter what choice you make, keep in mind that you can always upgrade later if necessary.

What size laptop is typical?

Many of us now depend on laptops in almost every aspect of our daily lives. They are perfect for working, studying, and staying connected while on the road because they are portable, adaptable, and reasonably priced. But how big is a typical laptop? Laptops can be between 11 and 18 inches wide, depending on the brand and model.

The width of a laptop varies depending on the size of the screen but is typically around 13.5 inches. For instance, a laptop with a screen size of 15 inches will normally be broader than one with a screen size of 13 inches. Similar to this, when the keyboard is open for use, a laptop with a smaller screen may appear slimmer overall but maintain the same width. In the end, there are a variety of things to take into account when selecting the best laptop for your needs.

What is a 17-inch laptop’s depth?

A 17-inch laptop’s depth might vary significantly depending on the type and construction of the particular machine. A 17-inch laptop may be only a few millimetres thick at its narrowest point and several inches or more thick at its thickest. The materials used in construction as well as the positioning and design of significant internal components like the battery, RAM modules, and hard drive can all have an impact on a 17-inch laptop’s depth.

Furthermore, there is no universally applicable solution to this issue because determining the precise depth of a 17-inch laptop involves a number of factors. Despite this variation, the majority of 17-inch laptops have a pretty small range of total depth. Therefore, if you’re looking for something little and slim, you may probably find it among the models that are available in this size range.

A 17-inch monitor’s width.

A 17-inch monitor is a commonly used size for computer monitors and strikes a nice mix between portability and screen size. A 17-inch monitor’s exact width can vary from model to model, but it usually falls between 12 and 16 inches across. It is therefore perfect for a wide range of tasks, including web browsing, graphic design work, and watching movies and TV shows. A 17-inch monitor delivers the best viewing experience without taking up too much space or adding weight to you, whether you’re working from home or on the go. A 17-inch monitor is the ideal option if you’re searching for a flexible display that can keep up with your busy schedule.


The standard width of a 17-inch laptop is 16.5 inches. The precise measurements, however, can change depending on the model and manufacturer. There could be variations in the width or depth of different 17-inch computers. To make sure a 17-inch laptop will suit your demands, it’s crucial to pay attention to the exact measurements of the appliance when purchasing.

What are the dimensions of a 17.3 laptop?

Additional measurements for the 17.3″ model: 15.08″ wide x 8.46″ high. Metric measurements: 439mm diagonally, 383mm wide x 215mm high.

What size is a 17 inch laptop?

How do you find out the dimensions of your laptop?

Inch size CM LxH

15.5 inch 37 cm x 24,9 cm
15.6 inch 37,4 cm x 24,5 cm
16.4 inch 38 cm x 26 cm
17 inch 40 cm x 29 cm

How do I know if my laptop is 17 inch?

To measure a laptop screen size, take a measuring tape and start measuring from the bottom left of the laptop screen diagonally to the top right of the laptop screen. That is your laptop size.

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