How to play PS4 games on PC without remote play? PlayStation Remote Play is a Windows 10 app that allows you to control your PlayStation console. You can download and play PS4 and PS5 games from compatible devices connected to your Wi-Fi, as well as switch between various games and open your console’s home screen. You can also browse the gaming menus from compatible devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Many players like to use a mouse and keyboard to play such games, and using the phone as a remote is a simple way to browse the Internet, browse the PlayStation Store, and view videos on streaming platforms.

It is recommended that you have a 15 Mbps internet service to get the best experience. You must first connect your PC or laptop to PS4 to stream or play PS4 games on it. This article will guide you through how to play PS4 on a PC without using remote play in just 2 minutes.

How To Play PS4 Games On PC Without Remote Play?

PS4 Remote Play:

You can monitor your PlayStation 4 console from a PC or Mac connected to a high-speed network using the PS4 Remote Play application. Check if your PC meets the standards, then set up Remote Play using the instructions below.

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You’ll require a Windows, PlayStation 4 console, PlayStation Network account, the most recent system software, and a PlayStation Network account. A high-speed internet connection, a wireless DUALSHOCK 4 controller, and a USB cable are needed.

How to stream PlayStation 4 games on a PC without a capture card?

And if you don’t have a capture card, you can use Restream to start uploading your PS4 gameplay to several platforms.

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To do so, capture the Remote Play client on your device and stream it using some application such as OBS. It will enable you to connect overlays to your stream as well as stream to Restream, which will allow you to upload your video to several channels at once.

  1. Initiate by downloading and installing the Remote Play client for Windows or Mac.
  2. Choose an installation route and follow these steps.
  3. Allow the system to look for updates.
  4. Link your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your PC or Mac via USB, and then select Start.
  5. Continue by familiarizing yourself with Sony’s data collection policies.
  6. Log in to the PlayStation Network account you created on your PlayStation 4.
  7. You’ll have to wait a minute for your PC and PlayStation 4 to sync if they’re all linked to the Internet.
  8. Your PlayStation screen will appear in a browser on your PC.
  9. In an encoder, such as OBS, this window can be used as a source.
  10. To make it clear, what the root is, give it a name and confirm that it has been added.
  11. Choose the correct window for the window capture source, which is RemotePlay.exe.
  12. You can now start streaming with your PlayStation 4 screen inside your encoder.

If your PS4 and PC are via wireless, the video quality can be poor. Link all devices with Ethernet cables for a better experience.

How to Play PS4 on PC without Remote Play?

It’s a simple procedure that you can do on your own. Only an HDMI cable and a USB-C to USB-A cable are needed. By following the steps below, you can play PS4 games on your PC or laptop without using remote play or owning a PS4 console:

  • Download the desktop version from the capture’s official website. It is strongly advised that you update the official app. Both Windows and Mac OS users can quickly access the download links.
  • The capture card can now be connected to the laptop. Attach the PS4 to the HDMI out-port and the capture card to the HDMI in-port to complete this procedure.
  • You’ll need a USB-Type C to USB-Type A converter to link your capture card to your PC. Using this method, the PC will control the capture card while still accepting the video signal from the same cable. Make sure your USB-A cable is connected to your computer’s USB 3.0 port.
  • Now open the desktop application you just downloaded. The capture card will take a few seconds to receive and accept signals. If you’re having problems with the process, you can manually set it up; the procedure is simple.
  • Now you can play PS4 games on your computer without using remote play. Your keyboard can also be used as an input device. It will come in useful if you leave your PS4 controller at home or elsewhere. Though it won’t have the same level of excitement as the controller, it will help you solve your problem. It can be a safer choice because there are no other options.

Things to Keep in Mind:

When playing PS4 games on a PC without Remote Play, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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  • You can enter data using the keyboard, but it may be slow. You won’t get the same responsiveness and reliability as the controller on your console. If you don’t have your console controller attached and are eager to play, your keyboard will work.
  • This approach would not work unless you have a capture card and a USB-Type C to USB-Type A converter, or a converter if your computer has a USB Type-C connection.
  • You don’t need to invest in a high-end computer. The PS4 will be the primary device, with the computer serving only as a console. If y our computer isn’t up to the task, as a result, any normal computer will serve for this operation.


Now that you know how to play PS4 games on PC without Remote Play. The most thrilling part of the process is that you get to play PS4 games with a keyboard, which is how most gamers like to play. So there you have it.

You will have a comparable feeling without the controller by using a keyboard, mouse, or even mobile. Although you won’t be able to play too many games, these machines are also more useful for non-game activities.

Instead of having to do something with a controller, you can quickly send an email, browse the internet, and even watch a video with a few clicks or taps. It’s not a great feeling to use the same remote controller for every game. I hope you found this article useful.

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