Different techniques, for removing a stripped screw from a laptop are used to repair the hardware on your laptop. How to Remove Stripped Screw from a Laptop? A screw with a striped or damaged screw head stuck to a laptop motherboard is a common and recurrent issue that most people face! We’ve all been there, awkwardly groping a screwdriver in an attempt to loosen a screw only to find that it has been damaged.

Small heads on laptop screws also require a particular screwdriver size. The head of a screw will strip if it is overtightened or the screwdriver is the wrong size, leaving no way to control and turn the screw. This is an inconvenience because extracting the screw isn’t always easy. Many techniques are used to gain control and remove a stripped screw from a laptop.

In this article, we will discuss different techniques such as,

  • Using a screwdriver
  • Rubber band
  • Stripped screw extractor
  • Laptop stripped screw superglue
  • Extracting piler
  • Lubricants

And how to remove laptop screws without a screwdriver.

How To Remove Stripped Screw From A Laptop?

1. Different Techniques to Remove Stripped Screw from a Laptop:

Your screw is stripped, and your screwdriver isn’t getting it anymore, and you want to know how to remove laptop screws without a screwdriver. Try the following techniques:

1.1. Use Different Screwdriver:

To remove stripped screws from a laptop first, you should try different screwdrivers.

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  • When the screw with no head, use a different screwdriver to remove them.
  • To start, try using a screwdriver with a shorter, larger-edged tip. Gently extract the screw by pressing it down.
  • If that doesn’t work, try a screwdriver with a different head style. If the screw has a plus head, consider removing it with a flat head screwdriver with large enough eyes to fit into the whole gap.
  • Gently press it and remove the stripped screw.

Do not continue if the bit does not immediately catch the screw. Otherwise, you risk stripping the screw even further. Congratulations if one of these methods is effective! Your screw is no longer stuck.

1.2. Use Laptop Stripped Screw Superglue:

When you want to remove the stripped screw without a screwdriver, use superglue.

  • Apply a dab of super glue to the top of the screw and tighten it.
  • Allow the glue to dry before inserting your driver into the screw head.
  • To remove the screw, twist the driver with a tight grip and downward pressure.
  • Don’t forget to clean the glue remains from your driver’s tip.

1.3. Use a Rubber Band:

A rubber band covers the stripped holes to have a screwdriver grip.

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  • Using scissors, cut a rubber band and lay it flat on the screw head.
  • To get a grip and twist the screw, press the screwdriver into the screw and turn it with pressure.
  • The screwdriver compresses the rubber band, giving the screw a better grip.
  • This technique will not work if the screw is stripped and the rubber band has no slots to fill.
  • It’s worth a chance, and you might be able to loosen the screw with a few twists.
  • The rest of the job can be quickly done with the stripped screw extractor until the screw has been loosened.

1.4. Use an Extracting Piler:

  • Try a pair of extracting piler if the screw head is accessible.
  • Turn the piler if you can get a decent grip, and the screw can turn with it!
  • Since loosening the screw a little, you should be able to back it out the rest of the way using a screwdriver.

1.5. Use Stripped Screw Extractor:

There is also a final solution: there are unique “extractor” drills on the market that are little recognized by the general public.

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They are used in the same manner as a traditional drill, with the exception that the drilling is conducted in the opposite (unscrewing) direction at a slower speed.

  • When a screw is broken, a screw extractor is a necessary tool. A screw extractor is readily available at the nearest hardware store or online.
  • A screw extraction kit can be purchased to ensure that any size screw can be extracted.
  • Every type of broken screw may then be extracted, including wood screws, lag screws, metal screws, sheet metal screws, self-drilling screws, and so on. However, you most likely have a stainless steel screw attached to the motherboard in this case.
  • The inverted thread on the screw extractor allows it to “screw” into the head while turning in the assembly’s unscrewing direction.
  • The tool is usually available in a variety of sizes to fit various screw head sizes.
  • If you’ve found the right size puller, you should use it like every other bit on an electric screwdriver.

1.6. Use Lubricants:

You may also start spraying chemicals like lubricants, Coca-Cola, or lemon juice on a stripped screw to melt it, or at least the pieces that adhere to the surroundings.

  • Rust cleaner should be sprayed on the screw heads. Allow 15 minutes for the rust cleaner to work. Reapply the rust remover.
  • Using a hammer, tap the screw head 5-6 times. Try to remove the stuck screw with your screwdriver.
  • These common household products will assist you in repairing the stripped screw.
  • If you’re still having trouble figuring out how to remove a stripped screw from your faucet, try using a valve grinding compound.
  • The grit in this product causes the screwdriver to grasp the screw head.
  • Try to loosen the stuck screw with a screwdriver by inserting it into the screw head.


It is not difficult to remove the stripped screw from a laptop. Even though a screwdriver is insufficient to remove a screw with a broken or damaged head, certain materials or tools, such as a stripped screw extractor, rubber band, laptop stripped superglue, and lubricants are required, and the steps outlined above must be followed.

Screws can be difficult to fix at times. However, these techniques for removing a stripped screw might be a choice for you. You may also improvise by using household objects to remove the screw. Best of luck!


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