This article describes two methods for taking screenshots on Toshiba laptops running Windows 10; however, these instructions will work on any computer running Windows 10.

Note: On a laptop, the simplest method of screenshotting is usually the best option because laptop displays are typically smaller, lower-resolution, and less complicated to use than desktop computers connected to numerous monitors (which are more complicated to use) (where screenshots can become slightly more difficult).

How to Screenshot Games on a Toshiba Laptop Using Game Bar

There are a number of methods for taking a screenshot that is built right into Windows 10.

While playing a game, you can use Microsoft’s Game Bar to quickly and conveniently snap a screenshot, which is a feature that was added to Windows 10 after it was released in October 2015.

Before you can begin taking screenshots with the Game Bar, you must first ensure that the Game Bar has been activated.

1. Open up your Start Menu and select the Settings cog icon from the menu. The Gaming tab may be found on the main settings page by selecting it. At the top of the screen, you’ll find an option to turn on the Game Bar, which you should select.

2. You’ll be able to access the Game Bar at any moment after it has been enabled. To open the Game Bar, press the Windows Key + G at the same time. The Game Bar will display as an overlay on top of whatever you are currently doing on your computer.

At the top of the bar, click on the Capture icon to capture the image.

3. A new window will typically appear on the left-hand side of your screen when you click on the link. To take and save a screenshot of your screen, use the Take screenshot icon on your keyboard. The Game Bar overlay will not be shown in this screenshot for clarity reasons.

These screenshots will be saved to the following location: My Computer > Videos > Captures.

Note: Although it can be used to snap screenshots, the Game Bar is capable of much more. Among other things, you can use the Game Bar to record and stream your games, as well as to display your frame rate while playing.

How to Screenshot Windows on a Toshiba Laptop Using Print Screen

Sometimes you won’t want to screenshot a game, but rather anything happening in Windows or in an application that you’re currently running instead. In these situations, there is no better solution than to use the print screen function of Windows.

1. Prepare what you want to screenshot and make sure it is visible and active on your display. Then hit the Windows Key + PrtSc (Print Screen) combination to automatically capture and save a screenshot.

2. Photographs of your screen are saved in the PNG format and at the resolution of your monitor’s display to My Computer > Pictures > Photographs of your screen. Remember that these screenshots will cover your full desktop, so if you don’t want other program to obscure what’s on your screen, minimize them first.

Note: A screenshot is taken when your screen flickers quickly in an attempt to replicate the shutter of a camera. This indicates that the screenshot was successfully taken.


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