When a document is exported to Adobe PDF or XML and the tags are repurposed, any embedded media, such as a movie or music clip, can be played directly from the exported file. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide

Videos saved in the H.264 compression format can be imported (such as MP4). Audio files saved in MP3 format can be imported. A variety of media formats, including QuickTime (.MOV), AVI, and MPEG, can be played back in produced interactive PDF files. You can take advantage of the advanced media features in Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 by saving your files as MP4s or MP3s.

When working on an InDesign project, it’s important to keep track of any media assets that have been inserted at any point. After adding a media clip with a link, if you need to relocate it, you can do so in the Links panel. When sharing your finished InDesign project with others, don’t forget to attach any media files you may have inserted.

Since YouTube has switched to using secure links (https), the embedded YouTube video links (http) no longer work in InDesign.

2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide

Add a movie or a sound file:

Simply double-click the video or audio file, then select File > Place. Put the movie in the position you click. (If you use the mouse to crop or distort the media frame, the result may look strange.)

A media object is what you get when you drop a video or audio file into a scene. To access the media file, click on the media object’s link. The viewing area is set by the size of the media object.

A video is not exported if its visual centre is outside the page.

  • If you want to preview a file or tweak its parameters, you may access the Media panel by going to Window > Interactive > Media.
  • Convert the file to a PDF using an export option.
  • Select Adobe PDF (Interactive) rather than Adobe PDF if you want to export to an interactive format (Print). To learn how to make a PDF that can be interacted with, visit that page
  • Alter the movie’s preferences

To modify video playback options, click the Media button.

Choose the movie clip from the list of document objects.

You can accomplish any of the following under the Media section:

  • Discussion between the press
  • Alter the movie’s preferences

Versions of InDesign prior to 14.0.3 are required for the Controller option to be accessible.
Instant Playback After Page Load

If a reader navigates to the page where the movie is embedded, it will automatically start playing. Use the Timing panel to arrange the playback sequence if many elements on your page are configured to activate upon page load.


  • Continue playing the film endlessly
  • When saving a document as a PDF, the Loop setting is disabled.


You can choose what kind of picture you wish to see in the game by clicking on the drop-down menu. For more poster choices, please click here.


With an H.264-encoded movie file, you may choose from a number of premade controller skins that provide viewers choice over when and how the film plays. Displaying the media controls upon rolling the mouse over the item is an option if Show Controller On Rollover is enabled. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide Observe the preview of the controller skin you’ve chosen using the Preview panel.

If the video file is an older format (.AVI or.MPEG), you have the option of showing a simple controller that allows visitors to pause, play, and stop the movie, or showing nothing at all. You may try out different controller options with the Preview panel.

Orientation Marks

To add a bookmark, play the movie to the desired frame, and then press the + button. Useful when you wish to skip to a certain part of the movie instead of beginning from the beginning, navigation points allow you to skip to a specific time in the video. Video playback buttons can be customised to begin at a specific time in the video by selecting Play From Navigation Point during the button’s editing process.

  • As of 16.0, the feature known as “Navigation Points,” which had been removed in version 15.0, has been reinstated.
  • Indicate jump points in a video file.
  • Identify spots of interest in a video file and set them up for playback.
  • Alter your volume levels
  • To adjust the volume, click on the Media button.
  • Find the file containing the audio and click on it.
  • You can accomplish any of the following under the Media section:
  • Adjust your preferences.
  • Alter your volume levels

Instant Playback After Page Load

As soon as the page with the sound object is turned, the audio file will start playing. Use the Timing panel to arrange the playback sequence if many elements on your page are configured to activate upon page load.

Please Wait For Page Turn Before Proceeding

When the page is turned, the MP3 file should be paused. This menu item is hidden if the audio file is not an MP3 format.


Start looping the MP3 sound. This choice is disabled if the input file isn’t an MP3 file.


You can choose what kind of picture you wish to see in the game by clicking on the drop-down menu. For more poster choices, please click here.

Alternatives to Posters

Posters are the visual representation of media content. A poster is optional for each movie or piece of music. If the movie is smaller than the poster in InDesign, the poster will be scaled down to fit in the output PDF. Choose from the following poster image formats in the Media panel:


Displays no movie poster or preview. If hiding the video or audio clip from the page is a priority, you can use this feature. You might, for instance, have the media play just when you turn the page, or the movie’s poster could be replaced by a more intricate artwork.


Shows a movie or music poster that has nothing to do with the file’s content.

Simply rename a new image file to StandardMoviePoster.jpg or StandardSoundPoster.jpg and overwrite the previous one to utilise it as the new default poster. You can find this document under the application folder’s Presets subfolder, labelled “Multimedia.”

Regarding the Existing Context

If you want to use the current frame shown in the Media panel’s preview area, check this box. Move the preview slider forward and click the icon to the right of the Poster menu to switch between frames. Older video codecs like AVI and MPEG lack this choice.

To Select a Picture, Click Here

A poster image of your choosing can be used. To utilise a picture, just double-click it. For posters, you can use bitmap images instead of vector ones.

Incorporating Visual Material

When converting CS4 documents with media clips set to a certain frame, this option is selected.

Change media settings for interactive PDF files

  1. Make use of the Media panel to access the PDF Settings.
  2. A selection of media controls
  3. A selection of media controls
  4. Click the OK button after making your selections below.
  5. Conditions of the media
  6. Available Choices in PDF Format


If Acrobat is unable to play the media file, a message box asking for an explanation will pop up; you can type this in. Users with visual impairments might use this description as alternative text.

Start Video in New Tab

To see the movie, please open a new window. Choosing this will prompt you to choose a size ratio and decide where on the screen you’d like the content to appear. Image quality may degrade if the size of the floating window is increased. The size of the movie being watched in the floating window is not dependent on the size of the movie being watched in the document layout, but rather the size of the original movie. Sadly, audio files can’t use this feature.

Place a video from a URL

Compatibility ends at InDesign version 14.0

Incorporate a video file accessible via a working URL into the produced PDF. The video format must be an H.264-compliant container, like MP4 or MOV. Include the “http://” in front of the URL.

  • In version 15.0, this function was eliminated, but it has been brought back in version 15.1.
  • Start a new document or load an existing one with InDesign.
  • Make a picture frame or choose the video object you wish to swap out.
  • The media panel can be accessed by going to Windows > Interactive > Media.
  • Pick the Location button. Place There is a prompt to play a video from a URL.
  • Insert Video from URL Box
  • Dialogue Box for Inserting Videos from URL
  • Simply paste in the address of an online MOV or MP4 video and hit the “OK” button.

Adapt the proportions of movie props, posters, and frames

Inserting a film into an InDesign file causes a frame to appear around the film’s poster and object. When exporting to PDF, neither the frame size nor the poster size affects the size of the movie within the PDF document; rather, the size is determined by the boundary of the movie object. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide

When designing a poster, it’s best to stick to the same proportions as the film. The exported PDF file may not reflect the adjustments you made to the image, such as applying a clipping path or changing the size. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide

The PDF’s outermost layer plays the movies. When you export a PDF from InDesign with a video and another object superimposed on it, the second thing will display underneath the movie.


You can use a placed image for the play area and then place a movie (without a poster) on top of it to create a PDF with a play area that includes feathering or other effects that might not export properly when applied to a poster.

Resize movie objects, posters, or frames

  • Scaling a movie prop
  • Frame A. poster B. movie prop C.
  • Make use of any of the following:
  • Use the Scale tool and one of the corner handles to change the size of the movie object, poster, and frame (hold down Shift to maintain proportions).
  • By dragging a corner handle with the Selection tool, you can resize the frame independently of the image inside it.
  • Use the Direct Selection tool to choose out the poster you want to resize before you do so. Select the handles of two adjacent corners and pull them apart.
  • To adjust the size of a poster inside a specific frame, you can use the Fitting commands (Object > Fitting).
  1. When exporting interactive documents from InDesign, MP3 audio works well. In contrast, movies saved in MOV, AVI, or MPG can be converted to PDF.
  2. Videos can be easily converted to MP4 using Adobe Media Encoder. While Adobe Media Encoder doesn’t support converting audio files to MP3, other programmes like Apple iTunes can do so easily.
  3. To convert your video files, launch Adobe Media Encoder and add the files you wish to work with.
  4. Check out the Adobe Media Encoder documentation for further details.

Perform any of the following:

Insert the video into the InDesign file. See Insert media like videos and audio files.

If the video files are already in an InDesign document, you can update the links using the Links panel to point to the updated versions. Links should be restored or updated as needed.

Modifications to the way in which multimedia can be exported from an interactive PDF

With the deprecation of support for Flash Player on December 31, 2020, the media controls for any video or audio files published as an interactive PDF will no longer function. Please visit the Adobe Flash Player End-of-Life General Information Page for further details.

  1. You can still publish your documents and export them as EPUBs even if you don’t have Flash Player installed.
  2. Get your work online by visiting Put your paper online and see the world.
  3. Check see Export material for EPUB if you want to learn how to distribute your work in that format.

Embed Video In Pdf Indesign

  • Video Editing in Adobe Acrobat: Part 3
  • First, after installing Adobe Acrobat, open it on your device….
  • Once the PDF has been uploaded, the second step is to click the “Tools” button at the top of the screen.
  • Third, select “Add Video” from the list of options on the subsequent screen.

Where Is The Media Panel In Indesign

Because of the new Properties panel in InDesign CC 2019, you might notice that the traditional controls no longer appear in the bar beneath the menu options. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide Simply selecting Window > Control will bring back the Control panel for all the tool functions that may be adjusted in increments.

Interactive Pdf With Video

  • The Third Section: Including Videos in PDF Documents Using Adobe Acrobat
  • First, after installing Adobe Acrobat, start the programme on your device.
  • The second step is to click the “Tools” button at the top of the screen after the PDF has been uploaded.
  • Third, select “Add Video” from the menu on the following screen.

Indesign Is Compatible Windows 7

The final version of InDesign that is compatible with Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1 is version 15.

How Much Ram For Indesign

Can Adobe InDesign be set up on a computer with 4GB of RAM? It’s a breeze to set up. Depending on the size of your project, 4GB may or may not be sufficient. In most cases, normal projects will run without a hitch.

Indesign Memory Usage

If you’d rather not perform the math yourself and instead get a quick tip, though, here it is: Editing JPG photos between 10 and 20 megapixels in size and the rare RAW image in Photoshop on Windows 10 only requires 8 to 16 GByte of RAM.

With what programmes can InDesign work?

Which file types can be opened with InDesign? InDesign can open many different file formats, including InDesign Document, InDesign Library, and InDesign Template. The formats TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, EPS, Paintbrush, and PNG are supported for import. All Microsoft formats, as well as PSD, PDF, and RTF.

Indesign Cc 2015 System Requirements

  • Processor. Compatible with either an Intel® Pentium® 4 or an AMD Athlon® 64 CPU.
  • What you use to run your computer. Operating systems must be either Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10.
  • RAM. Four gigabytes of random-access memory (16 GB recommended)
  • Disk storage capacity.
  • Picture quality on the monitor.
  • Input device for visuals….
  • The Web….
  • Processor.

RAM requirements for InDesign

Storage capacities of 16 GB are sufficient, but 32 GB are preferable. Too much RAM is rarely a problem, though. The RAM available to a computer running 64-bit software is not necessarily used by the programme itself; rather, it is simply available to the programme if and when it is needed. 2022 InDesign Video Embedding Guide RAM is an area where you can cut costs by purchasing the 16 GB model and installing it yourself.

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